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"I'm your mate Aaliyah. What do you want me to do for you? What should I do?" I close my eyes and take a deep breath of his scent. "I..." I stop. "Come on Aaliyah. What do you want me to do for you?" I look into his blood red eyes. "Please make the pain disappear Memphis." He releases a low growl. He fists my hair in his hand pulls at it making me gasp. His other hand trails from my stomach up to my neck and his thumb caresses my bottom lip. I close my eyes and my mouth parts. He leans closer and whispers. "Tell me what you want." "Make the heat disappear." ~~~~~~~~~~~

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

2 Days. 2 Days until my 200th birthday. I really can't wait for it because turning 200 is equivalent to turning 18 in the human world. I'll finally be legal. Its dumb I know because one has to wait approximately 200 years just to be called an adult when in the human world, one only waits until they're 18 but as father always says, 'we're not like them.'

But anyway, what will I do when I turn 200? Travel! Definitely travel. I been cooped up in this castle for far too long. I want to go somewhere, anywhere, just not here or around here. Oooh! I also...

"Aaliyah... You there?" my retinue, Zara, knocks gently on the door while opening it.

I get up from my lying position on my bed and turn to face her.

"Ummm... You're missing breakfast."

I squeal and move to get off the bed quickly. I grab the nearest shoes I see and run to the door.

"I kinda forgot. I really don't feel hungry." I say while hopping on one leg to keep the shoe on the other.

Zara shakes her head. "It doesn't matter anyway. You're presence is the only thing that matters."

I nod slipping on the other pair not bothered to buckle the strap. I run my hand through my grey ombre hair. I look around in a frantic manner. Is there anything I'm missing? My wrist and hands! Where's my bracelets? I touch my head to see if I have my tiara on. Oh no!

I run to the nearest table and grab a diamond tiara. I slip it on my head and grab a handful of bracelets. I turn quick and run towards the door that Zara has already opened.

"Let's go!" I shout while running past her, out the door. She quickly closes the door and the both of us start our marathon towards the dining hall.

I hand to her some of my bracelets because apparently they're so much, I can't use one of my hands. I slip on the ones I have and take the rest from her, slipping it on. And we reach the hall in record time.

"Wow! We beat our 10 minute record! We arrived in 7 minutes."

We high-five and straighten our dresses. The doors open and the faces of my parents and... Cyan?

I walk in slowly taking in my cousin's features. He's here? I haven't seen him since I was 153 years old. 46 years ago. Yes he would call all the time but it wasn't the same without him. He's a wereleopard. My cousin from my mother's side. She's a wereleopard mated to a weretiger.

"Cyan?" I say in disbelief as I run towards him but that's cut short since I trip and fall face first. I never buckled the strap on these shoes! I totally forgot.

I hear my mother's gasp and chairs scraping. I look up to see my mother's hand over her mouth and my father sighs deeply, shaking his head. Cyan lifts me from my position on the floor.

"Aaliyah! What on this earth were you thinking? And your appearance? Goodness! Your hair! Why didn't you buckle your shoes? This is no way a princess behaves. Andreas say something! Aren't you going to say something to your daughter."

Father just gives mother a side glance before turning to me. I give him a nervous smile.

"Some things never change." Cyan says chuckling. I glare at him, receiving a glare from my mother and a chuckle from my father.

"Aaliyah, Cyan take your seats." he says calmly.

"Why didn't you tell me that you're coming?" I whine as we take our seats.

"I wanted to surprise you. Are you surprised?" he asks with a huge smile.

"Are you kidding? After forty-something years I finally see you again. You look so different now." I say with berries stuffed into my mouth.

"Aaliyah..." Mother warns. "what have I said about talking with food in your mouth?"

I mumble a small 'sorry' and use a napkin to clean the invisible particles around my mouth.

"Wow Liyah, your hair became different. Remember when we were about 100, you hair was just jet black. Did you dye it or something?"

I shake my head. Nope. I did nothing. I don't how it got to where it is but it is what it is. There are streaks of light grey in some parts and the black changes to light grey by the middle section of my hair. I really don't know how it got like that because a hundred years ago when I was 99, it was jet black.

