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The girl who hid her name

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How popularity can control you're life

Adventure / Mystery
Snowy Owl
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Chapter 1- hiding her name

Johnny, the boy sitting next to her on the bus decided to break the ice. He said, " What's your name ?"
Sapphire was lost in his dreamy blue eyes and didn't hear her. Johnny said it again, " What's you're name (2 times louder though)?"
Sapphire said, " Rachel."
Johnny said, " Oh, I'm Johnny."
Five seconds later, she realized she had lied about her name. Sapphire smiled at her crush now, wondering what to do. Her name was Sapphire Rachel Firestone not Rachel Sapphire Firestone. Why would she lie to him, just because she was worried he wouldn't like her name but what if she told the truth would she feel better, would he like it, she thought.

Johnny smiled and said, " Well, welcome to North Stork highschool Rachel."
Sapphire nodded and got off the bus. A girl stood next to her. The girl had brown hair and blue glasses. The girl waved but didn't say anything. Then, her first school day started.

Lucas, her hilarious brother said, " Did you see any boys hotter than me ?"
Sapphire laughed and said, " Yes, Johnny."
Lucas said, " Is he fat ?"
Sapphire responded, sitting in the kitchen, " No, he's really skinny and muscular."
Lucas responded, " I meant his stomach."
Sapphire said, " How, am I supposed to know that ?"
Lucas said, " Pull up his shirt or see if his shirt has bump in it."
Sapphire said, " Woah, that's not ever happening and like I said he's fit."
Lucas said," Does he have a girlfriend ?"
Sapphire said, " I don't know."
Lucas said, " Ask him tomorrow."
Sapphire said, " Sure."

In Sapphire's old school, people used to make fun her name. Her friends would call her Rachel and boys would call her Saphlier or Saphire. These nicknames annoyed her but soon she learned to ignore them. And now she has lied about her first name because she was worried her crush would make fun of it like her old friends and the two boys. Sapphire didn't like lying but how she lied for her second time. All of sudden my phone started singing. It was Johnny, he was texting, yeah !

Johnny texts ; Hey, How's your day
What's your favorite song
Do you listen to pop or rap
Fave ice cream
How old are you
What's your middle name
How did your first day go
What grade are you in
Sapphire texts;
Hey, good
Red by Taylor Swift

Johnny texts; cool, talk to you later, I have to study

Sapphire texts; bye

Johnny texts; bye Rachel

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