A Normal Cat’s Guide To Reincarnation A LitRpg tale Book one: Black cats and witches hats

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A comic book nerd is killed in a mall bombing and ends up reincarnated as a black cat.

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New world

A true god has to balance out the world they are watching over and make sure all forms of life will be able to live in peace and harmony with each other or have a close equivalent to a balanced path where when bad people get in their way there is always a price to pay.

I stand on the edge of a small town watching with shocked horror and pure rage as clerics and paladins followed by their disciples broke into the decrepit homes of beastfolk and dragged all the men, women, and children to the town square to be burned to death in a grand pier for their god as I walk into the town square and stare at the high priest as he climbed up a set of stairs to the execution podium and signaled for silence as six executioners lit their torches and stood at the ready to light the pier at a moments notice all the while I stood hidden in the crowd of completely moronic and stupid villagers gritting my teeth and clenching my fist struggling to keep my rage in check about this and all the other foul and evil acts I had seen over the last few weeks but before I could calm down the high priest suddenly called out for everyone in the town square to hear.

” The gods have called upon all of their loyal servants to sacrifice these foul inhuman scum!!”

Shouted the man as he looked around the crowd with an ugly grin plastered to his face.

” Hopefully these sinful beasts will satisfy the gods so all humanity can finally rule this world!!”

As soon as those words left the priest’s lips, I finally had enough and howled my outrage for everyone within the town’s borders to hear.

Who are you to call yourself people of gods while you perform such blasphemies!!!

I roared creating a huge shock wave which knocked everybody around me to the ground and blew every single torch in the square out and in the light of the three full moons I slowly walked up to the podium and stared at the man with hatred so pure no living being could ever hope to hold a candle to it but instead of realizing the grand danger he was in the high priest looked down at me and laughed in my face.

”I am an apostle of the holy one and you have no power over me ”

He shouted pridefully as he looked at me with disdain like I was just a bug that he would have happily squished if only it wouldn’t dirty his brand new shoes.

Hold your tongue you apostle of Nothing!!

I spit as I watched him stand there and act like a king.

It seems this little town of yours needs a lesson with how you’re supposed to treat all species !!

I say as my eyes begin to glow a bright rainbow of colors as I take a step towards the podium, then begin to walk into the air.

” W-what kind of mage are you?”

The priest stammered with newfound fear as he watched my eyes suddenly burst into rainbow-colored flames

I am the god of stories, and every single human here today has forfeited your souls for this evil you have performed!!!

I shout for all to hear as every single beastfolk who was either tied to the pier or crying in a cage suddenly disappeared as a huge horde of monsters and savage beasts charged into the town square to devour the humans there and destroyed the gothic church building. Finally at the end of the massacre after all the adult humans who had been responsible for this horrible act had been ripped apart and eaten by the ravenous beasts I slowly drifted down to the ground and called off the attack by severing my rage-filled connection to the creatures and quietly pushed them back to the forests where they belonged with my aura and in an attempt to put this whole incident behind me I summoned the beastfolk back into the town square, freed them, and sent them to clean up the town and take care of the survivors and when I was finally ready I left that world entirely.

That world needs a hero,”

I groan as I stand up and stretch out only to suddenly find Nero sleeping in one of the world trees a couple of feet away from me. As I watched his sleeping form calmly stretch out in one of the branches of the trees I suddenly got an idea which caused a smile to spread across my face.

Well Nero thanks for the opportunity, Now let’s create a great hero for that world,”

I say as I laid down against the tree’s trunk and closed my eyes all the while smiling as the cosmic sea above my head slowly transformed from star-sprinkled darkness to brightly illuminated clouds of stardust signifying morning as giant jellyfish softly floated around the tree line of the forest.

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