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story revolves around a group of soldiers which will perform different missions. Main character is Laurinda, she is a brilliant soldier but during mission she came across a man who had ruined her past, her truth will be revealed on her friends and she wills to get revenge but her duty stops her, in this story will she be able to get revenge

Adventure / Thriller
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(05 December Chicago Sandra Hotel 03:00pm •Laurinda lying on floor her head is bleeding too much suddenly starts thinking about her first mission)

08:00am 26th November (Mission Siberia hostages)

Team commander sets position of his team (Team name: Mysterious Shadow •members:10) They are about to attack the Siberian terrorist to release hostages.

Commander : Ray and Shawn’s position is to attack from the front door. Lisa and Margaret will attack from the back door. June and laurinda will attack from rooftop to block terrorists from all the ways.

08:10 am clock starts ticking. All of the 10 attacks on building. (10 soldiers on 30 terrorists).Ray got shot in his right hand and in his lower abdomen luckily shawn helps him and they kill 09 terrorists guarding the front door. Situation becomes more tense ,bullets voice continuous everyone outside standing were curious what’s happening inside of hotel in this situation April calls commander.

April: we have found hostages exact location and had send to others.

Jack and John lying on the top of another building near the hotel helps to enter laurinda and June by clearing the rooftop of hotel. Reporters standing in front of hotel were recording and making reports suddenly a man from second top floor falls on the ground. Lisa and Margret successfully reaches to hostages but stops by the situation where bombs are fitted on hostages body. They immediately call Ray and June for help but June reaches and she rescued all the hostages. At 10:00 am their missions end and all the situation get under control all play their role well and after a huge chaotic there is a peace in atmosphere.

Army base 12:00 p.m. commander in his room watching news.

News reporter: The mysterious Shadow controls all the situation all hostages are safe and the terrorists who are alive arrested now.

commander leaves his room and starts walking toward the medical room where his team is present he reaches and opens the door and walked toward the bed where Ray was lying.

Commander : congratulations to all of you. You all did well and work very hard.

Ray: Sorry commander, I didn’t do well and I failed to rescue hostages.

Commander: no you don’t have to apologize, you did your best, you found against terrorist even all of you are my pride.

Everyone cheers up salute commander and then commander give June a letter and left the room.

June : Hurray! we have got an invitation letter.

Shawn : what kind of invitation letter?

June : commander is going to give us a treat.

Lisa takes the letter from june’s hand and then read it.

Lisa: stop use silly girl. One Ray got better than commander will treat us.

Everyone laughs at June and then doctor came and check Ray’s report.

Doctor: Would all of you please go outside because you are disturbing patient and it’s already 5 p.m. meeting time is over now it’s his sleeping time.

Margaret: sorry doctor for disturbing, we will leave the room.

Days passed 03 December Army base dormitory 09:00am

Jack: come on, hurry up! we will be late.

April(entering in room): what’s going on here? where are you going?

Margaret: Ray is going to be discharged today.

Laurinda enters in room with cold eyes she sees everyone in the room then pick up something.

Laurinda: let’s go we have to reach medical room in in 10 minutes then we have to move to conference room because commander call us.

(in medical room Shawn and lisa are already present with Ray, waiting for others to arrive, when all the others reaches)

Laurinda: let’s move toward conference room of our dormitory.

June: yes, commander is waiting for us.

(Everyone reaches conference room after that commander enters everyone greet him)

Commander: sit down everyone I called all of you here to tell you that tonight we are going to have a party at Sandra hotel for our success in our first mission.

Everyone cheers up and thanked commander.

Commander: All of you must arrive hotel at 8 p.m. I will be get going first.

Commander leaves room everyone starts cheers up more loudly.

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