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Destiny 1 story

Adventure / Action
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10 years ago… a Titan Warlock and Hunter all went on a mission to hatch a archive on Venus. But it all went downhill when black orbs started showing up. Weird monsters started shooting at the heroes and killed them off one by one but the hero who lives to this day named cayde-6 who is now a member of the vanguard was the only one who lived. He killed some of the monsters but there were to many to handle without a team. Cayde ran up the staircase killing the few monsters that still got in his way. But when he got up to the top of the staircase there was a huge monster who goes by the name of oryx and was ready to destroy Venus and cayde and everything else in its path. Luckily The Titan Vanguard named Zavala and The Warlock Vanguard named Ikora were able to lock oryx down with chains they use to lock down ogre’s with. As fast as they could they took cayde and got him on the ship and during the progress cayde ended up losing a leg and Zavala broke his shoulder but they were able to escape and make it to the city and while cayde was being assisted Zavala and the others worked on what is called The Tower. 5 Years later The tower had been complete and cayde had been running missions with Zavala and other soldiers but that place on Venus was never fixed or saved. 2 Years ago Darkness was closer than expected and oryx destroyed 2 planets called Uranus and Neptune. But now in present time a new team had just been born and was more ready than ever.
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