Anger in me

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5 years

5 years later

“Who send you? Who are you working for?!” I yelled at the men while I pushed a knife further in his leg and he screamed in pain. “I’m working for you, I’m not the guy you’re looking for. I’m not the traitor.” He said in tears. “Don’t lie to me Blake! You know what I do to traitors. I HAVE NO MERCY!” I yelled at him. “Please...please Angelo, you know I wouldn’t betrayed your trust.” He was in pain. “You knew it what would happen if I found out about you and you still came undercover to my territory. I gived you home, a roof under your head and you return me that way?!” “Please I didn’t do anything.” “And now your telling me that I’m wrong. Okay...we can do it in the easy or hard way. You tell me who your working for and you will die quickly and without the pain, or on the hard way and I will make your died painful and loooong. It’s your decision, so what will it be?” “I don’t wanna die, please!” “You knew it what would happen.” “Please...” He cried. “Okay Beck, let them in.” I said to Beck. “Yes Angelo.” She answered. She still call me Mich but on the work she needs to call me by my last name because people of course think se has some privileges because she’s my best friend. People can think whatever they want but it’s true she has privileges. She’s my best friend and my right hand, but I treat her more like a business partner. We are equal, if she wasn’t here I wouldn’t come so far. “What’s going on?” Blakes wife asked when she entered the room. “Please don’t hurt her, please!” He cried. “I will not but...only if you tell me for WHO YOU’RE WORKING FOR!” “Okay, okay just please.” Finally. I had enough of it. “Rodrigez” He said. “Wait what!?” “I work for Rodrigez mafia.” My worst enemies. “Why did they send you?” I was so angry. my enemies tried to come to my territory and they succeeded. And when I wanted the answerers he didn’t talk. “I don’t need you anymore.” I said and before he could said anything back I shoot him and his wife between the eyes. “They were so annoying.” I said to Roman and rolled my eyes. “I never liked him anyways.” “Me too.” Beck, Dylan and Cassie added.

Me, Beck, Dylan, Cassie and Roman are inseparable. We go everywhere together; in the gym, training, on the missions. Literally everywhere, sometimes we even go to the toilet together. And thro years we become more close. And now we live together and have our, we can say mafia. We were always close but we weren’t together at the missions and we didn’t saw each other in weeks because we were in different countries. And this year when me and Dylan turned 17 and Beck and Cassie 18 and Roman 23 we were officially one of the 5 best mafia. And last month we turned 1 year of the mafia.

And you can guess how we name it? It wasn’t my idea but they insisted. “Angelo.” Yes they wanted to name it after me. I want that in our mafia we are all equal but all of people have me as a boss and all of them are scared of me because they know it that I don’t have mercy. Maybe only for Cass, Roman, Beck, Dylan and Max. You are probably asking yourself, what about Max? He is part of the mafia cus we all wanted and is his mafia like ours even that he doesn’t do the same stuff as we. He still teach at the school and we still see each other every day. He comes over and we have some drinks or talk about our work and all. And yes maybe I am 17 but only people in my mafia know how old I am really and which is my gender. Yes, people don’t know about my gender because all of them know me as Mich Angelo and they think I’m a man. And I have a lot of fake Ids.


I heard a knock on my door. “What!” I yelled. “Miss a have some documents about Rodrigez Mafia as you asked.” Doran told me as he came in my room. He was my assistant and hated him but he was really good at his work.

I was only in shorts and crop-top. It was already 11pm and I was heading to sleep. And only people that can come in my room at that time are my friends and Doran if it’s really important. And when I was thinking a saw Doran eyes scanning me, and sometimes it made me feel uncomfortable. He was the same ages as me and I knew it that he has crush on me. “Stop looking at me that way or I’m gonna shoot you between the legs.” I threatened him. “And remember that I’m gay and you don’t have a chance.” I added. “Yes Miss a remember very clearly.” He answered. “You remind me every day.” He said under his breath and hope that I wouldn’t heard it. “Would you like to say that again.” “No Miss.” “Go and leave documents here.” “Yes Miss.”

He left and I started to look at the papers he left on my desk.

Alex and Lio were who owned the mafia but last year their daughter became owner of the mafia and their business. People say that she is even more cruel than her parents. Alex and Lio have 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls. Her older brother should owned the mafia but he said that his sister was more suitable. Their relationship is perfect. They love each other and would do anything for each other and that means that they have weakness and in mafia are very unwanted because your enemies can use them against you.

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