Anger in me

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At Rodrigez villa

Gia’s POV:

“THAT SON OF A BITCH! How could they run away!” I yelled as I was throwing stuff around my room. “First of all, cool down cause you’re gonna throw something at me any minute and could kill me.” My brother said to me with chill voice. “And second of all, they wouldn’t run away if you wouldn’t stare at her so much and checking her out.” He added. How could he insult me and said that it’s my fault. I’M QUEEN OF THE RODRIGEZ MAFIA!!

“James, I don’t fucking care who you are. You can be my brother, my right hand and even my best friend but you will not insult me that way.” I said angrily. “But-” He wanted to say something but I interrupted him. “OUT OF MY ROOM!! NOW!!” I screamed at him as I picked up a chair and throw it at him but he dodge. He left the room in a second.

“WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS. HE IS MY RIGHT HAND. NOTHING MORE. AND HE STILL THINKS THAT HE CAN TELL MY WHAT TO DO!” I was angry. I started hitting the wall with my bare hands. I didn’t stop until I heard crying through the monitor. “Shit” I said quietly to myself.

I headed to a room down the hall. “Hi baby...” I said quietly as I saw Andrea in her bed. “Sissy-angry...again?” She said as she cried. “No baby...I’m just little nervous.” I said not wanting her to cry again. “Oh...” Was her only respond. I don’t even know how did she hear me. Her room is all down the hall. “I’m sorry baby.” “Can you stay here with me?” She asked cute. “Sure...” I smiled.

Andrea was only one who could calmed me down.

“Andrea?” My father asked when I came in the living room. “Yes” I only said without emotions. “I heard what happened. Are you okay? I know how much that meant to you.” He asked. “I will always.” I answered. “Can I ask you, why you’re angry?” “Cause of the dumbass I call my brother.” I answered. “He insult me that, this was my fault that they escaped because “I was checking her out”.” I added as I made myself a drink. “And did you?” He asked. Does he think that I’m that stupid. That meant so much to me and they think I would used a opportunity just to check out some girl? Not some girl, my biggest enemy. “What do you think, father?” I said with annoying calmly voice. “I don’t know Gia, you tell me?” He really tested my patience. But that’s the catch, I didn’t have one.

I squeezed my glass of whiskey like it was from plastic. But it wasn’t. It broke in my hands, just me to feel my cold blood but I second later it started burning as hell. “Clean that good.” My father said before I leaved the room.

I love my father but sometimes he can be so annoying that I could kill all people around me.

I came in my bathroom and I grabbed medical help to clean my hand. It didn’t hurt that bad but it was just burning. I opened my hand as I saw big and little pieces of glass, deep in my skin. “Shit.” I said harshly because of the pain when I tried to pull out all pieces of the glass. “Do you need help.” I heard someone saying at the door. And before I could answer my sister already had my hand in hers. “How many times I said to knock.” I tried to change the subject so she wouldn’t asked me about my hand. “Don’t try to change the subject. And I already know what happened. My room is next to yours and I can hear pretty loud how you were screaming on James.” She said. “And you always go to take a drink after any fight with anyone and almost every time there’s dad, and we can say that doesn’t mean anything good.” She added. “You really know me better than me.” I smiled. “No you’re just too obvious.” She smiled. “Thank you Lilla.” I said before she left my room.

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