Anger in me

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“How do you feel?” I asked Doran as I came in his room. “Jesus Angelo! Can’t you knock? I could been changing.” He said. “It’s my house. I pay for you and all people living here. And I don’t need to knock, you could be happy that I cared enough that I came here. And if you would been changing it’s not my problem and you have nothing to see.” I smirked. “That kinda hurts but thank you for coming here. And I’m okay just little dizzy.” He smiled. “Good because we need to talk.” I said as he nodded annoyed. “First question; did you tell them anything?” I asked. “Yes and no.” He said as I became angry. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN!” I yelled. “Chill. Just listen to me.

Flash back

Doran’s POV:

I was beaten. They asked me things I didn’t know an answer on. “TELL ME NOW!” She yelled. “I don’t know, I don’t know anything about Mich Angelos family.” I said back. I was in a lot of pain but I didn’t want them to see my pain. “She needs to have some family, friends or anybody. You need to know at least one of them.” She was annoyed. “She only have people who she shares mafia with and people who work for her!” I yelled annoyed as I was aware what a said. “Shit...” Only came out of my mouth. “Ah, that’s better.” She said happily. “So you’re telling me that it isn’t only hers mafia? That they are even more owners of her mafia. I mean their mafia?” She smirked. “Yes but she’s the queen of it and I don’t know any of them.” I lied. I couldn’t tell them anything more, they already know too much. “Ah, so that means that she is keeping them a secret. That can means only two things. They are her secret weapon or...she really cares about them and they mean something to her and she wants them to be safe. And if she cares about them that means they are her weaknesses.” She smiled even more wickedly. I was only silent because she was right on the second guess.

Michaela was owner of the Angelo mafia. That’s what all peopled though. But only people in her mafia who she trust know about Beck, Roman, Dylan, Cassie and Max. But people in mafia she still doesn’t trust think, they are just one of her people who work here.

End of flash back.

“I would strangle you right now. There’s a reason people don’t know about them. Now their families can be in a danger.” She was angry as hell. When she said ‘their families’ she also meant; ‘her family’. Beck, Roman, Max, Cassie and Dylan are her own family now and theirs family were there for her and they became like her family and she cares about them a lot. “You mean Becks, Maxes, Cassies and Dylans family because Roman doesn’t have any.” I said as I regrated what a said.

She pressed on one of my bruises hard as I sighted in pain. “If you dare to say that one more time YOU will not have any family left.” She threatened me. “I-I’m sor-sorry.” I said in pain. “Was that only think you told them?” She asked like nothing happened before. “Yes, that’s is only thing they know about us.” “Good and be careful. If you do one more mistake I can kill you in a blink and look like it was an accident.” She warned me as she wanted to get out of my room.

She doesn’t like me and she has me here only because of things I can do but she trust me cause she knows that I’m little scared of her. And my crush on her doesn’t help. She would killed in a second if I would do something wrong. “WAIT!” I screamed as she wanted to get out of my room. “I need to tell you something...something I heard when I was there."

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