Anger in me

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A boy

t was a boy, he looked young he was around 22 years old.

He came in and said; “hi” and a second later Beck was already in his hug . “Oh so this is Max?” I though. He introduced himself and I did too. Then we said goodbye to Beck and we were get going.

He showed me all classes, gym, cafeteria, playground and then we came into his office and started talking. “Can I ask you a question professor Max?” “Yes, but please can you call me only Max?” “Yea.” I said and then I asked him; “You look so young and why are you even here you are really nice person?” “I came here only when I was ten because of the same reason like all people here but my story is little more complicated than others. When I came here I wasn’t happy but then I met a older men who had the same job as me then and because of him I became happier and better person but then he died and I was broken so I asked for a job here last year and they give it to me. I was here all my life and when I got this job, I was the happiest person ever.” “I’m sorry Max that you needed to go through that but I’m happy that you are happy now.” I said. “Thanks Michaela.” He said with a smile and I returned one back. “Ovv, but Michaela I need to tell you something.” “Yes?” I answered him. ” This school isn’t what you think, nobody who isn’t a student here or don’t teach here doesn’t knew it but before we start, you most know.” “What do you mean by that?” I asked nervously.

“This school helps young people control there anger with a talk, mediation and with a lot others things but something we learn here to is to fight, protect yourself and protecting innocent people, that way to kill bad people, we learn students how to fight and how to use different weapons.” I was silent that wasn’t what a was excepted, they kill people, young people learn to kill. “I know that is hard to take but-” he started to talk again but before he could finish I said; “This is so fucking cool, I don’t need to stop myself from my anger and I can just shoot something or kill someone when I’m angry.” “I’m happy that you are excited but we only kill bad people and when you are angry you can just go to shooting polygon.” “What we have a shooting polygon?!” I was so excited my body and I were so happy. “Yes, we do Michaela but you can go shooting when you will know how to shoot.” “Then teach me Max.” “I would but you will start with your classes tomorrow and I will add shooting on your schedule ok Michaela?” “Okey and thank you Max.” “No problem but now go to your room and unpack your things and at 7 o’clock will be dinner so hurry.” “Ok I will.” We said goodbye and I did go to my room al happy and excited, I didn’t even know that I can be that happy.

When I came in my room Beck looked nerves. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. She was silent for a moment but then she started talking. “ was it? How are you feeling after Max told you what we really do here?” I just laughed at her. And it looked like she was really scared about what I’m gonna say next. “It wasn’t what I was excepting but it’s really more fun here, like who thought I’m gonna start killing people at age 12, like this is very exciting and badass.” When I said that she started laughing and I laughed whit her. I saw how she was happy that I wasn’t scared. “Michaela you will learn first how to shoot and fight and when your gonna be good at this you will start to kill people but only bad people but don’t expect that that will happened soon I’m here for 1 year now and I didn’t go yet on my mission.”

After that Max came in our room to tell us that is dinner. I meet quite few people and they were amazing but one thing I noticed was that all people here maybe be young but they are smarter of all people I know. They also act like they are older as they are but not in bad way, opposite. But I do understand because I know that you need to be smart in that kinda job people do here. You can’t be foolish and mistakes here aren’t aloud because it’s going for life or death.


I'm literally just copiying and pasting the story from my wattpad account. That's why I'm updating so fast, and this story is already finished.


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