Anger in me

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A letter

Cassie’s POV:

Yesterday it was great seeing coach again and teaching kids. But when we came home it was like hell again. Mich found out that Rodrigez mafia had kidnapped her assistant Doran. And she hopes that he will not tell anything because if she gets him back she will kill him. If he’s still alive. And when she’s angry you don’t want to interrupt her. Last time when Roman did she throw knifes at him and one of them landed in his shoulder. So you need to be ready every second of the day. That’s probably why all of us have so good reflexes.

“Mich?” I asked when I came in gym. On my luck she wasn’t at shooting room because if she was I would already had bullet in my shoulder or leg. She ignored me. She needs to be super angry. When she’s angry she just yell at us but when she’s angry, angry, like angry I’m gonna kill you all; she’s just quite because she doesn’t trust herself when she’s angry. “Diana made some pancakes, if you want some.” Diana is ours cleaner and she makes food for us. She is really nice old lady. Like our second grandma. “What pancakes?” She said after a minute. If she loves anything more then a food I don’t know what is it. “Chocolate-chip pancakes. Your favorite.” “I’m coming, I just need to finifh with my cardio.” When she’s under a pressure she always workout or goes shooting or boxing.


“You came.” I said to Mich when she came to the kitchen table. “You know I can skip pancakes.” She was in a good mood. Food always makes her happy. We all smiled at her and she returned us a little smile.

When we finished with a breakfast Diana came in kitchen. “Micheale you got a letter.” She said when she gived Mich a letter.

I saw how Mich eyes turned black when she read the letter. She grabbed her plate and throw it in the wall. “AAAAAA, I KNEW THAT TIS BITCHES HAD SOMETHING GOING ON!” She yelled in anger. When she putted a letter on the table I quickly grabbed it. When I read it I through I’m gonna kill someone. But I control it. I don’t know how would it be in this house if nobody could control their anger. I think all of us would be dead because we would kill each other.

“What happened?” Three other of our friendsasked. “They want Mich to come get Doran...alone.” I said angrily. “No! Wath thehack will we do?” All of them asked. “Nothing. I will go alone.” Mich saidcalmly...too calmly. “What no?! What if it is a trap?” All of us were not sure. “Iknow that it is.” She was calm. “And you will still gow?” “Yes but I have a plan.But I can’t tell you guys.” She told us and we were shocked. “No what-” “Youcan’t-” “You will get yourself killed-” “you will die-” “ENOUGH!” We talk througheach other when Mich screamed. “I’m going alone and you will not follow me becauseI will say our mafia to not let you go out of the house till I don’t came back.And if you somehow do I’m gonna shoot you and this person who let you.” She toldus angrily. “But what if you don’t come back?” Dylan asked. “I will but IF Idon’t gourds can let you go out of the house IF I don’t come back in one day.Okay?” She asked. “Only one day? You can be dead till then.” Beck protested. “Oneday.” She repeated. “Okay.” All of said knowing we will not change her mind.

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