Eden Void

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Eden Void, a soon to be king, loses everything he has loved in his life, His heart now becomes stone cold,He discovers himself to be a mysterious creature.As lIfe unfolds the truths, lies, allied enemies and more, Eden finds out that everything he saw and heard might not be true..... All Rights Reserved-AMWriter Copyright Eden Void This book is only available on Inkitt. So If a person is copying it on another platform, do let me know immediately at my author wall page.

Adventure / Romance
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19th Century Europe,Located Modern England.

It all really started at the Void Mansion,a masquerade ball was about take place.People were dressed in gowns and suits,while at the other master bedroom,stood Young Prince of Falier Town, located in Escasty,Europe,Prince Eden Void of Faleir Town.In a wonderful black suit,he proceeded towards the main ball room hall along with His Majesty/King George Void the IV of Falier Kingdom.Who also happened to be Eden’s father.His father was a cocky and proud person,disregarded the fact that a few months ago,Queen Esthella Void,wife of King George Void,and mother of Prince Eden Void,died due to a disease commonly now known as Scarlet Fever.Eden was sad depressed and hurt by this news,while his Father undisturbed,decided to continue with daily life.That sincerly enraged Eden,knowing that his father didn’t care at all.

Now,proceeding towards the ballroom,King George had forced Eden to go a to a ball,to choose his wife,among the daughters of prestigious Kings,so that he could form allies and make himself rich and worth plenty.Though he claimed of helping the kingdom,it was getting obvious that he was doing all of this for only wealth and riches.

Eden hated his fathers selfish ways,and as his mother taught him,he instead wanted to help the Kingdom by using and applying fair taxes and reduce the pressure.

Back to reality,Eden looked at the other people from the stair case and suddenly an explosion occurred,and in a matter of seconds,everything changed for Eden Void,future King Of Faleir.

Word Count-248 words

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