Anger in me

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Lilla’s POV:

After school Angies sister came to pick us up. And of course she came in black tesla. In our mafia we are rich and have a lot of cars but tesla...I know what I want for my birthday this year. Daniella didn’t came with me but she is on the line with me, if something happens.

“Nice car!” I say to Beck when I opened the door. “Thanks!” “Is it yours?” “Yes but my friend bought it for my birthday.” “This friend who is like cousin to Angie?” “Yes that friend but I would say that she is like another sister to Angie.” She smiled. So they must me close. “So where we are going right now is her house?” I wanted to get more information. “Yes but we live together, so is my house too.” “How come that Angie started living there?” I started asking more and more questions and it didn’t seem to bother her. “They didn’t see each other for a long time so we decided that she can come over for some time.” I wanted to ask some more questions but we were already there.

“Thank you for a ride!” I said with a smile to Beck and she gave me one back. I turned around as I saw a giant villa. “OMG, I didn’t though she was that rich!” I almost screamed. “I was at yours and it is the same size, so who is rich now?” “Still your cousin. This is hugeeee. We have smaller villa.” I said to her with open mouth. And she only smiled to me.

I though outside was beautiful but when we came inside I though I’m gonna faint cause of beauty. “If I day can you please bury me here!” She laughed as I said that. “Okay, okay...come in my room.”

We were sometime in her room but I needed to look around. “Can we go make ourselves something to eat, I’m hungry?” “Yea sure! Come on!”

As we came to the kitchen, I noticed at was a lot of rooms here. What is normal for mafia house...please don’t say that where Angie lives, a whole mafia lives too cause if does I’m in really shit. “Why are here so many rooms?” I asked Angie while looking around. “I forgot to tell you. In every of tis rooms someone die in it.” As she said that my body was full of horror. “I’m just kidding!” She started to laugh. “Some of family friends lives here too.” She explained. “Aaaaa, okay.” We started making ourself something to eat when I was a beautiful, tall woman with blond, long hair coming to the kitchen. “Angie...” She said seriously. “Michaela...” Angie said like she knew she was doing something wrong. “We talked about this...if you’re hungry say me or Diana or anyone else to make you something for it. Cause last time when you wanted to made something to eat you almost set kitchen on fire.” She said with a fake smile. I couldn’t help myself to not smile. “Thank you, Lilla!” Angie said angrily. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry...” I gave smile to Angie. “Oh I forgot, Mich this is my best friend Lilla, Lilla this is my friend Michaela.” She introduced us. It was little confusing cause she called her Michaela and then other time Mich. “Nice to meet you, Lilla.” She gave me a smile. “Same and you have really beautiful home!” “Oh thank you!” “So what do you guys want to eat?” She asked. “What if I make you two something special?” “Sure!” We both said as we returned to her room. I looked behind me again and Mich winked at me.

When she came in she had strawberries and melted chocolate in her hands. “Thank youuuuu!” Both of us said happily. “Hi Mich, can I ask you a question?” I asked before she left the room. “Yea, what’s up?” “I don’t want to be mean or something but you look really young.” “I am young. I will be 18. And I know what you want to ask me. “How then that you’re rich if you’re only 18?“. My parents had a lot of money but they died in a car crash.” “I’m so sorry...” “It’s okay, we weren’t close.”


Gia’s POV:

I was waiting for Lilla to come home. She did go to Angie or we can say Mich Angelo. “WHAT THE FUCK!” She screamed when she saw me in her room. “I’m gonna tell you everything but can I just take a shower first?” “No.” Was easy answer.

She talked about when she came there and all when she got to the interesting part. Part about Mich. “We were in the kitchen when she came in and I can tell you, SHE IS GORGEOUS! If I wasn’t straight I would want to be with her.” I don’t know why but when she said that, my jealousy hit hard. “OKAY!” I said angrily. “Jis! What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing, just tell me what happened next.” “So me and Angie came back in her room and after sometime she came back with strawberries and chocolate. I grabbed my chance to ask her some questions.” “What did she tell you?!” “She said that she’s 18 and she got money from her parents after they died cause they were rich. Ohhh and I forgot to tell you. They have so beautiful and big villa and I also think this is mafia house cause it’s huge and has a lot of rooms and 3 floors.” “Wow! That’s big. Even we don’t have 3 floors.” I was surprised. “I know!” “Do you think they suspected anything?” Was my last question for her. “I think not cause why would she tell me her real name and all if she would suspect me?” “I don’t know...”

At Angelo villa:

“I don’t know, I just think that she’s a little sus.” I was angry. “I don’t know. I know that she’s Angies best friend but you’re right Mich. When she came in the car she started asking this questions about you and all.” Beck said to me calmly. “Do you know what’s her last name?” “No, I didn’t even asked her when I meted her for the first time. Should I ask Angie?” “No, I don’t want her in that. I would just figured it out.” I said as all room went silent. “I got an idea! Beck said that tomorrow are teacher-parents hours, so what if you and Beck go? And then you can figure who is she and maybe her parents in they will be there.” Dylan said after some time. “OMG! DYLAN YOU’RE A GENIUS!” I was happy as he smiled.

Next day:

It’s currently 6pm and teacher-parents hours are gonna start. I really hope that we will find something.

Teacher has been calling parents of kids. “Can we get over it already?” I whispered annoyed to Beck. “I really don’t know how can you be mafia queen with this patience.” “I don’t have one.” I smiled. “Who is here for Lilla and Liam Rodrigez?” Teacher asked while she looked around the room for parents. “Please don’t say that Lilla has a brother Liam?” “Yes she do...” Back answered scared for what will happen with me. I looked around as two people had their hands in the air. They walked to the teacher while they hold each other hands. I though I’m gonna faint as I saw which people were their parents. “Alex and Lio Rodrigez...” I said angrily to Beck. She took me hand and hold it. “Calm down, you don’t want to make a scene here.” I calmed a little bit when I heard her soft voice. I nodded to her. “We are in deep shit. I knew she wasn’t any good news. That’s why I told her everything.” I smiled evilly but still angry at Beck. “You had a plan all of that time?” “Of course I did.”

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