Anger in me

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Angelo mafia

Lilla’s POV:

“Gia, Gia, Gia! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!” I screamed a second when I came home. “WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!” She yelled from the living room. I already knew that she wasn’t in a good mood cause she was only in the living room when she had bad day and needed a drink. “I need to tell you something and it’s urgent!” I said when I came in a room. “What!” She said annoyed. “I think I know something about the Angelo mafia.” I said and in a second she heard it she sobered up. “Come in my office!” She ordered ma and I nodded.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a second when se closed the door. “You said that the queen of the Angelo mafia is Mich Angelo and you found out that there are more owners of the mafia, right?” I said as she only nodded not saying anything else. “And you said you saw her car when she came to the place you needed to meet and it was black tesla.” I continued. “Do you know one of my best friends, Angie?” I asked and she nodded again. “Today her, her brother and some girl and boy came in school with 5 black tesla and all of the people with them were in black suits, and she told me that her cousin is rich but it isn’t really her cousin but her sisters friend and she always looked on her like a family.” She listened closely. “She also said when I asked her about why are there bodyguards she said they weren’t hers bodyguards but her friends and one of them was her sister and they just like to dress that way, and who dress like that and drive around expensive cars?” I asked. “Mafia people” She said shortly. “And maybe if they somehow find out about us knowing about other owners they wanted to protect their families and wanted to watch them 24/7 to not get hurt.” I explained. “And how all of them looked like?” She asked. “I don’t really know cause all of them were in black suits and they wear sun glasses but one of them caught my eyes and I think she was main. She looked like them but she had blond long hair and only one who had gold buttons on her suit.” I explained. “Shit, that are 100% Angelo mafia. They always wear suits everywhere they go!” She said angrily as she punched the desk and made a hole in it. “What do I need to do?” I asked. “Act like you don’t know anything and try to come on their territory but be careful.” She said as I nodded before I leaved the room.


Lilla’s POV:

“MOM, DANIELLA IS HERE!” I yelled. “OKAY!” My mom yelled back. “Did you tell your sister about Angie and all?” She asked. “Yea and my sister gave us orders.” “What orders?” “We need to act like we don’t know anything and we need to try to come in her cousins house.” “And Gia is sure they are Angelo mafia?” Daniella asked. “Yes, I’m sure.” My sister said calmly when she came in my room. “How many times I asked you to knock?” I said to her. “And how many times I said I’m gonna knock when you’re gonna too?” She rolled her eyes at me. “Fair point.” Daniella joined the conversation as Gia gave me a smirk. “I need to talk to you guys.” My sister said as she sited down. “Are you guys sure, Angie isn’t part of the mafia?” “Yes” we both said at the same time. “We are sure for Angie but her sister is another story.” We explained. “What do you mean?” Gia was confused. “We know Angie since we were 5 and she told us everything at the time. When she was 11 she told us that her sister needed to go to some school cause she had some problems.” “What problems?” “With anger...” I said as she looked up the school on the internet. “Shit” only came out of her. “What’s wrong?” “Around here is only one school like that. And we can say that all people who made mafia were going to that school.” Gia explained. “Shit!” Both of us said. “And do you think she knows about the mafia?” Daniella asked Gia. “Maybe yes, maybe no.

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