Anger in me

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"I don't know what is happening to me. I can't control it. MICHAELA breath. You need to control your anger. Relax." I said to myself. But it didn't work. My anger was taking control over my body. I couldn't control it. I needed to hurt someone. And when I say it, I mean it. But I couldn't do that so I just punched in to the wall and made a hole in it. But suprise it was, it didn't even hurt. I looked at my knuckles and they were all coverd in blood. I looked around myself when I saw fear in her eyes. My mom was looking at me and my bloody hands in fear. She was afraid of own mother was afraid of me.

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Beginning of all

Michaela’s POV:

I thought that my mom doesn’t want me anymore... Have I done something wrong? is something wrong with me? Is it because I broke this little girls nose? But that wasn’t my fault because she punched me and I just got mad and I punched her. I didn’t know that that was that hard.

Lily’s POV (Michaela’s mom):

Something is wrong with her, I don’t know what is happening. She has anger issues since she was born. Every single thing is making her go angry and that’s why she is getting into fights and she always wins. So that’s why I decided that I will send her to school to control her anger.

It was hard for me but I needed to do that for her own good.

One day I found leaflet at my doorstep about some school for the kids with anger problems and that they can help them to control what they have inside of them. At first I wasn’t sure so I started to explore and it looked like a good school so I made my decision that I will entered her, except I didn’t know how to tell her.

1 hour later....

I told her the news and she wasn’t happy about it. At first she just went silent and that wasn’t a good sign. I thought she would start crying but she didn’t. She wasn’t a normal child. Her sadness always came out as an anger. Then a second later, she started to scream and breaking things. She was so angry that she punched the wall. She made a big hole in it. That wasn’t normal for a twelve year old girl to do. “That’s it,” I said. “I need to do something fast.”

Michaela’s POV:

That’s it. She’s sending me away. How could she do such a thing to a child. I couldn’t just do nothing. I was so angry that I could hurt someone... And when I say it, I mean it. I started screaming my anger out and I started breaking things. When I thought it couldn’t be worst something happened to me. My anger became stronger and it took over my body. I needed to hurt someone but I couldn’t do that so I just punched in the wall and I made a big hole in it and I was surprised because it didn’t hurt, except my knuckles were all covered in blood.

My mom looked at me with fear and that broke my heart so I just said sorry and quickly ran into my room.

I was scared. Not scared of what would happen next to me, just of what I’m capable of doing, because of my anger.


Michaela’s POV:

I didn’t talk to my mom for a whole week because I was so angry. I would probably do something to her... “NO, NO, NO!” I could never do something to my mom. I am angry yes... but I would never hurt her... I hope so...


This is the day my mom sent me away. I still can’t believe it.

Lily’s pov:

“Did I did a right thing or not?” I asked myself. Michaela didn’t talk to me a whole week am worried. She probably hate me...but I did these for her own good.

“Michaela? I did this for your own good.” I said. Maybe she will not forgive me but she need to know that I did this for her own good. Mom? I love you she said and hug me and then she just leaved. And I leaved too

Michaela’s pov:

That broke my heart but I couldn’t show my emotions. “Why?” Because emotions are only for weak people and I’m not one of them.

I started walking towards a building. It was big and high, with a ton of space for playing outside. Infront of building was a woman waiting for me. She was beautiful and in her twenties.

“Hi, I’m Mary she said.” “Hi, I’m Michaela Angelo.” I introduced myself.

“Come with me please.” She started talking and walking. “I will show you your room and I will introduced you to the professor Max. He is your teacher and your friend he will show you every place in here and if you need anything he will help you. He is young and friendly he came her only when he was ten so he knows how are feeling right now and you can talk to him about anything and he will listen to you and not judge you.” When she told me all of that we were standing in front of my room. She knocked on the door and slowly open it. In there was a girl who looked like one year older than me.

I said; “hi” shyly and she happily said: “Omg hiiiiii, you are my new roommate, right?” She said happily and I just nodded.

The Mary said to me: “make yourself at home and in half an hour professor Max would come to your room and showed you around.” And I nodded again.

We started talking. I found out that her name was Becky but she likes people to call her Beck, she came in school when she was 12 like me, that was one year ago, she’s 13 now. She has black hair and green eyes.

“Can I ask you a question Beck?” I asked. “Yes anything.” “Soo I don’t want to be mean or anything but why did you come here, because you look like is nothing wrong with you.” She giggles at me. “Nothing is wrong if you ask me that, and all people who are here nothing is wrong with them like nothing is wrong with you, we are who we are. We learn that here but if you mean if a have problems with anger then yes. One day when I was home alone I saw my brother walking home and three boys were following him home and when he was almost home they pushed him on the ground and started beating him up, then I lost it. I went out and I started beating guys. I were 12 and they were 14. One of the guys had broken left arm and 3 toes other two had broken nose.” When she told me that I wasn’t scared I was happy that I know a person who has same problems like a have. So I just give her a high five. She smiled at me and give me high five back. Then we started laughing. When we stopped she asked me the same question. And now I needed to answer. “Ok so I was born with anger problems, and when I was 2 I didn’t even cry anymore because every sadness I had in myself always came out as anger. I really don’t remember that but that’s what my mom told me. When I was getting older my problems grew up with me. I started getting in fights because of small things like if a kid took my toy I pushed him. And when I was 7 my anger was becoming even bigger I wanted to hurt people when I was angry. I hurted people a lot of times. Psychically and mentally . When my mom told me she’s a gonna send me here I couldn’t believe that I was heartbroken and sad but all that came out of me was anger, I started to scream and breaking things but then, something happened to me. My anger become stronger and it started to take over my body, I needed to hurt someone but I couldn’t do it ,so I just punched in the wall and I made a big hole in it. Something was wrong, because it didn’t hurt and when I looked at my knuckles they were all covered in blood. And the most painful thing was that my mom looked at me with a fear.”

Before I could do anything, Beck hugged me. I needed that. “It’s okey I know how it is.” She said and hugged me even more and I hugged her back, even that I don’t like hugs. We heard a knock and somebody come in our room.


I started writing this story like a year ago and there are many mistakes but I really don't want to change it. It's part of my writing history. English isn't my first language, that's why there are mistakes but story is getting better and better in every part.


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