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WALES: The Tenth & Final Competition

It was a day before the tournament ends. They all were at a party during tonight.

Coach held his drink and said
"This past month has been one of the best months I've had of my life. Having an amazing captain who is Emma, teaching her team to be better, and showing that teamwork gets them somewhere. I love you team. You team are the best team I've had of my life. Tomorrow is the big day. And whatever happens, we're all still a team."

The team yelled cheers all together.

During the next day started, Alex was gonna get some water for the team. However, he ended up finding Matthew in Wales.

He saw him holding a purple suit bag.

Alex followed him for a while... until he saw Matthew with a group of 13 friends holding purple suit bags.

As he took a picture of them while hiding, they heard the the sound of somebody taking a picture.

Matthew looks behind him and sees Alex.

Alex runs away.

"Come on! Let's go get him!" Yelled one of Matthew's friends.

Matthew held his friend and said
"No. Let him take it. I want them to feel afraid."

During their ride to their final game, Alex showed Coach where was Matthew all this time.

Coach looking at the picture started feeling betrayed.

"He's with the other team... he betrayed us..." Said Coach.

Later on, the whole team was in the final competition of this tournament.

Before the game started, Coach came to the team and said
"Listen up everybody. Matthew is on that team. It's 14 of them against 13 of us. But that's not gonna stop us! I believe in you team! You team are much better and stronger than that team, and I know it! Are you with me team?!"

Everybody held hands and yelled yes.

Matthew's team were also from the Netherlands. His team was called "The Nether Team".

The game started. Matthew's team was super aggressive. They know their strategy and their techniques. The Nether Team won with the score of 6 to 3 on their first round.

Emma told everybody about her new plan.

She tells everybody to play another way instead of her way. Because of Matthew, she knows if they keep playing her way, The Champions will lose. So she chose a different strategy.

The second round started. A team member had the ball. However, The Nether Team were so confused. They thought they were using the same strategy.

The team member passed it to Alex. And when Alex had the ball, he went backwards and passed it to his team member who is behind him.

And so the team member kicked the ball through the other team to get Emma the ball to score the goal. And so she scored.

Because of that plan, The Champions have won the second round with the score of 15 to 13. Matthew was looking at the team and he was on to something in his head.

The third round has began. The third round apparently will last for one whole hour. If one team gets the score of 50, they win.

The third and final round has begun. It was still 15 to 13 for The Champions.

Everybody was kicking the ball left and right, north and south. After 50 minutes they took a time out.

So far it's 44 to 41 for The Nether Team.

Coach asks them if they're okay. Emma drinking water tells Coach that they're gonna win even if they're a few points behind.

As the third round started, there's only 10 minutes left in the game.

Emma had the ball. Matthew purposly pushed one of his own teammates in front of Emma when she had the ball. Emma tripped and twisted her ankle. The other team got a goal. Matthew pushing one of his teammates, made it look like like accident, when it wasn't. It's 45 to 41 for The Nether Team.

The team member from The Nether Team got a red card. It was time out!

"I can't play! My ankle's twisted!" Said Emma.

Everybody was ready to give up.

Alex looked at them and said
"This is not it! We didn't practise all this for nothing! We didn't come all the way to here to give up! We made goals of our own because of Emma's training! Look at the score board! We scored 41 goals! Look at the crowd cheering for us! Look at yourselves! We can do this! We will win!"

Coach looks at Alex and feels proud of what he just said.

"Now let's do this." Said Alex.

As they all cheered and ran out on the field, Emma yelled Alex to wait! She got up being injured and kissed him in front of the crowd and everybody.

"Kick Matthew's ass for me." Said Emma.

All they have is 9 minutes until the game is over.

Alex had the ball and went backwards once again to pass the team member. They started doing their new technique once again. As The Champions kicked the ball, they made another goal on The Nether Team.

It's 45 to 42 for now.

Later on, a team member kicked the ball to Alex.

He started running with the ball. He sees Matthew coming after him. And so Alex runs backwards with the ball and kicks the ball to another teammate of his who is close to the goal.

As the teammate gets the ball, he scores another goal.

It's 45 to 43 for now.

Right now a team of The Nether Team got a ball. He kicked, however the goalkeeper of The Champions caught the ball.

He threw the ball at the member of The Champions. She kicks the ball to another of her teammates.

They kept tricking The Nether Team by kicking the ball from one member to another. And so they scored.

It's 45 to 44 for now.

The Champions then took the ball from one of the members from The Nether Team, and scored another goal.

It's 45 to 45 for both teams. It's a tie so far and all they have is 5 minutes left.

"Enough!" Yelled Matthew as the crowd was cheering.

Matthew gets closer to The Champions and tells Alex to go against him alone.

"Right here, right now! Come on Johnson! I'll beat your ass in front of the crowd!" Yelled Matthew.

One of the team members from The Champions tells Alex to do it.

"You can do it. He might've beat you once in this game back in the Netherlands, but he won't win this time. Look at you. You've been improving every hour, minute, and second! Show the world that you can beat his ass!" Said another teammate.

Alex looks at Matthew and says
"I've made a promise to somebody who is special to me that I will kick your ass... and I'm planning on keeping that promise."

The whole team then goes and sit with Emma.
And so does The Nether Team.

It was 45 to 45 for both teams. It was Alex against Matthew alone on the field with 2 goalkeepers.

As the game started, they only have 5 minutes until the game ends.

