Anger in me

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“Ellie...” I said as she walked in the villa. “Mich!” She screamed happily as she saw me. She jumped in my hug. “I still can’t believe that you’re older than me and still shorter.” I teased her. “And I can’t believe that my brother has that good taste in friends.” She said as both of us started laughing at him. “ha....ha so funny.” He rolled his eyes at us annoyed. “You’re his first real friend.” Ellie whispered to me. “Oh I know” I smiled.

“Do you know about all what happened or your brother is the same as Beck and couldn’t told you.” I asked in hope that I wouldn’t need to tell her and Dylan already did. “Yes he did.” He said little shy and nervous. “Don’t worry. All of them are great people and you shouldn’t be nervous about meeting them. But I know how it is, all this new people you don’t even know and now you need to live with them.” I pulled her in a hug. “Yeah, I know but it’s still weird, but thanks Mich.” She smiled. “No problem. Now come on, I need to show you your room.”

As I wanted to go back to the work I heard another bell and I knew who it was. I started running to the door as I grabbed one of the water balloons I filled before just for this opportunity.

aw AJ and Cassie walking in the villa. “Watch out!” I screamed in happiness when I throw water balloon at AJ. He didn’t catch it so it flew in his face. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” He yelled all wet. “NO, I’M DAUGHTER OF A BITCH!” I screamed back as all of people looked at me weird. “What I told you about joking about your mental health and your past.” Cassie told me. “Yea, yea, I know. You said that it’s weird and little painful to watch.” I rolled my eyes. “I will get you back.” AJ changed the subject. “We all know that you will not.” I smiled. When I’m with my friends brothers and sisters it feels like a home, like a family. When I’m with them I can be childish like I could never be around anyone because all of people only see me as “Mich Angelo, big, cold mafia boos” but that’s not true, I have a soft spot for people that means a lot to me but even they can’t make me feel like I don’t have anymore worries, like I can be me, Micheala Angelo, not the mafia boss.

“You don’t know that. I change a lot since you saw me, you know?” He said. It was true. I don’t know how they been, if they have girlfriends or boyfriends, how they’re doing, or anything that happen last 6 months. AJ saw that that little hurted me. “Mich...I’m sorry, you know that I didn’t-” Before he could say anything back, I interrupted him; “I know” I putted on fake smile.

As we did our handshake I saw something different at him. His shoes and his style was all different. “Omg, it can’t be” I said to myself happily as I putted on my real smile. “Boy, Cassie will show you your room.” I said as Cassie nodded. “We need to talk. Wait for me in your room.” He looked confused.


"Beck, I need you to move the meeting. I have something important to do. And I will not be able to come.” I said through the phone to Beck. “Sure but can I ask you why?” “That’s not conversation for now but I think you will find about it soon.” “Sure” Beck said at the end of the phone call.

I knocked on the AJ doors as he said “come in”. “We need to talk.” I said with no emotions on my face. “Sure but why, you’re making me nervous.” He answered as I pulled him in a big hug. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I almost started to cry as he started to. “I don’t know, I just though that because you didn’t have call or anything in 6 months that you wouldn’t care.” “AJ...I will always care about you. But I had some problems with the mafia and all but I would took the time for you.” “Thank you, Mich.” “So when you’re gonna tell your sister about liking boys.” “I don’t know if she’s gonna support me and I’m little scared.” “Boy did you forgot that one of her best friends is gay?” “OMG WATH!? YOU’RE GAY!?” He was making fun of me. “So funny. You literally meet all of my girlfriends.” I said as I punched him in the shoulder. “Ovvv that hurts.” “Yeah, yeah, okay. Meet me in the living room in an hour, we have a meeting with all.” I said before I leaved his room.


“Okey, we can start now.” I said when Roman, Beck and her family, Cassie and her brother, Dylan and his sister and Max. “We can start with rules;

1. You can only come in my office if it is really important

2. You can’t, I mean NEVER go to the basement, no matter what

3. If any of the rooms are locked do not enter it cause is locked for a reason

4. Do not smoke here if you want to smoke go outside cause we have very good smoking alarms and they can perceived any smoke.

I started as every one nodded. “Okay now listen closely cause I know if I wouldn’t told you that you would do it.”

5. Do not steal my cars to impress someone or generally. If you want to borrow it just ask me or anyone of the guys.

6. If you want to invite friends here ask first. I will not tell you, you can’t invite friends here but if you do I need to look at there file to know who are they

7. If you have a date please don’t have it here. I know that it’s beautiful here and that we are rich and all but please don’t do that.

I looked at Dylan when I said that. “It was only one time” He answered to my look.

“Oh and one last rule.” I said. “You are here for your safety and that means you will have tracker and someone who is gonna watch you everywhere you go. And all of you are gonna go to the same school. On Thomases and Angie school because it is the closest and have an amazing security and we have access to it.” At that one last rule all of them were shocked expect Thomas and Angie cause they were fine with it. “I’m sorry but it needs to be that way.” All of theirs brothers and sister supported me. All of us talked to them and they agreed at the end.

“Guys come on I will come after you I just need to talk to little ones.” I said as all of them leaved expect Thomas, Angie, AJ and Ellie. “Okay guys if you need anything to look more like you are home just ask me. If you want to change anything in your rooms just say and I will give you the money and call some men to go wit you.” I said to all of them. “Thank you Mich but it really looks great.” All of them said back. “Okay if you maybe need...alcohol, weed or drugs just ask me?” I said as all of them smiled happily; “Really?” They were excited. “Of course not dumbasses. Here will be no alcohol or drugs.” I said as I hit all of them on the head. “What about weed?” Thomas asked and I hit him another time. “You’re like Beck and even that some of you are older then me I can hit you because I got all permissions to and I will do it.” I smiled as they rolled their eyes.

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