Emma William

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Emma William is a 16 year old girl who's father was a politician. He died in a car accident. Later she finds her father isn't really dead. How? How will Emma solve all the mysteries and find her father?

Adventure / Mystery
Ishita Tiwari
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Emma William

It was a hard day for Emma as a brother Charlie was in hospital. They both always stayed together. Doctor just remove plaster from his leg and still he was advised to stay in bed. "Couldn't you just take care of yourself? You are 14 years old not a 4 year old kid." Said Emma. Charlie replied in a childish tone, " sister even you are 16 year old old but you don't even know how to boil water!" "That is not the point" shouted Emma. "Don't shout Emma" said Mary their mother. She was beautiful lady with blue eyes and kind heart. Jackie William was Emma's father. He was a politician. After his death, Mary took care of her two kids by working at two shifts. She went to take some calcium medicines for James. Emma sat with her phone and opened Facebook and started chatting with her friend. After sometime she took dinner and slept. Next day, when she went to school and entered her class 12 D. As she opened her bag she saw a red paper in which it was written meet me outside. She thought it s written by one of the bullies in school. In recess, she went to Anna the school bully and asked about the note. Anna said, " Don't blame me. I am already going through a hard time in my family." She said in sad tone. "Oh sorry. Take care." Emma said and went to take lunch. She decided to wait after school is over to know who was the one to write the note. She was brave and strong as she really waited outside. A few minutes later, a boy of about five or six years old came to her and said to follow him. Emma knew it is any trap kind of thing going to happen with her. But she went with the boy out of curiosity. She walked a lot and finally reached at a big house. A man with beard came outside smiled and took her inside with the boy. Emma was a bit scared so she was ready with her phone to call police. The man took her inside and the boy went inside. The man said," Hello, I am Jacob, a politician. And he was my son aaron." He said and then the boy Charlie came with a glass of water and some cookies. Jacob offered Emma to take some biscuits butemma refused to take anything because Emma didn't believe him. Maybe the water or cookies are poisonous. " So why you called me here?" Emma asked. Then again Jacob replied," Listen to me carefully. I am your father's friend and we are from same party. We both were doing good in politics but there were some enimies of ours. I know you want to know but I don't want you know this because maybe you are not eligible for that. Jacob again said as Aaron went," Your father isn't really dead! He is alive and maybe in custody of our enimies. I found that you are smart and maybe you are the one..." Who am I? Emma asked. " You are the one who can help to free your father." " How do you know he isn't really dead? We saw him dead as we did his cremation." Jacob said," Let me tell you that hat the man you cremated was a duplicate." "And how do you know that?" Emma asked getting more and more interested. Jacob took out a hankerchief and wiped all the sweat around his forehead. Then again said, " I received a note from him. Your father wrote he is alive and gave me the precious locket I gifted him on his 18th birthday when we were in college." Finishing this he showed a note to Emma. Emma saw that what he was saying was true and the note was written out of blood! Emma cried as she thought that her father was in pain. "Is he even alive now?The cruel people must have killed him. Emma said crying. To know this you will have to find where he is. He is somewhere in nearby dense forest according to clues I found. Emma said, " Why don't you tell me the names of people who are your enimies." Jacob said," Because if they wil find you, you will get in trouble." He said and went in his room.
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