Anger in me

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Wake up, Suneshine

Next day

Michaela’s POV:

Last night after dinner me and Beck talked a little and then we went to sleep. But today is new day. “I’M SO FUCKING EXCITEDDDDDDDD! I can’t believe I’m going to learn how to sHOot.” Okey I’m little to excited but okey.

It is already 7 o’clock and our first lesion start at 8 so you already know what I’m going to do....“BECK, BECK, BEEEECK WAKE UPppp!!” I shouted. 2WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU MICH?!” She shouted back. “I’m sorry but are first class is starting in an hour.” I said quietly. “And that’s your reason for shouting so loud, I sleep till half past seven I cloud sleep an half an hour more.” ” I’m sorry.” I said again. “It’s okey, I know that you are excited for today but pliss never wake me up before half past seven AGAIN.” “YES SIR YES!” I said and we both started to laugh.

We dressed ourself and then we went to class which was PE. When I though this day will be fun I was wrong. At the beginning we needed to run 25 laps around the entire field. Yes I’m fast and strong for a 12 year old girl but 25 laps around a field that’s impossible for a 12 year old kid. I started to giving up at 13 laps but Beck helped me and she runed with me. That helped but when we finish, I felt like I’m gonna die this second on the floor but sadly that didn’t happened. Beck evil smiled at me and said, “this is just a start, now is starting a real torturing.” “Yes I think I’m gonna die today and if I do please don’t try to safe me.” I was serious when I said that but she took that as joke so she started to laugh. “You are so funny Mich but if you really do that I’m gonna help you because you are not dying today.” When she said that now is starting real torturing she was right. We needed to do 100 pushups, 100 squats and 100 jumping jacks. We were in 2 groups one group was doing workouts and other one was shooting. Then we switch groups. As you can guess shooting was the best part and teacher told me that for my first shooting and for my age I was incredible. When he said that I was quite proud of myself.

I was so tired after that, I know why Beck was so angry at me when I woke her up today. After that we had breakfast. I was so happy to finally eat.

Our second class was starting in 5 minutes and the best part was that that it was yoga because I was so tired that I couldn’t do nothing more. We came in class and went to our yoga base. It was so relaxing. I really enjoyed it. Our other classes were normal like we were in school but we learned about killers like us who were learining here too when they were our age and now are one of the best killers. But then something weird happened. Teacher started to talk about the famous killer Lorenzo Angelo. When she said that all people in my class started to look at me but idk why, only ours last names were are the same, nothing is wrong with that. And I just said “NO” he isn’t my dad. All people now looked away.

Our last lesson was fighting. First they showed us some movements and then they gave us boxing gloves and we went to work on the boxing bag. Some of the people who were older and knew it how to fight were in boxing ring fighting each other. Beck showed me some fast movements and we started to fight but of course she won because she was here before me and she knew all better. But I will not give up that easily.

“This day was so terrible but so good at the same time. Do you know what I mean? Ok it was terrible.” I don’t feel my legs and toes any more. Oh wait.... “AaaaAAaaaaaaaAA!” I started screaming. “Why tf are you screaming?” Beck said loudly. “I CAN FELL MY LEGS AND TOES AGAIN BUT...BUT IT HURTS SO SO SO MUCH!” I literally screamed at Beck. She started to laugh so fucking much that she fell on the floor crying. I was so angry because she was laughing at my pain and that looked like I’m weak but a second later I wasn’t angry any more, that’s weird. I was just feeling relief and bond with Beck and I don’t know why. Maybe being here helps.

Beck now stood up and she smiled at me. “You will get used to it but at the start it hurts like pain in the ass. Around three weeks it will hurt so much that you can cry sometimes but after three weeks or more you will get stronger and it will not hurt anymore but it can take time to get used to it.” She said with a smile. “I fucking hope so, that hurts so much.” “I know something that can help you. Go take a shower first with cold water and then with hot shower and again. At first it will burn and hurt but in some time you will feel relief. Trust me I know how it is.”

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