Anger in me

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After yesterday I give Lorenzo one of my houses to live there. I still don’t trust him enough to let him come in the villa. “Are you okay?” Beck asked me. “Yeah...But we still need to have a chat after yesterday.” “What chat?” All of them asked as they rubbed back of their necks. “What were you doing there, Roman?” “We just wanted to help you. He is Lorenzo Angelo. We knew it that he will not believe you.” Roman said for all of them. “Do you think I care. He is stupid as hell.” I was angry. “That kinda hurts...” Lorenzo said as he came in meeting room. “Didn’t you say, you don’t trust him so he will not came here?” Dylan asked. “I did! How did you even came here?!” I was angry. “I’m Lorenzo Angelo...and yesterday when your friend showed me your papers there was address on it.” He explained as I pulled one of my knifes and throw it at Roman, but he dodge it and didn’t hit him. “And how did you came through my guards?” “Yeah about that...” “Please don’t say that you killed them? You could just called me if you wanted to came in so bad.” I rolled my eyes as he gave me the evilly mafia smirk. “What is fun in that?” He smirked even more. I had it enough. I pulled out another knife as I throw it in his arm. He didn’t dodge or anything cause he was too slow so knife landed in his right shoulder. “You’re right, what’s fun in that?” I gave him the same evilly smirk as he did to me before as he hissed in pain. “You’re really his daughter” all of my friends said.

He pulled the knife out of his shoulder. “What do you want?” I got to the point. “I want some father-daughter time.” He said with serious face while fixing buttons on his suit. “HA good one!” Was my only answer. “I’m serious Michaela. You’re my daughter and I want to get to know you.” “Okay...” I wanted to say something more but he overtook me. “Now.” He was calm. “Okay guys we will have meeting later. If anyone need me call me.” “I would rather not. I want to have some time alone with my daughter.” “If you want to be here you’re gonna need to go by my rules, if not you can’t be here.” He nodded back at me.

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked him as we came to garden. “About you, your life...” “So you really think am gonna tell my whole life to a man I meet yesterday?” “Not any man, I’m your father.” He became serious like he really wanted to know. “First of all, yes you’re my father but Lorenzo don’t think that you will come here and I will be all “daddy” and all, cause if you want me to ever call you my dad you’re gonna need to work for that.” I became serious. “MICHAELA! I DIDN’T FUCKING KNOW THAT I HAVE A DAUGHTER! IF I WOULD KNOW, YOU THINK I WOULD LEAVE YOU?!” He started to scream. “I don’t know Lorenzo, would you?” I was calm. “If I wanted to leave you think I would be here right now?” He was angry but calm. “I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! HOW CAN I EVEN TRUST YOU? I DON’T KNOW YOU! WHAT IF YOU’RE ONLY HERE BECAUSE I’M MICH ANGELO, RICH MAFIA BOSS! I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE HERE FOR ME OR THE MONEY! WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT!” I started to scream. If I wouldn’t stop talking my voice would break. Not from the yelling but from the meaning of this words. “Who hurt you, Rosa?” “Wait! How do you know what’s my middle name?” “Me and Lily always wanted a daughter and we wanted to name her “Rosa”.” When e said I was silent. So they wanted a daughter but they got a monster like me. “Rosa you’re a daughter we wanted but I didn’t get a chance to know you. I want to be in your life...” He really cared. I really hope that I will not regretted this. “Okay...” “Wait really...” He was happy and before I could say anything he started hugging me. It felt I had someone in my hands that really cared about me... “Okay I will tell you about my life if you tell my about yours.” I smiled as he agreed.

“When I was 2 years old I stopped to cry. I didn’t have any emotions beside anger. That’s how my sadness always came anger. When I was getting older my anger was becoming bigger and bigger. I started to getting into fights. One day my mom had enough of me and sent me to school. You probably know about which school I’m talking about. After one week of being there she came to visit me and we can say it didn’t end good. We gad a huge fight and after that she didn’t ever came back. And bla, bla, bla...and around 1 year and half ago we made “Angelo Mafia”.” He was listening closely. “What do you mean we?” He was confused. “I don’t care if you’re my father. I gonna tell you this because I trust you that you will not tell anyone but if you’re gonna betray my trust, I’m gonna have your head.” I told him serious as he knew I’m telling the truth. “Angelo mafia isn’t mine. Me, Beck, Roman, Max, Dylan and Cassie meet in the school and we were best friends since then and we still are. All of us own the mafia but I’m the queen of it. People know them as my mafia. They don’t know they are the owners too cause of their family. If people knew about them, they wouldn’t think twice and would go after their family. So we agreed to keep them a secret.” I explained and he looked shocked but he didn’t showed it. “Now I know why you’re THE BOSS. You are really smart for a 17 year old girl.” “Oh Lorenzo...I’m smart cause I don’t play pretty.” I smirked evilly. “I still don’t know why people call you “Devils eyes”.” “Trust me Lorenzo, you don’t want to know.”

“I told you my story, now is your turn.” I said as he nodded. “As you already know, I was going on the same school as you. Through the years I was getting better and better in my job. I was going on the many missions. And one day as I was running from some people I run into a woman. She knew something was wrong so she helped me run away. And you can guess who that woman was? Yes, your mother. I was only 17 at the time. We started to talk and I told her everything, who was I and what my work was. At 18 when I leaved school and we started to live together. At 19 I proposed to her, we didn’t want to wait so we got married after a month. We were married for about a year, when she wanted a divorce. She said I was too dangerous for her. I agreed to the divorced even that I still loved her. After that I started killing innocent people because of my anger. I started drinking. After 2 years I had stop working cause I was too broken to. I bough an apartment where I lived till yesterday.” He explained. I wanted to aske him a question but he answer on it before I could even ask. “If you want to ask me if I got married again or had children, answer is no, I didn’t.” I don’t know why but that answer made me happy.

“Thank you.” He said after some time. “For what?” I was confused. “For listening me and for telling me your story.” He smiled as I gave him one back.

I wanted to say something but my phone started ringing. It was Angie. “Hi!” She said. “Hi, what’s up?” I asked. “Can someone come over?” “Boy or girl?” “Really Mich?! It’s a girl.” “How long do you know her?” “Literally since I was 5, so you don’t need to check on her.” “Okay but tell everyone so they can tell mafia to hide weapons and if they see her not to pull gun on her, okay?” “Sure.”

“Is something wrong?” I asked as Lorenzo stared at me. “It’s really cute how overprotective you are to this person you talked right now.” “I’m not overprotective.” “Yes, you are. And who was that?” “It was Angie. One of my kids.” “Wait you have kids?” He was confused. “No, I just call them that way. She is a sister of one of the mafia but she is like my family. And she4 is only 1 year older than me.” “Ohh, I get it. Can I meet them? I want to know wo can make my daughter Mich Angelo go soft.” He was joking. “Yes, you can and stop talking like that. It’s weird.”

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