Anger in me

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Who's that?

One week later

Max’ POV:

“HI I’m Max” I introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Dylan.” “And I’m Cassie.” “Nice to meet you both.” I smiled at them. “Okay so I’m gonna show you around and I’m gonna give you yours schedules.” I told them.

I showed them around and give them theirs schedules. And now it’s the part when I told them the same thing I told Mich some months ago.

“Wait really?” Dylan asked with happiness. “Yes really.” I answered him. “So that means that your gonna teach us how to fight and use weapons?” Cassie was excited. “Not exactly me but others teachers on our school.” I told her. “THAT’S SO FUCKING EXCITED!!” They both screamed in happiness. “Language guys.” I said while laughing to them. I can’t believe that all of them had the same reaction. Mich, Dylan, Beck and Cassie. I can see they are gonna be good friends. ” I can’t believe that.” I said. “What?” They both asked confused. “I know 2 more people who did have the same reaction when I told them this. So I that two people are gonna be yours roommates. Don’t worrie they are great. They are even my bestfriends. “Okay great.” They both said. How weird is it that they say the same think at the same time both of them but they aren’t siblings. “Okay come on. I’m gonna introduced you.

Michaela’s POV:

“Give me back my shoes!” I yelled at Beck. “We are roommates. Your stuff are my stuff.” She yelled back. “Then I will take your underwear. I really need them you know? All mine have holes in it.” “Please don’t talk about your underwear around me.” Roman said. “First of all we can because you’re in our room, second of all we can do whatever we want to and third of all; we are friends.” I told him. “Oooo you said that we are friends. I knew it that you liked me.” “Don’t be so happy about it. We are friends so that means that you will not get rid of was EVER!” I said. “Only if you betrayed us. Then we will torched you and painfully kill you.” Beck added and we smiled at each other. “I don’t know how can you be so terrifying at age 12 and 13.” Roman said. “I don’t know is just naturelle.” We smirked at him.

We heard a knocking on our door. “WHAT!?” All three of us yelled. “oo Jesus Christus why are you yelling?!” Max yelled back. “Oh sorry Max. Come in.” “I have something to tell you guys. I mean I need to tell Mich and Beck but you can stay here Roma.” Max said. “That kinda hurts but okay.” He was dramatic and Max rolled his eyes at him. “Mich, Beck meet yours new roommates. This are Dylan and Cassie.” “We didn’t know that we are getting new roommates.” “Yea it was at last minute.” “Oh okay. It’s really not problem. We have a lot of space here. So where they are?” We both asked. “Hi” They both said happily. “Twins?” I asked him. “No” he answered. “oh ok.”

Dylan’s POV:

Michaela and Becky are amazing. They are really fun and we have he same humor. Like Max said I think we’re gonna be great friends. Ov and I mean Mich and Beck. I don’t know why they want to use boys names but they suit them. theirs names are the same like theirs personality. Like when you say Michaela it sounds like little girls name but when you say Mich it’s sounds cold and heartless but I know that she isn’t like that. I see in her eyes. Someone or something really broke her but when she is with Beck, Max and Roman she see’s happy. I like them. Okay Roman not that much but he’s still ok.

“So what do you think about what we do here?” Mich asked us. I think it’s time to pull up a prank. Me and Cassie smirked at each other. “What do you mean” We both asked innocently. “Yeah you know about all this part when we kill people?” She was confused. “WHAT TF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?” We were fooling around. “Mich I didn’t told them yet!” Max played along when he saw what we were doing. “SHIT!” She screamed.
Me, Max and Cassie all started laughing.

She looked confused.

“Of course-we know all already,-we were just making fun of-you.” I told her while I was laughing tat I couldn’t breath. “You little bitches. I almost had heart attack.” She said while she punched us all in the arm. “AAA that hurts!” We all said. “That’s what you got for making fun of me.” “You little bitch.” We all laughed. “I said that you’re gonna get along.” Max told us with happiness. “Yeah you were right.” Me, Cassie, Beck, Mich and Roman said.

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