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Something Strange

Mira’s POV

I never got to meet my parents. I was found in the woods by Clan Sarmendo as a tiny baby in a blanket, and taken under their care. They believed that as they cared for me at an early birth, I would grow up to be calm and gentle - and normal - like them. And, with the numbers of females dropping in the Sarmendian tribe, I would make a decent resource for them. I always wondered why I was so different. I always knew there was something, but could never place her finger on it. My hair was for one thing - even after the bleaching episode - but there was also how I would dry instantly, and how I could hold fire and not get burnt, and also how I could get up onto the roof ever since I was three.

Sitting in the cold barn, I counted the seconds. It was almost midnight, and after then I would be sixteen. I was not as excited as you would think, mostly because of Mason, but it was also the time when I would become of age when I would have to serve the great king, Lord Kar-San. I was on the list of his that had the ages of all the people who were soon going to serve. I have no idea what he has planned for me. I always felt it was ironic that my surname was San too, and how I was of such low privilege in my clan compared to the Great Lord.


Just five more seconds. I bet Mason’s counting down the seconds too.



I was officially sixteen. At first, it just felt normal. Like any other spring day, the blue sun just beginning to peek over the hills in the far off country in the distance.

Tick tock, tick tock.

What was that? Maybe that was just the sound of Ma Ying’s clock in her house? But that made no sense!

Tick tock, tick tock. Louder.

Is this supposed to happen when you turned sixteen? Because it is REALLY ANNOYING.


The noise slowed, and then finally disappeared. I sighed in relief, and finally tried to fall asleep. Unexpectedly, I felt a tingle in my hands, that was slowly spreading through my body. I almost screamed when I saw my hands, glowing violet and bright with a range of sparks flying off of them. My hair was flowing in an untouchable current, and felt a lifting feeling - like I was floating - and looked down to see that I actually was. As soon as it had started, the sensation disappeared, and it was then I saw black.

The next morning, I woke up feeling kind of dazed. It was not everyday that you float, or your hands glow, and to me it didn’t seem very natural. But hey, maybe it happens to everyone when they turn sixteen. After all, what did I know? I was kind of terrified of my own self now, and I was constantly peeking down at my hands to check they weren’t going to explode or catch fire. I was also very conscious of Mason coming around me and making his ‘Profession Mark’ which basically means him claiming me to be his মাইকী (female). This meant I was always looking over my shoulder to check if he was nearby, and I was stiff throughout the afternoon. I was carrying the washing load back to Mrs Ying’s when...

“Aha, found you!”

I screamed as Mason appeared from behind me. For কাস্তান’s (Kadan/Lord's) sake. Why me! No! He would NOT be claiming me today. All of a sudden, a thunderous drumming sound filled the air, the ground trembling and the trees shaking like they were caught in a solar wind. In the far distance, I could see horses mounted by powerful men all with grim expressions on their faces, looking in no rush to leave. I figured that this would be where they announced my work sentence to serve Kar-San, but they had never come in person to deliver the news.

Especially not Kar-San himself.

He rode upon the horse in the centre, powerfully making a royal entrance in his expensive, dark clothes and silver chains. Even his horse had emerald reins. The horses grunted and skidded their hooves to a halt in front of the villagers of the clan. Everyone had gathered for this unexpected appearance. I eyed Lord San cautiously, feeling his great stare and his greater curiosity against the side of my head. He smirked, but his eyes never moved from mine. "This is the child." he said, "I found her."

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