The Runaway

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Looking back I didn't think that I would be where I am now. Stuck between a beam and the cold hard cement; trying to catch my breath and feeling warm blood running down my arm and spreading out to stick to the back of my head, matting my hair. I can hear Axe and Daniel begging me to hold on a little longer but my vision is already getting dark as I stare into Axel's dark green eyes. I cough and try to turn to Daniel to assess how badly I'm injured only to feel Axel slowly turning my attention back to him. I feel movement on my arm and hear the guys talk amongst themselves but I'm no longer listening. They hoist me up and drape my arms over their shoulders while my feet drag behind me. As they walk me past the debris around us, I glance back at the crumpled body off to the right side where I was just lying. I tried to tell myself the world was better off with him dead but for some reason I still felt the tears as they fell from my eyes. If you want to know how a group of kids and teenagers saved the world then you just going to have to read and find out. *********************** Please be patient with me during the uploading process, this is a story I have been writing for more than 3 years and I have a few chapters ready to be posted now but it will also be subjected to changes as well. Thank you for your support and patience.

Adventure / Romance
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The meeting

One year earlier


I'm looking down at the map when I notice someone walking into the command room.
"I thought I smelled something burning." He jokingly said
"Hey Russ, come here for a minute. I need your opinion on something."
"Sure what is it?"
"It's the plans for tonight's drop. I finally heard from our contact and she said that we would find the package at these coordinates; i'm just trying to make a backup plan in case things go south"
"That's the Forsaken Valley. Who have you picked for the mission?" Russ asked, looking over the papers in front of me. "I was thinking Charlie, you, Daniel and myself; we need to keep it low profile"
"do you know what it is?" he asked looking at me from across the table
"no clue but it could be anything so we need to be prepared"
After Russ and I got the details sorted out and told the others when to be ready and what to expect, we headed for our rooms to try and get some sleep.

Later that night we loaded up into one of the RPV Terradyne Gurkhas we found during the last raid and headed to the drop zone. On arrival Charlie, Russ and I got out; Charlie grabbed her M16A4 and Russ and I grabbed the two M4A1sl out the back. After I told Daniel to keep the jeep running and ready to high tail it out of there if need be, I signaled Charlie and Russ to go left and to keep an eye out before I started towards the buildings on our right. I picked the corner house and slowly opened the front door. Raising my gun I turn on the flashlight attachment while glancing around the abandoned living room, taking note of the pile of broken furniture in the corner and heading for the kitchen. As I turned to go down the hallway I accidentally hit a lamp and watch as it crashes to the ground - unable to catch it. Silently cursing I stop and listen for any movement.

When I was sure I was alone I made my way down the hall. Coming up to the first room on the left, I tacility open the door only to see an orange streak fly by my face missing me by an inch swnding me backwards into the wall. Once I realized its just a cat I let out a sigh I didn't know I was holding in. I quickly got back to work and cleared the first room; walking back out into the hall I start to make my way toward the next room, slowly opening the door with the barrel of my rifle. I peer into the darkness before I start to walk into the room barely making it to the middle of it before noticing movement out the corner of my eye. Strapping my gun to my back I spin around to receive a slash across my right cheek. Quickly I grab the knife and wretch it away with the twist of my attackers wrist. I hear a slight wimper of pain but dont stop there. I strike out with my left fist and smile when I feel it connect with bone. Spending my attacker falling face down on the dirty floor. I waste no time grabbing their hands and pinning them to their back with my knee.
"Woah there tiger, going somewhere"
"Get off of me!!"
"Your a girl" I asked as I jumped up as if the smallest touch would burn my skin. Man Astra is gonna kill me when she finds out I hit a girl. Running my hand through my strawberry blonde hair I let out a long sigh just as Russ walks in the room.
"You ok? We thought we heard somethi-" Russ started but was cut short by the girl trying to run past him only to knocked out cold by Charlie's right hook. I look at her in disbelief but she just shrugs and says something about the mystery girl going for backup.
"It doesn't matter, you can't just go around knocking lights out!"
"Right like your one to talk, just get her loaded up in the gurkha and let's go. We've wasted enough time already." She sneers and starts to walk back towards the exit. Russ and I share a look that asks who is really in charge here, then he just smiles and goes to grab the stranger off the floor slinging one arm over his neck and wrapping his right one under her arm supporting her limp body. I look around the room one last time wondering just how long she has been here.
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