Alex happened to have the ball. He kicks the ball and scores a goal.

It was 46 to 45 for Alex now.

Right now Matthew has the ball. He runs with the ball with Alex next to him trying to take it.

Alex remembers what Emma did in order to take the ball from Matthew back in Poland, when they were against each other.

Alex sees that Matthew is about to kick. However, Alex took the ball from him and ran the other direction.

"No way..." Shockingly said Emma.

Alex kept running with the ball and scored another goal.

The whole crowd cheered.

It was 47 to 45 for Alex now.

Later on, Matthew once again had the ball. When Alex took the ball from him again, Matthew tried taking it back. However, Alex kicked the ball through between Matthew's legs, and got the ball back and ran with the ball.

Matthew got confused when Alex did that move, and so he started running after Alex.

Alex kicked the ball again and scored another goal.

The crowd once again cheered.

It was 48 to 45 for Alex now.

Matthew's team was looking at him with disappointment.

Matthew got scared of what his team will do to him.

He sees Alex and says to himself
"You've never been better than me Johnson. I'll show you."

Matthew once again had the ball, as Alex took the ball from him again, Matthew pushed him and scored a goal.

Alex was on the ground getting up with dirt on his face.

He wipes out of the dirt and says to himself
"Okay Plan. Okay. I'll show you."

Matthew was about to get a red card, however Alex interrupted.

"Let it be 48 to 46. I'm still gonna beat him anyway." Said Alex.

Emma gasps and gets a flashback of her saying this lime back in Poland. She then smiles of what Alex just said.

Alex then had the ball. He tried tricking Matthew on which way he's going with the ball, however Matthew made him trip.

Matthew got the ball and scored another goal.

It was 48 to 47 for now. There's still 3 minutes left.

As the next one started, Alex had the ball. He started feeling tired. As he was running with the ball, he went right to score a goal. However Matthew's goalkeeper caught the ball and threw it at Matthew.

Matthew had the ball and scored another goal.

It was 48 to 48 for now. It's a tie so far.

The Nether Team were cheering for what Matthew is doing.

Alex feeling tired is breathing heavily. His team looks at him and feels worried.

A team member asks Emma if she shouldn't call timeout for him.

Emma says no, and that she believes that Alex can still do it.

Alex once again had the ball. However Matthew aggressively pushed him and scored another goal.

It was 49 to 48 so far for Matthew. One more goal and The Nether Team will win the Europe Tour.

Alex on the ground looks at Emma from a far. He sees the face of hers telling him that he can do it.

He gets up and closes his eyes. He opens them and sees Matthew laughing at him.

Alex then has the ball. Matthew smiles at Alex because he thinks that he's gonna win. However Alex took the ball with a step back and kicked the ball all the way to Matthew's goal.

The goalkeeper missed catching the ball.

And so it was 49 to 49 for the both of them.

Matthew feeling shocked looks back at Alex.

There's only 1 minute left for one of them to end this game.

For their final go, Matthew had the ball. Matthew thought he could do what Alex did to him by kicking the ball from a far and scoring a goal.

However Alex's goalkeeper caught the ball. The goalkeeper threw the ball at Alex.

As Alex was running to Matthew's goal with the ball, Matthew was running after him.

Alex had no other choice but to kick the ball as hard as he can and score the goal.

As he kicked the ball, Matthew kicked his ankle. However Alex managed to score another goal.

It's 50 to 49 for The Champions.

The Champions have won the whole tournament! The team held Alex and Emma up for victory.

The Nether Team told Matthew that he's off the team for cheating and messing up badly with the team.

Matthew approaches. As the whole team was puts Alex and Emma down, Matthew tells Alex that it was a good game for the both of them.

"I'm sorry. A good game for you? You cheated. You didn't just cheat. You betrayed us! You hit Emma just because she's better at you at something you're not even good at! You needed to cheat in order to win. Face it Plan... we're better than you. And ever since you've left the team... we've been better off without you. It was a great game for me, but it was never a good game for you." Said Alex.

He then walks away to his team.

"Hey Alex!" Yelled Emma with a smile.

"Yeah?" Yelled Alex.

"You've got dirt on your face!" Yelled Emma.

Both Alex and Emma started laughing after she said. The crowd and the whole team were still cheering.

A few days later, Coach asks the team if they're ready. They all say they are.

Coach looks at Matthew and tells him that once they're back in Netherlands, he's banned from being in the team with The Champions.

Matthew tells Coach that he can't blame him.

"I hope you've learnt your lesson..." Said Coach.

He was very disappointed in Matthew.

And so Matthew entered the plane with him.

Meanwhile entering the plane, both Alex and Emma were talking to each other.

"Do you really think Matthew feels bad for what he has done?" Asked Emma.

Alex tells her that maybe or maybe not. He then tells Emma that it depends on what type of person Matthew really is.

"I wouldn't worry if I were you. He's on his own now." Said Alex.

Emma looks at Alex and tells him that he's right.

"So captain. What are we gonna do once we're back in the Netherlands?" Asked Alex.

Emma smiled.

As they were back in the Netherlands, The Champions were against another team from their own school.

They all were having a competition. As it was 46 to 38 for The Champions, Emma kicks the ball to Alex.

Alex sees the goal and then kicks the ball at the other team's goal.


Written by: SalemSTORYART

Written in: Sweden

Alex Johnson
Emma Lee
Matthew Plan

STARTED]: 28th April 2020

[FINISHED]: 4th May 2020
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