Anger in me

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Are you telling the truth

Roman’s POV:

“I found him!” I said happily to Beck. “What! Really?” “Yes...wait...what’s that?” I said as I saw something confusing at Mich moms papers. “Are you looking at Lilys (Mich’s mom) papers?” She asked like she would know what I’m talking about. “You knew it...?” I asked hoping that she will say “no”. “Yes...” She was quite for a second. “I found about it 5 years ago, when Mich meted my family for the first time. She showed us her moms pictures and Angie recognized her. I didn’t want to tell her for her own good cause it’s been only 2 months since she and her mom didn’t talk and that news would break her.” She explained and it looked like she was telling the truth. She wouldn’t lie to me and all of us know when someone is lying. But we can say Mich is another story. She knows when anyone is lying but we don’t know when she do. That is one of many things why she’s our boss. “And you wanted to tell her, when?” “Wanted to tell my what?” Mich walked on us when I said that. “Nothing!” Both of us said quickly. Of course she knew it we were lying but she didn’t care. “Did you find out who’s my father?” She changed the subject. “Yes...” Both of us said and she looked shocked. “Is it who you guys though?” She hoped that answer was “no”. “Yes...” we said carefully, hoping that she will not get her rage of anger but she did. “Shit, shit, shit!” She started screaming while punching the wall.

She punched the wall few more times but then she stopped and started to act like nothing happened, like always. Such a Gemini. “So what are we gonna do about it?” Beck asked her. “Find out information about him and where he lives.” “And then...” “I’m gonna go meet my daddy” She smirked evilly and that wasn’t a good sign.

The next day:

Yesterday we found out who is Miches father and we can say he isn’t any good news. Me and Beck were searching all night and finally found out where he lives, and we can say that we had a luck that a lot of mafias owe something to Mich.

Today before we had our meeting with Mich, all of us gathered together without Mich. “Why Mich isn’t here?” Max, Cassie and Dylan asked at the same time. “We found out Lorenzo Angelo is her father.” I said. “Wait, what! I was just joking about it.” Dylan said. “But now it looks like you were right.” Cassie added. “It looks like.” Max joined. “So what are gonna we do about it?” “She wants to meet him and as good as we know her, she will want to go alone, so we need a plan...”


Mich’s POV:

Yesterday I found out Lorenzo Angelo was my father. So guess what? I’m gonna met my long lost daddy. And of course I was going myself, I really didn’t want this idiots tell me how to act.

As I came to the apartment I knocked on the door. There wasn’t any respond so I broke the lock. “Not bad...” I started talking as I walked around the room knowing that he is here. And it wasn’t a second as I heard the bow triggered. I turned around and before the arrow could go through my head I catch it with one hand. He looked surprised. “Good shoot but I’m little too fast for you!” I smirked. “Oh, really?” He smirked as he tried to shoot me again. But again I dodge it. “Yeah...” I smiled. “You know...for a rich famous killer your apartment is little...small?...dirty?” I started talking as I was looking around the apartment. “How do you know who I am? And who even are you?” “Pleasee everyone know who you are. And we can say that I’m your daughter.” I smirked. “HA, good one. Do you even know how many people already came to me telling me that I’m their father? Last time one guy came to me and said that I’m his mom. People this days are really dumb. I was a fuck boy back at my days but I didn’t make so many women pregnant.” “Ha, you? Fuck boy? Who would want YOU?” “I can guess by your speaking that you’re gay cause if you weren’t you wouldn’t think that way, am I right?” “Maybe...and cause you’re my dad.” “How could I believe you?” “Cause I’m Mich Angelo.” “First you’re saying that I’m your father and now you say that you are the owner of the one of 5 best mafias? That’s the best one I heard. And isn’t he a man?” “It’s just a fu**ing name, not the whole person!” I was getting mad. “She is really Mich Angelo!” I heard familiar voice saying at the door of the apartment. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I was angry as I saw Roman coming in showing Lorenzo some papers. “Shooot, then it’s really you? You are THE Mich Angelo?” “Yeah, yeah. THE mafia boss or Devils eyes.” I smirked. “And still that doesn’t mean you’re my daughter.” As Roman wanted show him the papers, I said; “No wait! I’m gonna tell him a story.” “Do you know this woman?” I showed him a picture of my mother. “This is Lily Angelo or we can say my mother. She had me 17 years, 11, months and 362 ago. She told me she was married and her husband didn’t want kids so he left her when he found out she was pregnant. But she kept his last name because that reminded her of him cause like always I wasn’t enough. And after 12 years of having me she had enough of me, my attitude and my anger so she sent me to the school to control my “problems with anger” and there I met my mafia and now we are one of the best 5 mafia. Oh that I don’t forget that half of a damn world wants me dead but they are too pu**y to come to me and try to kill me.” I said and we can say he was shocked. “So you tell me you were born almost 18 years ago?” He asked as I nodded. “Lily wanted to divorce me around 18 years ago cause “I was too dangerous”.” “It looks like she was lying to both of us.” “It looks like.” He agreed. “Maybe she only wanted good for her child not wanting it to be raised in a such a world.” Roman added, as I started laughing. “You really think person like her would do something good for ME? She didn’t even came to look how was I doing in the past 5 years.” I was angry. “Okay I will not get into it cause I can see that you have something against her. So can we change the subject...” Lorenzo said. “Do you believe me now?” I was annoyed. “I don’t know and I don’t care. You are Mich Angelo. The mafia boss. The Devil eyes. If you are my daughter good but if you aren’t...good. I don’t really care. “Wow...” “Okay I think you are cause from who you could get that anger problems, who your friend is saying that you have.” He said as I looked at Roman.

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