Soccer Life

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After they got out of the plane and went to the bus, many of them were sleeping and tired in the bus.

The sky was cloudy.

"Matthew... are you okay...?" Asked Emma.

"Talk to me... we can work things out so there won't be any problems with the team..." Continued Emma.

"Stop the bus." Aggressively said Matthew.

He then yelled at the driver.

"Stop the bus I said!" Yelled Matthew.

When the bus stopped, he got out of it, and so did everybody else.

"Matthew!" Yelled Coach.

Matthew pointed right at Emma and began blaming her.

"You.... you ruined my life!" Yelled Mattew.

Emma gets defensive saying
"It was you who ruined your own! You kept blaming others but yourself! You always lie to everybody and to yourself! You keep lying to yourself that you're better than everybody, but the truth is you're not! You're one of the main reasons why we almost lost the tournament, but yet you kept blaming everybody but yourself! And stop lying to yourself that you're better than me. Because for what we just witnessed, what you just witnessed, you're complete garbage!"

When she called Matthew garbage, he slapped her. Alex yelled and was about to attack him. However the team was holding him off!

"You know... I've always known you're something horrible... but I didn't know you abuse girls too..." Said Emma.

She then ran off with tears in her eyes.

Alex finally got free from his team and punched Matthew. He didn't look back and ran after Emma!

Later on, he found her sitting on a rock next to a wooden bridge crying.

"Sorry I ran out like that... I just got scared if he was going to do something worse to me..." Said Emma.

Alex hugged her and started saying it's all okay, and that he's here for her.

Emma finally told him how she got good at the game. She finally told him how her cousin used to hit her to get better at the game.

She tells him that when she was little in the Netherlands, her cousin used to train her to be better at the game.

Emma tells Alex that everytime she messed up a game and lost, her cousin starts slapping her.

"By that time, he was 16 and I was just 9. And that story will always haunt me." Cries Emma.

Alex hugged her and told her that he'll always be there for her, and that he'll never hurt her, nor let anybody hurt her again.

When they made it back to the bus and went to the hotel, they all went to their own rooms to get some rest.

Before Alex went in, Emma instantly hugged him.

"Thank you." Softly said Emma.

"Anytime." Said Alex.

The next day, they both opened their doors at the same time and looked at each other.

Emma smiled and said
"Good morning."

Alex said good morning to her too. She asked if he wants to eat breakfast with her. He said sure.

While they were having breakfast, Emma wanted to ask Alex something.

"So I wanna know something... what song do you describe yourself whenever you're with me?" Asked Emma.

Alex told her a song called "Butterflies" by Michael Jackson.
She said that she's never heard of that song.

"That's because, this song is one of his most underrated ones." Said Alex.

She asked if she can listen to it. He gave her headphones. When she was listening to it, she loved it.

"Of all the songs I listened to, Butterflies might be my most favourite." Said Emma with a little laugh.

A few hours later, everybody was practising. They were using Emma's strategy.

Coach came to the team asking if anybody has seen Matthew. The team said no.

When Coach went to Matthew's room, he found a note that says
"I'm leaving this shitty team. But know this, I'm against all of you."

Coach then tried to call Matthew. However, Matthew declined his call and texted him that he's at the airport about to enter a plane back to the Netherlands.

"Oh boy... what is that kid up to...?" Worryingly asked Couch.

Coach comes to the field and tells Emma to come and talk to him. As she came, she asked what is it.

Coach tells her that right now they're down by one player.

"Matthew... is heading back to the Netherlands. He's left the team." Said Coach.

Emma then apologises.
Coach tells her that she shouldn't.

Coach then tells Emma that for the next few games, she and the team will have to play harder in order to win the whole tournament.

"Don't worry Coach! We'll do our best! We'll improve and we will win the Europe tour!" Confidently said Emma.

While Matthew was away, the team has been dominating against the other teams from different countries.

Their sixth competition to ninth competition were their best so far.

They've won with the score of 10 to 6 in Ireland.

They then have won their seventh competition with the score of 14 to 10 in Italy.

They then have won their eighth competition with the score of 12 to 6 in Greece.

After their eighth, they've won their ninth competition in Spain with the score of 12 to 9

Their tenth and final competition is in Wales.

And now, they're all in a plane travelling to Wales.
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