Anger in me

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When I woke up I was surprisingly very happy and that doesn’t happen very often. I putted on my best suit. And yes I wear suits because I can wear anything I want to and I don’t give a shit what people think. All people in our mafia can wear what ever they want to and I will not care until they feel comfortable in it, but all of them wear suits. Only Cassie wears dresses but that’s fine with me. But of all people I look the best in whatever I wear...just kidding, you look gorgeous no matter what you wear.

“Are you all ready? Can we go now?” I yelled. “Yeah!” All of them screamed back. All of us did go with our own cars. I don’t know why because all of them are black tesla but okay. When you’re in mafia is normal for all people that you have good cars because you’re rich.

When we came we were all nervous but nobody showed it but we could see it on each other faces. We started walking to principals office. When we came I knocked on the door. Dylan and Roman stood on my left sight, Beck and Cassie on my left and me on the middle like always, as we heard “come in”. “sir!” All of us. “OMG. What do my favorite students doing here? It’s my pleasure.” “Max asked us if we could came her to show students how to shoot, fight and tell them some things about mafia.” I explained. “Sure it would be their pleasure.” He said, as he added; “They love you guys...especially you Mich.” He smiled. As we all returned smile.

We wanted to came in class as we heard students talking. “Did you heard about rumors? People are saying that he and his mafia would come to our school today.” First student said. “I don’t know but I hope so. Teachers said that he and his mafia were students here.” Second student said. “It’s she and It’s our mafia not my mafia.” I joined the conversation. “SHIT!” All the class said as we walked in. “Isn’t Mich Angelo a man?” One student whispered to another. “It’s just a fucking name not a whole person.” I was annoyed. “Watch your language Miss.” Voice said. “Who do you thin-” I wanted to said but I saw a person who said that as I runed in his hug. It was Max. when I pulled him in a hug all people were shocked. “That isn’t Mich Angelo he or she doesn’t hug.” I heard. “Will I really needed to prove myself to some students?” I was annoyed as all of them nodded. “Okay come on, we are going to shooting polygon.” I said as I wanted to get over with it.

“Okay give me on blindfold.” I said to Beck. “Wait what?” All of them were confused. I grabbed a gun and I started shooting at targets. I hit all of them as I screamed; “Dodge Roman!” as he dodged I shooted in the target behind him. All students were impressed. “Believe me now?” “But how did you know that Roman was there? You could see over the blindfold?” Some kid my age was smart. “Okay if you still don’t believe me we can fight and I can be blindfold and my hands can be tight together. And I believe you are very strong and could beat a girl like me, right?” I was making fun of him. “Deal!” He was sure in himself. “You will get killed.” Back, Roman, Cass, Dylan and Max said at the same time.

We started and as he tried to come behind me and wanted to punch me I hited him in the nose with my head. As I kicked him in ankles that he fell on the floor and I heard people gasp, I already knew it that my friends had smirks on their faces.

I pulled my blindfold off as Beck showed me 30 seconds at the timer. “It could be better.” I said. “Do you believe me now?” All of them nodded in fear because they knew it that they fucked up wen they didn’t believed me. “And I hope that, that isn’t the best fighter you have here.” I rolled my eyes as I saw they were ashamed. “I was better when I was 12. And if you don’t believe me we can ask one person who doesn’t lie.” I smirked. “Watch this.” I smiled to my friends.

I came in coaches office quite as he didn’t look. “Hands on the head and tell me where is Angelo mafia.” I said with a deep voice that he wouldn’t recognized me. “I don’t know who or where they are.” He said as he putted his hands on his head. “Turn around...slowly.” I said still with a deep voice. As he turned around and saw me tear came from his eyes. “Mich...” He said as his voice break. “Coach...” I said while I held my tears back and I pulled him in a big hug. “Don’t cry your students are watching you.” “I don’t care. I just really missed you. Do you know how hard was with this fools?” We both started laughing. “What are you doing here?” “Max wanted me to show students how to fight and this stuff.” “They really need that. They are useful or I just wanted to them to be like you?” “Both I think. They didn’t believed me that a was THE Mich Angelo because they thinked that I was a man, so I needed to prove them that they are wrong. So I fighted some guy with blindfold on and tight hands. And all of them said that guy was the best you have.” “GREENDBURG! I hate this kid, he thinks he’s the best at everything.” He was angry. “So where are the others?” He was happy again and I just pointed my fingers at them.

Coach and they hugged as I gived kids some work what to do. “Roman, Beck, Dylan and Cassie will show you what to do. You do what they say and if one of you disrespect them I’m gonna shoot you in the leg because I can kill students.” I said as I looked at Max because he said that I couldn’t do it and he just smiled at me sweetly.

“So tell me about your mafia and your work.” Coach said when we started talking. “As you know our mafia is names after me “Angelo” at first I didn’t want it but they insisted. We are all equal but we can say that I’m the boss and Beck is my right hand but I want that in our mafia all people treat us the same. Me, Beck, Cass, Dyl and Roman live together in our villa. But some people in mafia live in our mafia house. You know where is out dirty work done and all this stuff. Ov yea and ours worst enemies are still Rodrigez mafia.” I explained shorty. “And how are you?” “I don’t even know. A few days ago we finded our traitor and he was from Rodrigez mafia but we don’t know why was he here and what was his plan because he didn’t wanted to talk and I killed him.” I smiled. “It would be surprise if you let him live. But that wasn’t what I was asking. I mean how are YOU?” He asked but on that question I haven’t had answer. “I’m good now when I finally see you.” I smiled. “Sooooo do you have a girlfriend?” He was happy. “Right now? No but I had 2 since I left that place but right now I’m single. And it’s better that way because I don’t have a distraction and weaknesses.” “You maybe think that way but you need someone that will love you romantically not only friendly. And that she could kiss you and made you happy, you need one person that you can go to sleep and wake up and see her beautiful face every day and you will think “wow she is mine and only mine”. You need to have soft spot for someone and that will be her.” When he said that it made me sad because even if I would love that person that much I don’t want them to have the same life as me and that they can live happily. “Yea but I wouldn’t do that to them. I chose that I will have that kind of life but I don’t want them to be in this life only because of me.” “If this person will love you that much you can’t just tell them that they can’t do that because if they will really love you they will not leave you for nothing.” “Yea-” I wanted to say as we heard screaming. Both of us headed outside.

“What happened?” I was nervous. “He was trying to shoot as he dropped his gun and he shoot himself in the leg.” Dylan explained. “Okay we need to pull out the bullet.” I grabbed a kid and pulled him on the table to lay down. “You can do this.” I said and e nodded at me. “Okay I need a space.” All students gived me a space as I putted on gloves to not infect the wound. “On three...1...2...and” I pulled a bullet out before three. “AAAAAAAA!” Guy screamed as I wrapped a wrap with alcohol around his leg. “Okay send him to doctor. He will be okay.” I said and every student was in shock. Okay I understand them, I would be shoch too if I would see someone pulled out a bullet out of a guys leg. “Shit it’s 8pm already we need to go. Here coach. Here is my phone number, and if you need anything or you just want to talk to me, call me. It was honor to meet you all but you can’t tell anyone I was here. It’s for your own safely.” I said to all as I gived coach my number.

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