Memoires of a reject.

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Jade is a reject. She loves dressing as a emo and simply isn't like others, especially not like her mother wants her to be. When she has to move to Georgia to live with her mother everything seems to go different than she even could have expected.

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1. Introduction day.

Do we have to go, Jade asked in a complaining tone.

Yes, her mother said while she held the car keys in her hand and appeared restless and annoyed while Jade sighed and followed her mother to her car.

It was a hot summer day and today would be the day she would go to her high school and get to know the school a little and meet her class. Jade hated it.

For the most part, because her mother expected her to be all social and at least try to fit in but Jade wouldn’t have any of that.

She simply wasn’t like her mother, head cheerleader, always happy and getting along with everyone. Jade loved her alone time, she missed living in Spain with her dad but her mother insisted she would spend her high school time with her in Savannah Georgia.

Even though this was one of the prettiest places in the world with all the green throughout the city, Jade missed living in Torrevieja.

Not only the friends she had or the pink beach nearby her house but also the language, the small portions of food and not having to fear getting sick due to the costs.

She hated how backward in time the United States was with the lack of available healthcare and the rudeness of people overall. So, what do you expect of it, Jade’s mother asked Jade while she was staring out of the window and thinking of her life in Spain.

Nothing, because I don’t care. Why not? These are the best years of your life honey, her mother said clueless about how Jade felt, or maybe she just didn’t care because things had to go her way.

Once they arrived at the school they were lead to this big gym where other kids and parents were sitting and standing, some talking to each other and some just on their phones. Everyone seemed to know everyone here. Nice, I’m the outsider who everyone stares at.

Nice shirt, the boy next to her said. Thanks, Jade replied, maybe people here weren't all the rude people she remembered.

Nice jacket, she replied. Thanks, he said.

I'm Lucas, the boy said as he introduced himself. Jade introduced herself as a reply, he seemed like a nice guy.

Lucas had light brown hair, he wore it in a boring, basic haircut and had small, green eyes. His sneakers and jeans were worn off, his black shirt was some old, washed-up black shirt and he wore this leather jacket with patches of emo and metal bands all over the back.

So you also like Arch enemy and Paramore at the same time?

Jade saw a smile appearing on his face when she started about the bands on his patches. Yes, I started to think I was the only one! The conversation got stopped when the principal of the school spoke through a microphone to everyone present.

Hello parents, students. Today is introduction day! Let's begin with a tour for the students! When I call your name, go with the teacher who is at that moment standing next to me, they will lead you through the school, give your schedule and even answer some questions if you have any!

When Jade's name got called she wasn't in the same class as Lucas, however, she did see someone she didn't see ever since she went to live with her dad. Lilly?!

lilly's actual name was Lillith, she was the girl living next door to her mother's house and Jade was honestly glad she at least knew one person here.

Lillith and Jade were apparently the only girls in her class, the rest was filled with boys.

Most kids seemed to know each other but Jade wasn't the only new one to her own relief.

'Did you guys see how that girl was looking at me', Jade heard one of the guys say, before anything even started while the teacher was getting something he was missing.

'She looked at me like she wanted me so badly, that's one more hot babe in the pocket'.

Jade knew this would be something she would regret later on, but she also wasn't going to listen to more of this.

Yeah, because that of course means she wants you, couldn't have been because you looked an awful lot like a clown just like now right?

Jade heard herself say it before she could even think. Lillith looked at her knowing there was no stopping her, so she just enjoyed the show that would come.

The boy turned around, it was only then that she saw his face. He had an oval face shape, brown hair with short hair on the sides and longer on the top of his head, and bright blue eyes.

'As if a pathetic reject like you would know anything about how to get a relationship like you could ever get one the boy said with a smug face.

Oh, in that case, Jade threw back at the boy, I'm hereby sorry darling, I didn't mean to get you confused and get you into a relationship with me by just looking at you pendejo.

'You wish, the boy could only say back but Jade knew she had won and just made her first enemy before school even has begun.

So, how was it, Jade's mother asked when she walked back to where the parents were.

Well, I already made my first enemy so it was at least amusing and promising.

Jade's mother ignored her daughter and quietly drove back to their house, only for Lillith to ring the doorbell as soon as her mother and she arrived at their place next door.

So, what do you think, Lillith wanted to know as soon as they sat down in Jade's room.

Well, I made my first enemy already, Jade said as if Lillith forgot about that.

Honestly, I enjoyed it a lot to see finally being shut up, Lillith admitted. Did you know that clown? Sadly enough I do, Lillith said. I feel so much for you right now, Jade said and the girls giggled.

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