Anger in me

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“So that’s what you heard?” She asked. “Yes, before I blacked out.” I answered. “That means I have a father?” She was very, very confused. “Yes. And he is still alive and I think very important in mafia world if they were scared of you finding out.” “Ahhhhhhh...” She was still confused. “It’s that hard to believe that you have a father?!” I was already annoyed. “Yes it is Doran, it is. You don’t know how was when you had nobody and one person who you called “mom” at the time, sent you away and never came back after that, and now you find that you had a father all that time. IT IS FUCKING HARD.” She was hurt but she only showed anger. “I’m sorry. And you’re right. I always had a family who was there for me and I don’t know how it is not to have any.” I said back as I added; “So what are you gonna do? Find him?” “If you right and he’s an important part of mafia world, I need to. I’m gonna called all of our people to find a person who is maybe twice my age or older and his name starts with “L” and “O” and maybe he has the same last name as me. Oh, and check my mothers history if she was ever married and my birth paper if there is name of a father.” She said as I nodded. “If you want to help go ahead but if you’re too tired or don’t fell good you don’t need to and I can give you a break.” She was nice. “Thank you. That’s nice of you but I’m okay and I can help.” “Sure if you want.” She gived me a small smile as she left.


Mich’s POV:

I had a meeting with Beck, Roma, Cassie, Dylan and even Max came as I told him it was urgent.

When I told them what happened they were all confused and surprised. “Do you all think what I do?” Beck asked after a second. “Yea, I think so.” All of them said as I was only one confused. “Lorenzo Angelo!” All of them said at the same time. “What? No?” I was confused. “Think about it. His name starts with “L” and “O”. You two have the same last name. And when we were in school all people though that you were related to him.” Dylan said excited. “This is only a coincidence. There’s no way we are related...forget about it.” I was little annoyed. “Okay, okay if you say so.” All of them said.

“Oh, and Cassie, Beck and Dylan your family needs to move here. Because of what Doran told them yours can be in danger.” I told them. “Are you sure? We can just get some men to gourde their house? You know there is a lot of them. My twin brother, Dylans sister, Becks Sister and brother and hers father. That’s five people more.” Cassie said as all of them agreed. “I know and it’s okay. And I almost forgot, Dylan, I got your mom a men that will ne with her all the time and will protect her.” I said. Dylans mom was in mental hospital from what happened with his father and still is. “Thank you, Mich.” All of them said happily. And the truth was that it wasn’t even a problem for them to be here cause I love them as my own family and I didn’t saw them in months and I really started to miss them.

And I’m good with Cassis brother(AJ) now. He is just really annoying but not that bed.

First time when I meet him I punched him in the face and he fell on the ground. “BEST. MOMENT. EVER!”


At the morning Becks family came first in the villa.

As I heard someone screaming I knew it in a second who it was. “Angieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” I screamed back as she hugged me that hard I couldn’t breath. “I really enjoy but can you let me breath, please.” I said in one breath. “I didn’t hugged you in months so let me enjoy it.” She said like she would cry because of the happiness. “Okay....” She said is she let it go a lit of bit but she didn’t get out of the hug. “Do you want me to show you your room, cupcake?” “You know that I hate that nickname but sure.” She answered. “I know cupcake!” I smirked evilly.

Even that Angie was 16 and only 1 year younger she was still little sister to me.

“Hi Thomas!” I said happily as I pulled him in a hug. “Hello kid.” He answered. I hated when he called me that. He was only 2 years older than me. Oh, I know how Angie feels but I know that she secretly like it. “When you will have your own mafia you can call me kid, kid.” I smiled. “Yeah, yeah.” He said playfully annoyed.

“Phill.” “Mich.” We both said with a smile as we hugged each other.

I showed them their rooms. All of them had their own room and they were in a old style and pretty big. “Mich you don’t need to. We can share a room.” They all said. “Don’t start a bullshit. You need your own place and here are even more rooms and enough space for 300 people more.” I smiled. “Thank you Mich we really respect that.” “No problem. And if you need me or anyone else, our rooms are on the second floor next to each other. Made yourself at home and when all of others will come we need to get through the rules.” I told them. “What do you mean “others”?” All of them were confused. “BECK? DIDN’T TOLD THEM?!” I yelled at Beck in another room very annoyed. “She always let go me things that she needs to do.” I murmured under my breath quietly but not enough cause all of them heard it and started to laugh. “So I wanted to say that because people now can know about you and your in danger because of it the same like others families. And that means that Dylans sister will live here too and Cassis brother. And I know that you don’t know them but they are great people. And I hope you will get along because I don’t need anymore drama. But if you don’t I will start to sent you to the corner and I don’t care if you’re older then me cause this is my house and you will go by my rules, okay?” I said seriously as all of them nodded.

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