Anger in me

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Good memory

I have surprise for you.” Beck told me a second when a woke up. “Um...okay sure but where are everybody?” “Yeah don’t worry, Roman took Cassie and Dylan on shooting ground and he will showed them how to shoot and how to fight so we have all day for ourselves.” “That’s great but I think after that we need to show them how to fight and shoot know...Roman is Roman” I smiled. “Yeah I know, but don’t worry about it, Max is with them.” “Thank god.” “Get ready and wear something nice.” “Why?” “Just do it.” “Okay, okay.” I don’t know why she wants it but okay. And she is acting very weird, like she was nervous.

“I want you to meet someone Mich.” Back told me nervously. And this second when I saw three people, I knew it who were. “Thomas, Angie and Phillip...nice to met you all.” I said with a smile. “What?” All of them including Beck said. “How do you know who they are. I never told you who you were meeting and I only told you my dads name ones.” She was shocked. “What can I say, good memory.” I smiled. “Very good.” Three of them added. “Nice to meet you. I’m Michaela but people call me Mich.” I introduced myself as I shook their hands. “Oh we all know who you are. Becky can’t stop talking about you.” Phillip smiled. “Dad can you please call me Beck, you know that I like it more then my name.” Beck told her dad. “I’m sorry honey.” “Okay come on Mich we need to go.” “Where?” “I make a deal with principal so we can go out for a whole day but we need to be back at 8pm.” “Yes, I wasn’t out in 2 months.” “I know hurry.” “Yes I’m coming.”

We went to a little café shop. “I need a coffee.” I said. “Aren’t you little too young for a coffee?” Phillip asked. “If you could know what we do there you would drink coffee as water.” “Oh, he knows.” Beck told me. “What, how?” I was confused. “He knows coach. So he even knew, what we do here before I even came here.” She answered. “And he told me about his the best boxer.” He winked at me. “So you know all about it?” “Yes we can say that. He told me everything, like how good are you and he told me about this night. And I can say that I’m very surprised.” “Don’t be, if you would know Mich like me you wouldn’t be surprised.” Beck added to her dad. And I smiled at her.

I saw that Thomas wanted to ask me something and I knew it in a second what was it. “Ask me?” I said. “Ha? What do you mean?” He acted like he was dumb. “I know what do you want to ask me. Go ahead.” “So why did you came here. I mean what did you do that your parents send you there?” “You don’t hav-” Beck wanted to say but I started talking. “You know, problems with anger and sometimes you can’t control it and you do things. So one day my mom had it enough and sented me here and didn’t come back after fight we had.” I said like I didn’t care because I didn’t. She decided and I don’t care. “I’m sorry.” Thomas answered. “Don’t be, it’s not like it’s you fault.” I hate when people apologize for what it’s not there fault.

We talked in the café. I mean me, Phillip, Beck and Thomas talked. Angie was almost all time quite. And it was already seven-thirty so we needed to go to school again.

“Thank you. Today was amazing.” I said with a smile. “It was nice meeting you Mich and I hope we see each other again.” They all said to me. “Same.” I smiled.

Beck’s POV:

Today I introduced Mich to my family and I am so happy they did get along. Because I love Mich so much and I don’t know what would I do if they didn’t like each other. And Mich was surprisingly nice and I’m so thankful that she did that to me. Or she really like them and was nice only for yourself. I don’t know and I don’t care, I’m just happy that she like them.

“Hi Beck, can we talk on privet please?” Angie asked me. “Yea sure.” “What’s up?” “So you know when Mich said that she was only child? And she showed us picture of her mother?” “Yea, why?” “I think she doesn’t know but she has a brother. Just hear me out. I have this classmate and his name is Mike and I saw everyday how this women is picking him up from school and she goes to school meetings with teachers. And one time I was making project with him so we did go to his house and I meet his mom but ha said that, that is his adopted mom and she did adopted him only 2 months ago. And when Michaela showed us picture, this women was very familiar to me and now I remember from where.” She told me and I was shocked. At first I didn’t believe it but when she said that se meted her. Omg! “Look.” She showed me a photo of Mike. “And it isn’t weird that he look like male version of Mich. And he said that he was adopted only 2 months ago. And when did they had this fight?” She asked. “2 months ago...” I answered quietly. “You see. Like her mother wanted to replaced her with somebody who looked like Michaela.” She explained. “We need to tell her.” She added. “NO we can’t.” I yelled. “Why? It looks like she wouldn’t care.” “Yea she acts like she doesn’t care but you don’t know her as I do. She would be heart broken. After a fight with her mother she didn’t eat for days and she only trained and she did get into fights and started to workout every day for more hours. So we will not told her. Okay?” “Okay” She agreed.


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