Rat madness🐀

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Five rats escape from their owner to explore the high seas in an adventure to search for treasures and new challenges with each other nothing can get in there way or is that true.

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1

One day a boy and his dad bought five rats, the rats were slim
and furry. They took care of them. the boy loved the rats and the rats loved him too. Twenty years later the dad passed away. the boy got extremely rich. the rats were fine but they had one problem. the owner had given them everything , the rats just wanted to explore the sea.

So one day the five rats snuck out to the garden and they all got sticks and rope and they made a raft. So they said goodbye to their owners and set off. They were sailing for about twenty five days and they found a massive island. They went there to set up camp and get more food when they were singing
around the campfire the rats saw a cat so they all went silent. A rat pot out the campfire and went on the raft they went to sleep.

It had been two years since they had seen there owner so they went back home and they bought a better raft and set sail for a anther adventure I hoped you liked it.
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