Anger in me

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Cassie’s POV:

Mich and Dylan were already asleep and me and Beck were only awake. “Hey Beck, can I ask you a question?” I whispered to not wake them up. “Yea sure, what’s up?” “I saw that you were little confused when Mich hugged me.” “Yeah sorry it was just weird.” “Why?” “Okay I will tell you only because I like you. We can say that Mich is little complicated. She doesn’t like to hug but some people mean so much to her and she shows that.” She explained. “Thank you for telling me Beck.” “No problem Cass.”

Next day

Mich’s POV:
“Are you ready Beck?” I whispered to her. “Yeah.” “Okay; 1...2...and...3-”

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Cassie and Dylan both screamed. “Surprise!!!” We yelled. “Can I ask you why tf did you two woke us up with ICE!?” Cassie yelled. “You see it’s yours first day here and we needed to do something special.” Beck told them with smirk. “Just stop. We need to get dressed.” “Yes because class will start in 10 minutes. And you two don’t want to be late on your first day. Right?” I smirked at them. “You bitches!” Both of them yelled.

They didn’t even had time to looked at the clock. They started to run to the class after they were dressed.

“Why is nobody here?” They asked confused. “First of all you are in the wrong class. Second of all it’s only six thirty but okay.” Beck told them while she evil laughed. “Upsii.” I added. “Did you really just woke us up with ice and told us tat we were late and then you told us is only six thirty and we could sleep for like an hour more?! And all of that on our first day!?” they were angry. “Yes” we said innocently. “WE. ARE. GONNA. KILL. YOU!” “SHIT!” We started to running and they chased us.

“What is happening?” Roman asked when he saw me and Beck running and Cassie and Dylan chasing us on the hall. “Are you gonna told him what you two did or I need to?” Dylan asked me and Beck. “Maybe just maybe we woke up Dylan and Cassie with bag of ice and told them they were late so they did get dressed and started running to the class which will not started at least in a hour.” I told him and he just started to laugh and give us a high five. “Good one but I think you could do better.” “We wanted to put bugs in their bed but we share a room so we were scared to they would go on our bed, so we did that.” I explained. “What is happening right now?” Cass and Dylan were still confused. “A joke her it’s that they always prank people and I mean really. One time they put mayonnaise in my after shave so I smelled like shit. Oh and you know what they did? I asked if one of them had something for headache but instead of pill for headache they gived me a sleeping pill and hired someone to tattoo me. And he wrote “Bad Bitch” on my big toe.” He told them and showed them a tattoo. “So thank you for coming here that I will not be the only one who they will prank.” He added. “What did we put ourselves in Dylan?” Cassie said and we all started laughing. “End of all of that because I have a question.” Beck said. “Do yall want to go get breakfast because I’m starving. And you two will need energy.” She added. “Omg yessss.” We all said, including Roman.

“This is son good.” We all agreed. “Do you always have pancakes for breakfast?” Dylan asked. “Not always but sometimes. Mostly we have cereal, sandwiches, bacon or bread with jam or honey. But it’s always good.” I answered him. “Mmmhh.” He said with full mouth. “But why did you say that we will needed energy?” Cassie asked. “You will see it.” Roman give them a smirk. “I just see I will don’t like it.”

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