Opulent Odyssey!

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Did that really just happen? Or was it all a dream? Well, no. This wasn't a dream. Luckily, The Unemotionally Spoiled Girl, Beatrice Russell had experienced another mind blowing odyssey. It was a journey from her home to somewhere breath taking! ⭐ This is the second series of 'Does it feel?'.

Adventure / Fantasy
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I woke up to the sound of utensils in the kitchen downstairs. The sound was loud. I wore my slippers and tiptoed downstairs to find my mom.

'Mom, what's the noise?' I asked Mom as I saw her cooking something in the kitchen. She was wearing a beautiful white shirt and black jeans.

'Oh Good Morning, Bee. The noise is coming from the basement. Your dad is cleaning it since it's been untouched for months' My mom explained. I rolled my eyes and smelled the most delicious aroma coming from inside the house.

I turned around to find six chocolate crunch brownies on the plate. My mouth started watering and I sat on the table swiftly making my hair turn into a ponytail.

As I picked the brownie...

'Beatrice! No. These are not for you!' My mom cried from the kitchen. She almost yelled at me to stop.

'But ... Why, mom?'

'These are for the guests, Bee'

'Guests?' I rolled my eyes and prevented further argument, I went upstairs to my bedroom and opened my phone to check the usual notifications.

There were tons of messages on our Friends' group *The Gang of Four* : I started reading the chats.

Madeline : Hey guys!
Zene : Hey, Maddie. You up this early?
Madeline : Yeah! I was really excited.
Zene : Same here 😬

I started typing to the girls.

Me : Hi guys!
Zene : Hey Bee!
Madeline : Oh look who's awake 😁
Me : What do you mean?
Madeline : Um... Actually, we're coming at your house. Me and Zene.
Zene : Maddie!! It was supposed to be a surprise.
Madeline : Oops, sorry 😬
Me : Ahhh! So you're the guests? That's why my mom is making so much brownies?

After that last text, nobody texted on the group. I stood up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom. I could see the mess in there. Last night, we came from a cousin's birthday party and I forgot to clean the bathroom after getting ready.

And that's how I have been pretty careless about the whole situation lately...

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