Anger in me

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I will see you again


I was sleeping as I heard footsteps. When you’re in mafia you need very good hearing because you never know where are your enemies. I heard footsteps stoping next to my bed. I slowly grabbed gun under my pillow and I jumped on my feet. “What tf? I could just shoot you!” I yelled. “Yeah you could.” Max answered me. “No hug?” He said sad and I hugged him. “I missed you but never do that again because you could be death right now.” I was angry. I could killed him and I would blame myself for it. “Yeah yeah.” He said annoyed and pulled me in the big hug. “Do you want some breakfast? Some chocolate-chip pancakes?” I asked him. “You know me so well.” He smiled.

“How is Mary?” I asked. “She is good. She is on Hawaii right now with her husband.” “I’m so happy for her.” “Yaeh me too, she deserve it.” “So what do you want Max?” I get to the point. “What do you mean?” He played dumb. “Max we know each other for 6 years, I know when you need something. So what is it?” “Okay it’s true, I need you to do me a favorite. You see...teachers in school teach students about you and a mafia and you are their favorite. And I wanted to ask you if you, Beck, Dylan, Cass and Roman could come and showed them some fighting, shooting and things about mafia.” He said as he added; “Pretty pleaseeeeee, for me?” “Wait! How could teachers teach about me? You didn’t show them my picture or tell them how old I was, right?” “Of course not. we just tell them your name and all of them already know who you are but because your name is Mich they think that you’re a guy.” “People. They really don’t know that name doesn’t matter.” “I know but I didn’t say anything about it, that they wouldn’t suspect something.” “Thank you. And of course, why not and I want to see coach again.” “Yea he really misses you, you know? “Sorry but I didn’t have a time, you know mafia and all.” “Yea I know.”


“Hey guys I need to tell you something?” I said at the meeting. “Wait! Where is Dylan?”

Flash beck 4 years ago

“I can’t do that anymore!” Dylan said. “What do you mean Dylan.” We all said. “This isn’t true what I told you about me. It isn’t true why I’m here. I’m gonna tell you the truth; 1 year ago when I told you what happened I lied because I was scared what would you think about me but I love you guys and I can’t lie to you anymore.

It happened one week before I came here. I had abused father. He beat me and my sister but he beat my mom the most. One day I had it enough. When he tried to punch my mom I grabbed a knife and I threatened him with it, that I will stabbed him if he doesn’t get out of the house and leave us alone. He started to walk back and we were on the balcony but I was not aware so a started to walk forward to him with a knife and he was so scared that he started walking back again and he fell from the balcony and he hit his head too hard and he died.” He explained us and all of us hugged him. “We knew it.” All of was said. “What do you mean?” He was confused. “I mean we knew it that you didn’t told us the truth but we didn’t knew what was the truth.” I explained. “And you were still my friends?” “Yes of course, we didn’t want you to feel like you needed to tell us, we wanted you to tell us when you were ready.” “What if I wouldn’t told you?” “We would probably forgot about it.” We smiled. “Thank you guys.” We all smiled.

End of flash back

“I’m sorry guys!” Dylan came running in the meeting room. “I was with Ellie and I forgot about the meeting.” “No problem Dylan. Now sit, I need to tell y’all something.” “I hope that it’s good.” All of them said. “It is actually. Tomorrow we are going somewhere.” I said happily and all of them smiled because they knew it that if I was smiling needs to be something really good. “Where?” They were all excited. “We are going to our school.” I said happily. “Really?” They were happy. “Yes and you need to wake up early because we have some talk to do with the principal.” “Sure.”

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