Anger in me

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Her eyes

Mich’s POV:

It’s an hour till I need to meet Rodrigez mafia queen and her mafia. You may think; “Wait, aren’t your mafias dead enemies?” Yes we are but we never saw or meet each other or people in each others mafia. I mean we did but all of them are dead now. We aren’t enemies because of the past or our family like others mafias. We are enemies because of things they did. They started it all but we punched harder.

I always come everywhere an hour or more before. I’m never, I mean NEVER late.

As I came on place of ours meeting I heard sound. Foot steps and they were coming closer.

I grabbed a knife from my shoe and throw it between the guys eyes. And when I did that I knew it that was a mistake.

If he was here that means that other part of the mafia will be too. “SHIT” I said as someone blew a white powder into my face. And all I saw was black.


“Good morning sunshine.” I heard a girl say when I woke up. I didn’t saw who it was because I had blindfold on but as she said that it was obviously by the evil tone and how she gived me chills when she said that but I wasn’t scared. It was weird.

She pulled my blindfold of harshly. “Couldn’t you be just little more gently.” I said annoyed. I looked at her eyes to see her reaction to my comment. I was in shock. I saw her beautiful dark brown almost black eyes roll. “Wow” almost escaped my mouth but it didn’t. “You wouldn’t be here if you wouldn’t kill one of my man.” She said to me. “But I need to thank you. He was really annoying and I would need to kill him.” She added. I looked in her eyes as I saw familiar expression on her face. It was my expression when I worked and didn’t show my emotions. It was the same fucking expression.

“We can go straight to the point. You give me back Doran and I will go not making any trouble.” I said straight in her face as she started to laugh. “You really though it would be that easy?” She laughed. “No” I evil smirked as I grabbed by bracelet and throw it on the floor what caused an explosion. “Cover your beautiful eyes, princess.” I smirked at her as I run to the room where they keep Doran hostage.

I grabbed a knife from my jacket to cut ropes around Doran. He was all beaten up and very weak. When he saw me he wanted to say something but I cutted him; “Come on. No time for questions. We need to hurry up.” I putted his hand around my neck to help him run. When we came out of the building I looked at my phone and sent a message; “NOW” A second later there was already a helicopter above our heads. We grabbed a later ladder and climbed.

“Get a doctor, NOW.” I screamed as we came mafia house. I didn’t need to say twice and there was already a doctor in front of me. He checked Doran state as he said; “He would be alright but he has some brokens bonds because of the beating but we can’t do nothing about it. He just needs a rest and after a month or two he would be like new.” He said with a smile as I nodded.

I called two of men in the mafia as they helped Doran go to his room.

“Not bad you know? You didn’t go missing or something and you came back in only 3 hours.” Roman came to me. “You really didn’t believed in me?” I was annoyed. “Roman, I know that we share a mafia and all but I was here the most, I did the most for mafia, I putted my life in this mafia and you know that if I weren’t here you wouldn’t be here ither.” I was offended. “I know and all you said is true. You can take care of yourself but you’re like a little sister to me and I don’t want anything to happen to you and I will be always worried about you.” He said as I saw a tear rolling down his cheek. “And you don’t know how much it hurts me because you grow up and you aren’t a little girl anymore I meet 5 years ago. And that’s not bad because I’m very proud of you and what did you become but it hurts because I saw you growing up and you are becoming an adult. But I need you to promise me something?” He added as I nodded. “You didn’t have a childhood and now all things with mafia. I need you to promise me that you will be a child you should be years ago. I want you to have fun like other kids and play and don’t work so much.” He said. “I can’t promise but I will tried.” I smiled at him and pulled him in the hug to don’t see him cry. “Thank you.” He said shortly.

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