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Mira lives on planet Achatalo. She was raised by clan Sarmendo, a friendly village that lived in the north of Achatalo. She was not born here, that was obvious, as she outstood from all of the other villagers. Not only for her taste of adventure compared to these mild, frail people in a calm community, but also the fact that she was born with mystical powers she will one day present to her planet in a historical battle...

Adventure / Romance
Eleanor G
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Prologue - The First War

This is a necessary chapter. It explains the small powers within this universe, what has happened to it, how things were formed.

The world of Achatalo is very different to yours and mine. Across the land, there were several clans each with their own unique qualities. The clans each took pride over a separate piece of land, and we're strictly forbidden to ever speak to another clan. It wasn't always this way though...

The clans used to be united; they lived as one civilisation of people. One nation. One community. Everyone lived in steady peace.

Until Kar-San arrived.

Kar-San was a powerful being of darkness and destruction. For the several sins he displayed, he was punished with dark, evil powers which only made him more violent and control-seeking. From the day he came, he forged and clawed his way to power, defeating each set of people one by one. Him and his army have black blood, and the pure people of Achatalo have red blood.

Over time, the republic scattered in fear and formed 6 large clans, each with a strict purpose to serve him. One clan brought in gold. Another would harvest food. Every time a clan failed to deliver well enough, they would be tracked down and everything they'd built would be destroyed.

Clan Mestino - clan of medicine and potions
Clan Sarmendo - clan of peace
Clan Giento - clan of riches
Clan Obligary - clan of truth and future
Clan Ressindo - clan of power
Clan Hastacri - clan of craft and harvest

City of Crisseldo - city of crystals and tradition.

Since then, a determined and cunning rebellion has hatched, being granted great powers to help and guide their fractured world to a new peace. They called their rebellion 'The Mystics'. They rebuilt the fallen communities, and filled the many holes in the families hearts. But this was not done behind blind eyes.

Of course, Kar-San was watching.

Kar-San ordered one if his guards to find the rebellion and report back to him as soon as he had information. The guard travelled for 6 days and nights before he found them. As he was told, he immediately reported back to San.

He sent an army as colossal as and ocean, walking a path of fear and soon-coming destruction. The Mystics fought well indeed, but soon, one by one, they were all captured and dragged back to Kar-San's castle on the mountain. Still, one escaped, not that Kar-San knew that.

In his power there came a time when Kar-San wanted a queen. He searched the world to find a suitable wife to sit on a throne beside him in his deathly palace. He came to each clan demanding to look around (not that he told them why) and inspected all the huts and fields. Eventually, he arrived at clan Sarmendo. There he met a beautiful woman who he finally chose and took her back to his castle. Little did Kar-San know, she was the last Mystic.
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