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Locked up

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A prince arrives at our home looking for a mysterious woman who left only a glass slipper the night before.

Adventure / Romance
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Prince Henry rides up to the house, all of my step sisters were squealing as if he were here for them.

I knew it was me he wanted, I knew it because of the glass slipper in his left hand, he was holding it by the heal.

He runs up to the door and knocks impatiently I was about to run down until the bolt on my door slammed against the metal slip on the beam “ he won’t love you, your a peasant” stepsister Maria says in her raspy high pitch squeal “you can’t do this Maria!!” I hit the the palm of my hand hard against the door “MARIA!!” I hear her laughing while running down the stairs.

I put my ear to the door “ I’m looking for the owner of this lost glass slipper, for who ever it fits I will marry” Henry says.

“It belongs to me” both Maria and Olivia say, “Do you mind?” He asks “not at all prince Henry” Olivia says, every thing went quite accept the giggling of Olivia “it fits” he sighs.

My mind goes blank “no” I whisper to my self trying to ignore the screaming of Maria “NO!! ITS ME!!” I screamed as loud as I could banging my palm against the door until my skin started brushing. still nothing “PLEASE IM IN HERE!”I waited a while before sliding down the door trying to believe what just happened, suddenly the door unlocks and there stand Maria in tears “Go peasant” I waited a minute before standing “GO” she screams.

I ran outside as fast as I can trying to catch up to the prince that was a mile away “WAIT!” I screamed i got half a mile before Tripping on a stick, I slid across the ground some how I was able to the my chest from hitting the ground, I held my knee tight to my chest.

I hear footsteps approach assuming it’s maria Olivia or step mother with more chores “Bonnie” a familiar voice I look up “what’s wrong?”

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