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Eden Void

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The Present

Chapter 1

Year 2021, 21st Century

Alone.That’s what I was.After Castle of Falier,my home my country and my empire that I was going to rule and improve,was destroyed and decimated to dust that day.Some of the enemies,mainly King Stardom and my rebellious uncle,took part in the sabotage of the Kingdom.They,turned out to be successful,and I remember that day waking up at the sound of the town crumbling and when I looked around....seeing only destruction made me lose my mind.But,I strangely survived.I then moved to the Void Thermopolis Mansion,due to my mental exhaustion and devastation,I was depressed,thus I moved away.

After that day,I have lived for centuries.Nothing great has occurred since then.I am isolated and deserted,I have only a butler,Lavigne,who lives with me.People know me as a descendant of my aunt’s family,The Thermopolis Lords.Nobody knew me being immortal,a thing that broke me even more.I just wanted to pass away,but no I could do nothing.Then,I found out what I was, a demon.I had powers,immortality and most of all, had my beloved.She would be my soul mate,the only one to decrease my suffering that I had over the years.Lavigne if fairly in his mid life,he turns out be a one of the only warlocks living in this world,making it so that he could live for exactly 900 years.I suppose he was around 300 now,mostly there.He was the closest I had to family.He knew about my kind.Though still he was kind.

“Eden,eat your food.It will make your demon weak and lash out again..”said Lavigne,in a caring voice.”How can I eat,how can I eat knowing that I couldn’t protect my own country,my own family and birth place that I could centuries ago” I said,in a broken voice.”Time will come ,my boy,and your suffering will end”He said,trying to comfort me.I threw the plates in anger on the floor,as I heard them shatter.Enraged,I knew my demon would come out.I was soon rasping for breath,panting as I was shifting.”Quick,move to the Isolation Ward,NOW EDEN!”Lavigne exclaimed as he quickly opened the door to the isolation ward.I nodded quickly, running into the ward just In time, half shifted, and now my demon form emerged.

Word Count-423 words

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