"No I didn't but anyway tell me about you. What have you been doing for the past forty-something years."

He smiles then frowns and grumbles to himself. My eyebrows crease.

"What was that?"

"Ugh! It's nothing just during these 46 years I've had to deal with that Lycan King..."

A huge growl tears through the room. My eyes widen and head turns to the source of the sound. Father?

"Werecats and Weredogs are NOT on good terms." he whispers in my ear.

"Is that what got him so worked up?" I whisper.


His eyes are glowing golden and he looks like he's about to kill someone. At the mention of a name? Mother whispers his name making him turn to face her. She shakes her head in a discreet manner and it seems like they're communicating with their minds.

She takes his hand into her own and her own and he calms down instantly. The air is thick now. I'm still in the position I was. Not moving a single muscle. Cyan clears his throat and pushes his chair out to stand.

"I'm sorry that I mentioned the..."

"Don't worry about it." father cuts him off. He's voice became deeper and he takes hard breaths.

"Cyan, please take Aaliyah to her room." Mother says. Cyan nods and reaches out his hand for me to take, which I gladly accept. The last thing I see is mother saying soothing words to my father before the door closes.


Cyan and I are currently in my room, sitting by the window seat reading and looking at the stars.

"Look there!" Cyan says pointing to a star that's moving slowly across the sky.

"I'ma name that one Cyanus Minor."

I giggle. "Come on Cy, it's obviously just a satellite."

He frowns. "How do you know that?"

I shrug. "Shouldn't all shooting stars move quickly across the sky. That one is just cruising. So I'm assuming it's a satellite."

I look back to the sky looking at the beautiful stars that illuminate the castle. It take a while before I realize Cyan was looking at me. I give him a smile.

"Isn't the stars so beautiful?" I ask mezmerised, looking back into the sky.

"Hmmm... Uh... Yeah it is... But not as beautiful as you." he says as if he's in a trance.

I lose my posture for a second and turn back to him. "What?"

He snaps back into reality, eyes widening, curses under his breath.

"What I mean is that you're beauty does not compare to that of the stars... Aaliyah you're really beautiful and...and...ugh! Who am I kidding?" he takes the both of my hands into his.

"Aaliyah, you're really beautiful and you have a kind personality and a pure heart and...and I really like that about you. I that about you."

My eyebrows furrow. Do your cousins ever tell you this? Or are they suppose to tell you this? Maybe he's trying to tell me that I'm his favourite cousin? If so... Take that Zion! Ha!

Aaliyah 1 - 0 Zion

I nod my head slowly. "Ummm... Ohk... I think its getting late. We better get to bed."

I pull my hands away and stand up. He stands up too. I turn to him and smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I say as I turn towards my closet. Cyan grabs my hand and spins me back, snaking his hand around my waist.

"Uh... Cyan-"

"Shhh..." he cuts me off by keeping his finger on my lip. I frown.

"Aaliyah... There's something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time and it's been eating me inside. Aaliyah-"

"Aaliyah! Have you seen Cyan? The King's looking for him." Zara says knocks on the door while opening it.

At the speed of light, Cyan removes his hand around my waist and moves away, giving us a huge distance.

"Oh here you are. The King wants to see you." Zara says smiling brightly.

We avoid each others gazes. Zara is still smiling like she doesn't see something has happened. Even if she is a human she should be able to sense it. Cyan just nods his head.

He walks to the door. Just before he leaves he turns back around.

"Where is Uncle by the way?" he says, his full attention on Zara.

She fumbles with her hair a bit before replying.

"In the meeting room."

He nods. "I'll see you around."

That's the only thing he says before he leaves and that kinda hurts because he pretended that there was only two people in the room, Zara and himself. And what he said was aimed at her and not me. Now what did I do? It's not like they are dating or anything, which is not allowed by the way but he could have at least said 'bye Aaliyah' or even look me in the eye before he left.

"Are you ohk?" Zara says turning to me.

I reach for my closet door knob but freeze when she talks. I turn around faking a smile.

"Yeah... Just so tired."

She nods. "I know how that feels. Night Liyah." she says and leaves.

"Ummm... Yeah... Night."


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