Anger in me

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What's wrong with you?

“What is going on?” I was confused as I woke up because of my smartwatch ringing. “Shit”. It was one of alarms in kids rooms(I know they are the same age as me but idc) and it was coming from Angies room. I grabbed my gun and headed to Angies room.

“I’m not lying!” I heard Angie saying. “You do. Mich would never let anyone stay here beside mafia.” I heard familiar voice saying. “What’s going on?” I said. “I couldn’t sleep so I wanted to get myself a glass of water and when I left my room I saw this mafio and in a second he saw me he pointed a gun at me.” Angie explained. “You dumbass, this is Beck sister. And she is here because of you.” I was angry but I was keeping it quite not to wake up everyone else. “What do you mean that it was his fault?” Angie was confused. “Nothing, just go to sleep, you have school tomorrow. And you, come in my office.” I ordered Doran.

When I closed the door after Doran came in, I started talking. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I yelled at him. My office was soundproof so when I did have meeting or someone was in my office nobody could hear what we talked about. “I’m sorry I didn’t know.” “HOW TF YOU DIDN’T KNOW? I TOLD YOU ABOUT IT!” I yelled at him. “I FORGAT ABOUT IT, OKAY?” He yelled at me. “First of all, do not talk to me like that and second of all, here are Becks, Cassies and Dylans family and if anything like that happen again I’m gonna have pointed a gun to your head.” I said calmly. In mafia world if you talk calmly when you’re mad it’s a sign of dead. “Yes, Miss” were his last word before he left my room. He only called me that way when he knew he did something wrong.

Angie’s POV:

Yesterday night was crazy. Someone had pointed a gun at me and I believe that he had pointed a gun at his head after, by Mich. I know that Mich is big, bad mafia boss but she’s still a child who didn’t have opportunity to be one.

Today is Ellies and AJs first day at my school so Mich asked me to show them around and help them get to classes, which I have no problem to do. I know that we only meet yesterday but I like them.

"Breakfast” I saw text on my phone, from Beck. Yesterday all of us made group chat so if we need something or it’s an emergency and that all us know where we are if something happen.

When I came in the dinning room everyone where already there. “Good morning” “Morning” “How did you sleep?” I heard everyone saying through each other. “Morning and I slept well.” I lied, I really didn’t have energy to tell them everything what happened yesterday. I looked at Mich as she smiled at me and I returned one smile back.

“So who’s going with me?” Mich asked all of us. “What if I take Thomas and Angie and you can take Ellie and AJ to school?” Beck asked. “Sure. Dylan, Roman, Cassie are you going with us?” Mich asked them. “Yes, sure, but we are going with our own cars.” “Okay.”

“Wow.” All of us said us we saw 5 black tesla outside the villa. “Are you some kind of men in black?” Thomas asked jokingly as all of them looked at each other to see they were all wearing black suits. “Maybe but we are more cool.” All of them smiled.

As we came to school everyone were looking at us. I get them, I would stare too if I would see someone pulled up before school with 5 black tesla and 5 people in black suits. “Be careful” all of them said to us before we headed to school. I saw how Mich whispered something to Thomas as he nodded. She gave him a hug before all of them left.

“Hi girls!” I said when I saw Daniella and Lilla waiting for me. “Hi Angie” both of them said as they pulled me in a hug. “We didn’t knew you were rich?” Both of them asked. “I’m not but my cousin is.” Mich isn’t really my cousin but I always saw here like my cousin or sister. “She is my sisters friend but we were always like a family.” I added so they wouldn’t be confused. “So she’s a celebrity or?” “We could say something like that.” I smiled. “But if not why did she had 4 bodyguards with her?” “They aren’t here bodyguards, they are her frineds and one of them is my sister. All of them just likes to dress that way.” “Ovvv we get it.” Both of them said. “Oh wait, I want you guys to meet someone. Ellie, AJ come her!” I yelled. ” Ellie, AJ this are my friends, meet Daniella and Lilla.” I introduced them. “Nice to meet you, guys.” All of them said.

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