Anger in me

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A lie

Next day:

Cassie’s POV:

Yesterday night me, Dylan, Mich, Back and Roman watched a movie with a few more students in movie room. And yes here they have movie room. It’s like a cinema. Every night they play movies till 1 am. And when you want to watch a movie you just go and watch it but you never know which movie your gonna watch. After that me Roman needed to go to a mission and we went to our room and we talked about why we are here and about our familys. Mich and Beck told us already why. Theirs story is kinda sad but so cool. The most sad it is how Mich and her mom didn’t see each other for like 2 months.

“So what about you Cassie?” Beck asked me. “So...” I started. “My parents died three years ago in a car crash so me and my twin brother AJ were all alone for a while in our childish home for like a month but a social worker found that 10 year old kids were living all alone without any body. So from this day we lived in fosters homes with foster parents but nobody adopted us. And sometimes our foster parents beat us and nobody knew about it. Sowe started to explore for ours aunts and uncles because we remember that we have 2 aunts and uncles. But our foster parents found about it and they became angry. And our “dad” at the time, took a knife and wanted to stub us. So I took a knife from his hand and I stabbed him in the stomach. And we runned for 3 days to find our aunts and uncles. When we did police was there already waiting for us. I would needed to go to some place for kids that did something like that. But our aunt knew someone and he told here that is better that ta send me here than there. Because our family tried to take us under their roof but judge didn’t let them because of what I did. They told the judge that, that was only self-defense but they didn’t believe it.” I told them the whole story. “So now I’m here.” I said with a smile to hid me tears.

“I’m so sorry that, that happened to you Cass. But can I ask you a question?” Mich asked me. “Yea sure.” “So you said that you and your brother were their and you stabbed him but why didn’t your brother do anything? Why didn’t he said that he did it or something? But something is really confusing me. Why did your foster parents said that you did it, they could lie and said that both of you stabbed your “dad”?” “I love my brother and he loves me even he will not admitted. I would do anything for him and he would do anything for me but we could say that he’s a pu$$y. He was too scared to say anything at the court. And my foster parents didn’t say anything about AJ because they always loved him more, even that they beaten him too but I was always in more pain. They punched him with a belt or with hands but they used knives on me. And they wouldn’t even sent me to hospital, so I needed to take care of my wounds by myself and sometimes they could take for months to heal.” I explained. “I don’t want to be mean to your brother but he’s sounds like pu$$y who only looks at his a$$. And if I ever meet him I will beat shit out of him because you needed to go thru all of that and didn’t do shit about it, while you’re here because you protected him.” Mich was mad. “But I will also thank him because if he wouldn’t be such a pu$$y we wouldn’t know you.” She added with a smile. “Yea she’s right Cass.” Beck added. “Omg thank you guys but please stop because you’re gonna make me cry.” I said trying to hold my tears.

Then Mich hugged me but something weird happened. Beck looked at me and Mich with shock. Like she was surprised that Mich hugged me. I was confused but I didn’t said anything.

“Dylan it’s your turn.” We all said to him.

Dlyan’s POV:

Okay it’s my turn now.

I don’t know why am I even nervous. All of them told theirs story. But it is mine that bad. I don’t know but I know that I trust them. I don’t know why. I only met them today.

“Okay. It was one week ago. I was in the shop, buying something I don’t even know. But infront of the shop was something and I picked up because it looked interesting. But when I started walking to my bike some guys were yelling at me; “Hey you thief.” But when I could even looked behind me they started beating me but I didn’t know why. And I remember that thing that picked up, maybe it was theirs but I didn’t know. I wanted to tell them that I found it infront of the shop but they didn’t listened. I needed to do something. So I started to punching these 2 guys and then police came. Somebody maybe called the police because they saw what happened. I don’t know. But they said that, that was all my fault and when I was on court they said that I need to come here. I told them that, that self defense but they didn’t believed me because judge was friend of these two guys because I saw them talking before.”

I didn’t know why I was lying. I just needed to tell them the truth and they wouldn’t judge me. Right? Or?

“So you’re here because of something you didn’t do?” Beck asked. “Yes.” I just shortly answered. “That’s kinda sad.” “I know. But now It is what it is.”


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