CHACHA,SHASHA and GAGA adventures

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It’s a lot of random little story’s with shasha chacha and Gaga it’s adventures very fun adventures and we are not gonne stop and by we I mean Savian ava and kiyana that’s what I mean by we. So that’s all actually

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1.Boat adventures.

SHASHA and CHACHA .ADVENTURE’S.part one.shasha and chacha boat adventures. Chacha and shasha are just chilling.untill feet licker flew into their house. Feet licker said:you guys hafto go on a boat adventure. Chacha said:what? Feet licker said:yea you go on a boat and then start going around. Chacha said:well ok let’s do it.shasha said:but we don’t have a boat chacha said:well see about that. Chacha and shasha start to drive away with a stolen boat.the owner of the boat sayd:hey get back here you stupid idiots!!!! Chacha said:NEVER!!!! Shasha was like:o mah gawd this is the best adventure!! Shasha asked chacha is he knew how to ride a boat Chacha said:no… shasha sayd:oh… oh well and then in the distance they heard the owner of the boat say: yea that boat has no gasoline shasha said: hmmmmm how are we driving then… Chacha said: I don’t know and I don’t care so shut up and they kept driving. Then they saw a boat with mr.smiley Feet licker. Mr.frownie Buff guy. Medusa. So shasha and chacha were actually on a very big yacht so all of the people on the little boat went on the big boat. And then there were obstacles and then the boat hit one of the rocks and then the boat flew high up with everyone inside and that’s how they kept going untill the boat sank after the boat sank shadha chacha and everyone else aboard were still in the boat under water so shasha and chacha Were hungry and saw a fridge and in that fridge was everything everyone started to eat untill they finally went out of the boat but after they got out of the boat . They realized they got to the treasure island so shasha and chacha started to dig while feetlivker and buff guy were trying to find out where to go next and mr.smiley and mr.frownie we’re chopping wood and then shasha and chacha found the treasure they opened it after they opened it they got sucked in a other dimension and everyone ran away. And then shasha and chacha landed in the other dimension all they saw was…….their house that chacha blew up.and then they went to find another house and stole the other house after they stole it they lived there.but the other ones were still on that island trapped but they made a living there too. THE END [the part of how the house blew up you can get at Savian’s story]
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