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Spirits Hotel

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A young adult called Aurora finds a magic ball, and does a ritual she finds on the internet. But it worked..

Adventure / Humor
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Chapter 1: The Crystal Ball

I stared at the ceiling, stuck in my own thoughts. I turned to the side, to see the crystal ball lookin’ thing I found the other day, placed carefully on my wooden bedside table. I reached out and picked it up, and I sat up. I stared at it for a moment, it’s green glow shining on my face. “What can I do with ya?” I spoke, sort of playing with it. I poked it, and it shined so bright, you could light up the darkest room in the universe with it. I winced and looked away, covering my eyes. It died down and went back to the regular glow it was emitting before. What a strange thing. It’s not like all the crystal balls I’ve ever seen. “Hm. Let’s see if the internet knows what to do with you.” I picked up my phone and clicked onto safari. I made a new search tab, clicking off of the asexual flag tab I had open before.I typed in the search bar, and scrolled down. I found a strange looking website. It read: ‘5 creepy things to summon with a crystal ball.’ I scrolled down further until I saw the 5th thing to do with the ball. ‘No.5: how to go to a spirit world.’ I instantly read the instructions. I knew this would probably not work, but darn it sounded cool! I set up the ball in the middle of my floor, and I grabbed some chalk that I had on my desk. I began drawing the spooky sign that all ritual summoning things have. I began y’know, doing the ritual stuff.

The ritual was complete. I closed my eyes, hoping that if I opened my eyes, I would be in a different world. After 10 minutes, I gently opened my eyes, and saw that I was still un my room. I sighed, and picked up the ball, and I headed back to my bed. “Of course that didn’t work, why did I believe that it wou-“
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