Anger in me

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She loves us more


Beck’s POV:

“Come on!” I yelled at them. “We aren’t you guys. We weren’t in school for this shit, since 12 years old like you guys.” Thomas said in pain. “Yes but still. You are 19 and we were only 12 so don’t be such a pu**y and do what you need to do!” Roman yelled. “I think they will not like you that much after that.” Mich laughed at Roman. “They need to get in shape first if they want to protect themselves.” “Yes but still you don’t need to be such a monster to them.” Mich told Roman. “Do I need to remember you, how you been to me and Cassie the first time when we came in school?” Dylan reminded her. “Yes, do we, Mich? They are no different only they are older so you need to be even more strict.” Cassie added. “Okay...I’m sorry kids.” She whispered to them. “COME ON. DON’T BE SO LAZY AND START DOING THE RIGHT THING!” She started yelling at them and me, Roman, Dylan and Cassie started laughing. “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?! GO START DOING CARDIO!” She yelled even more. “Are you happy now?” I said annoyed to Dylan and Cas. “Sorry...” Both of them said. “COME ON START MOVING. MY GRANDOMTHER COULD DO BETTER JUMPING JACKS AND SHE’S DEAD!” She yelled as Max came in the gym with food. “What’s going on?” He was confused. “Ooooo, is that from Mc donalds?” Mich said softly. “Yes? I got you all something for eat.” Max said. “Come on kids!” She said as she grabbed the food from Max arms. And when we wanted to go eat she started screaming again. “YOU WILL NOT GET ANY FOOD TILL YOU FINNISH YOUR CARDIO!” She yelled at us. “That’s what you get for making her scream at her babies!” AJ said as all of them started laughing at us.

“Are you two happy. Now we need to do cardio and we will not get any food!” I said to all of them. “You know we would need to do cardio anyways. You know how’s Mich about exercising every day and Mc donalds isn’t healthy for our bodies.” Roman said like he was the smartest ass. “I DON’T FU*KING CARE IF IT’S HEALTHY OR NOT. IT’S GOOD AND THAT ONLY MATTERS.” I screamed at Roman and he looked like he was scared for a second.


Thomase’s POV:

I still can’t believe they made her scream at us. It was little scary. I don’t want to know how is when she’s really angry. But at the end they paid. They didn’t get any food and they were yelled at by their boss they know that she loves us more then them. I know that Mich doesn’t want to be their boss and wants they are equal cause all of them are owners but all of them Mich is real mafia queen. My thoughts were stopped by people in school yelling; “Fight, Fight, fight!” I was in shock as I saw AJ on top of the football captain. I runed to them as I pulled AJ of the guy. Guy was covered in blood as I think AJ had broken nose.

“Are you okay, bro?” I asked him as we came in boys bathroom. “Yea...” He answered as he tried to clean blood of, of him. “But please don’t tell Mich and others.” “It’s little late for that...” I told him. “You already texted them?” He was in shock. “I’m sorry but Mich said that if anything happens I need to tell her.” He wanted to say something back to me as we heard nothing. I mean NOTHING. All school was quite like nobody was here. We only could hear 5 pair of legs walking through schools hall. “SHIT!” Both of us said and it wasn’t even a second as I saw Mich and Cassie in black suits come in bays bathroom. “What the fu-” AJ wanted to say as Mich pushed me away to look at AJ. “What happened!?” She said loudly but nobody could hear us. “It’s nothing...” AJ answer. “How it is nothing! You have broken nose!” Cassie jumped in as he tried to hide his nose behind his hand. “It’s really nothing. I had airpods in my ear and I didn’t look where I was going and I stumbled on one guy and he became very angry and tried to fight me and I tried to defend myself?” He explained. “Who is that guy?” Mich and Cassie asked but both of us were silent cause we knew what would happened if we would tell them.

“Don’t do anything stupid guys, we are in school with a lot of people.” Both, Dylan and Roman said. “We both know I could kill all of people here if I would wanted.” Mich smirked. “But okay...but if anything like that happens ever again I’m not gonna hold myself.” She was serious. “Can you guys be in school or you want to come with us home?” Cassie asked us. “We will stay here.”

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