Two Thirds Way Home

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The rocky lives of triplets and their best friend as they try to find their home in the intricate world of powerful and rich second generations, their parents' ambitions, and their own desires. *Switching perspectives as well as 3rd person* *Also taking readers' suggestions on who Derik should end up with*

Adventure / Drama
Yenna Wei
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

About 11 years ago...

The dimly lit restaurant was empty save for the seating arrangement by the window. A handsome man sat there staring blankly at the view, seemingly deep in thought.

The door opened, revealing an elegant woman around her mid-twenties. Her beautiful face was unreadable as she sat down in the empty seat. There was an uncomfortable silence as if they waiting for the other to speak.

Finally, the man started, “When... when the kids are old enough, they should meet again.”

He snuck a glance up at his ex-wife, who hadn’t turned from the window.

“Dianne, you’ve been an amazing wife and mother. You know that I wouldn’t have divorced you if-”

“If you weren’t a coward, I know.”

“...” He hadn’t been planning to say that, but he couldn’t refute.

“Taryn Ye, you are taking away my daughter, ” Dianne spoke dangerously low, her golden eyes flashing as she reached for the wine.

“Dianne, I-”

“It’s Adianne Aubright to you.”

“Adianne, ” Taryne corrected, “I’m their parent as well. I’ve raised them with you for 6 years. I am- was their legal guardian.”

“Jenni is my daughter.”

“Avi and Andri are my children as well.”

"I am their mother.”

Their voices started to rise-

“Am I not their dad?”

“Did you not give them up so you could marry that woman?”

“I didn’t have a choice, my parents-”

"You always had a choice," Adianne’s scornful gaze was unyielding.

Taryn looked away, unable to look Adianne in the eyes.

“And I made it. I’m marrying Lauriel in 3 weeks. Will you be there?”

“To watch my ex-husband marry his mistress?”

“She wasn’t my mistress, you know that.”

“Then why does she have a nine-year-old daughter, after your relationship with her nine years ago?”

“Joriel isn’t my daughter. But Adelliette and Jennabel are, as Luciandre is my son. Dianne,” Taryn began gently, reaching for her hand, “I don’t want our kids to never meet again because of us.”

“They will meet again in the future, representing us,” Adianne watched as he held her hand, but didn’t pull away.


Name pronunciations:

Taryn: (tair-rin)

Adianne/Dianne: (ah-dee-an), (diane)

Jenni/Jennabel: (jenny), (jen-na-bell)

Andri/Luciandre: (an-dree), (loo-see-on-dray)

Avi/Adelliette: (A-vee), (adelle-lee-ette)

Lauriel: (lore-ree-el)

Joriel: Basically Lauriel with a J

Tornsey(Lauriel’s last name): (torn-see)

Visual of Dianne

Taryn (imagine a bit older version)

(I don’t own any of these amazing drawings~)

Updates at least once every other day~~~


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