A Night in Wonderland

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Alicia is reluctant to go out on the town with her friends for New Year's Eve, but what she encounters is a stranger who is mysterious and addictive. They embark on an adventure for the night that will be one Alicia always remembers.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

She gave up, after countless layers of concealer, the bags under her eyes refused to relent. She tugged at the scrap of fabric Sarah had dared to call a dress hoping to reveal a few hidden inches. Why did she let them talk her into this again? After her recent luck the last thing she wanted to do was go out to a party on New Year’s. Tomorrow would be just as yesterday was the only thing that would change was the date.

A loud knock rang through the small space. “Alicia?? Are you in there? Hailey said the uber is almost here! Hurry up!”

Sighing, she walked out to the wolves.

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