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POLAND: The Fifth Competition

Once they made it to Poland, they only had 1 day to practise. It was very cloudy. Windy a bit as well.

However, they still were practising Matthew's way. Not Emma's.

Coach sat in his room and has been thinking a lot. He feels bad for yelling at Emma.

During night time, it has started raining. They all were inside the hotel. They had to leave training session early cause of the rain. So, Alex and the other team members began talking strategies for their next competition.

Meanwhile, Matthew was thinking of a plan to avoid being in the tournament tomorrow.

During the next day, it was still raining. And they have to play the game while it's raining. Everybody was there.

They were against a team from Thailand. "Fight To Win" is their team's name.

Matthew wasn't there. Alex asked Coach why isn't Matthew with them again. He looks at the field and says that he doesn't know.

"'Captain'..." Said Alex.

By saying that, ge reminded Coach that Matthew is still the captain, and he isn't with them.

Alex then walked away.

The first round started. Fight To Win has scored a goal on The Champions. Though both teams had it hard to focus. They were playing while its raining.

Many team members kept slipping.

For the first round, Fight To Win won with the score of 2 to 1.

When the second round started, The Champions kept trying not to slide from the dirt and trying their best to win.

The Champions scored 2 goals in this round, while Fight To Win scored only 1 point for this round.

And this means it's 3 to 3. It's a tie.

Emma sat down and said that it's over.

"It's not over yet. Emma we have to do it your way!" Said Alex.

Emma told him if she does it her way, she'll be kicked off the team.

"If we don't do it your way, there is no team! You are better and stronger! You deserve to be the captain! Matthew didn't even come multiple times and you're just gonna sit there?!" Yelled Alex.

"You wanna be captain? Get your ass in the game, and show us how it's done!" Continued yelling Alex.

Coach saw what Alex just said. He then tells the team to listen to Emma. Coach looks at her and tells her to go for it.

Emma closed her eyes, and began telling them exactly what to do.

During the third round started, The Champions have been doing better for the next 19 minutes.

It's 5 to 4 for The Champions! Emma had the ball and only had 10 seconds left until it's 20 minutes.

She kicked the ball and scored that goal. As she kicked, she slipped on thr ground, and has more dirt on her face.

The Champions won with the score of 6 to 4.

The crowd cheered.

Everybody began celebrating themselves in the rain.

After the crowd left the arena, Coach and Alex came to Emma.

"The fact that I yelled at you on something you didn't do... I'm sorry. But congratulations. I'm not just congratulating you for winning the game with your team. I'm congratulating you for becoming the new captain of the team." Said Coach.

Emma got excited and hugged both Coach and Alex at the same time.

She took a step back and acted professional saying
"Thank you Coach for giving me the chance to be the captain of the team. This is an honour. Really."

Matthew then finally showed up. He was gonna make up an excuse saying that the reason he didn't show up is because he had an appointment.

"Sorry I'm late." Said Matthew.

"I had an appoi-" Continued Matthew.

Coach interrupted him, saying that Emma is the new captain of the team, and that he won't be competing as captain for the tournament.

He asks Coach if he was kidding or not.

"The girl isn't even that good! And she's a girl, she can't be captain!" Pointed Matthew at Emma.

Alex tells Matthew that he's being sexist.

Coach tells Matthew that he didn't act like the captain of the team. And so that's why he's changing.

"Coach please. I could beat her in that game." Said Matthew.

"Oh yeah? How about we find out about it now? Just you and me?" Asked Emma.

Matthew tells Emma that he's gonna wipe the dirt on her face.

Coach tells them that whoever can score a goal 5 times, proves that they're better.

As the Coach does the count down and tells them to start, they both ran to the ball.

Emma gets the ball from Matthew and scores a goal. The goalkeeper missed catching the ball.

It was 1 to 0 for Emma.

For the second round, Matthew tried scoring a one-shot goal. However, Emma's goalkeeper caught the ball.

The goalkeeper kicks the ball to Emma. She avoids Matthew and scores another goal.

Everybody was getting excited and cheering.

It was 2 to 0 for Emma once again.

For the third round, Matthew had the ball. He avoided Emma and tried kicking the ball to score a goal.

However because of him slipping, he fell. And so Emma got the ball and scored another goal on Matthew.

It was 3 ot 0 for Emma once again.

As everybody was cheering for Emma, Matthew with dirt on his face tells them that the third round doesn't count.

He tells them that he slipped and fell.

"The whole team fell. You can see so much dirt on their faces, but you don't see them complaining." Said Emma.

Coach tells them that it's still 3 to 0 whether Matthew likes it or not.

For the fourth round, Matthew had the ball. He pushes Emma and scores a goal.

As Matthew was cheering, Coach says that this was fouls play. Matthew tells him that it still counts.

Emma getting up with dirt all over her tells Coach to let him count it.

"Let it be 3 to 1. I'm still gonna beat him anyway." Said Emma.

As the fifth round started, Emma had the ball. She kept avoiding Matthew and kept getting closer to the goal. As she kicks the ball, she scores a goal.

It was 4 to 1 for Emma.

Coach tells them that if Emma scores one last time, she wins.

For the sixth round, Matthew had the ball. He was about to kick the ball, however Emma took the ball from him and ran with the ball. She kicked the ball and won with 5 to 1.

Everybody started cheering by yelling Emma's name.

Matthew was mad.

Matthew feeling angry looked at Emma and walked away.

Before they all left, Alex whispered to his team to go ahead and plan a surprise party.

The rain finally stopped and it's just all cloudy. While they're doing that, Alex stalled Emma by telling her to explore in Poland. And so they explored for half an hour.

Once they got back at the hotel, Emma entered Alex's room and found a surprise party with everybody in it.

Everybody but Matthew.

The song "We Are The Champions" by Queen was playing.

Emma was surprised. Coach proudly looks at her and tells her that she earned it.

Emma smiling thanks them all for making this.

A team member says that it was Alex's idea.

"I can tell since the party is in his room." Said Emma.

She then hugs him.

As the party was going on, Emma asked if she can get some attention.

"I wanna thank all of you. For helping me to help you. This is... amazing and I really love you all. Thank you." Said Emma.

They all hugged and continued to party.

During the next day, they all were in a plane on their way to Ireland.

Matthew was about to come and cause a scene between Alex and Emma. However Coach Instantly stopped him and made him sit back down.

Coach looks at Matthew and tells him that he can't believe he made him captain of the team before.

Coach then looks away feeling disappointed in Matthew.
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