Anger in me

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I forgot


Today I couldn’t even sleep cause I was so angry. I was looking for information about Rodrigez mafia, Gia and her brother and sister. I only found that they bought new villa last year and Gia is owner of Rodrigez mafia, her brother James is her right hand and hers parents even they aren’t owners of mafia anymore they are still part of it. That means they have a lot of people in their side.

I was working as I heard whispering in front of my room. “Are you sure? She is kinda angry.” I heard Dylan saying. “I’m sure...” Beck said back to him. I stood up from my chair to look what was going on. But before I could do that they knocked on the door and came in. They started to sing. I was confused. All of them were in my room singing, they had gifts and cake. “Who has birthday today? Did I forgot something?” When I said that all of them were in shock. “Like last year.” Beck said. “What like last year?” I was confused. “It’s your birthday!” All of them screamed. “No it isn’t. it’s not 25. May...” I wanted to say but Ellie showed me date on her phone. It was 25. of May. “You really forgot your birthday, didn’t you?” “Maybe...?” All of them hit their heads with their hand. “ you guys need something or can I go back to work?” I asked after some silent. “No Mich! Today is your birthday, so you will not work today and we will have fun.” Beck ordered me. “No.” Was simple answer. “I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you.” She was serious. “Okay...” I rolled my eyes annoyed.

After we had breakfast they gave me the gifts and I can admit they are amazing. They bought me another tesla but red, a gun and new set of knives. I hugged all of them as a thank you. “I will go.” I said as I heard a door bell.

When a opened the door I saw Lorenzo. “What?” “Aren’t you happy to see me?” “” I said. “That kinda hurts but I have a gift for you.” “Why?” “You think I don’t know that is your birthday?” “I don’t know, do you?” “Mich, you really though I’m not gonna find any information about you?” I just roled my eyes as I showed him that he can come in. When he came in a saw a big box behind him. “Is that for me?” I asked. “Yes.” He simply answered. “Omg, you didn’t!” I was happy when, I saw new bow. “Yes, it is the latest bow.” I was so happy that I hugged him. He was surprised but he hugged me back. After a second I pulled away and cleared my throat. “Thank you.” I said professional. “No problem.” He gave me a small smile. “So do you want to meet everyone?” “You mean kids?” “Yes.” “I would love to.”

“This is Beck, Roman, Dylan, Max and Cassie, they own a mafia with me.” I introduced them as they shake each others hands. “This is Ellie, Dylan’s sister.” “AJ is Cassie’s twin brother. Angie and Thomas are Beck brother and sister.” I introduced them. “Wait, Beck, Angie and Thomas? Like Phillips kids?” Lorenzo asked as all of them nodded. “What’s going on here?” Beck’s dad asked when he came in the living room. “Phillip?” Lorenzo asked when he saw Beck’s dad. “Lorenzo?” Both of them were shock as they hugged each other. “What are you doing here?” Lorenzo asked. “I’m living here at the time. What about you?” “I’m here for my daughters birthday.” “Daughters?” Phill was confused. “Michaela’s birthday.” Lorenzo answered. “YOU? YOU’RE THE DAD THEY WERE TALKING ABOU?” Phill started screaming. “Yea...” “I didn’t knew you had a daughter.” “I didn’t too, man.” All of us were silent,

“Can I ask you two, how you know each other?” I was confused. “We were friends but after I become dad we lost contact.” Phill explained. “Man, it’s been a long time.”


“You can open your eyes now.” Beck said to me. They said they had a surprise for me but kids couldn’t come here. As I opened my eyes, I knew why. “Really, gay club?” “Ey, you will have fun.” “Beck I know that I’m gay and all but-” I wanted to say something more but she was faster. “No, nothing buts, we are here to have fun.” She said to me when she grabbed my hand and pulled me in a club.

I was dancing and drinking with some girls as I saw Beck talking to some guy at the bar but I couldn’t saw who was he and how he looked like. I only saw his back.

I was dancing and having fun as some girl stumbled at me. “Look where you’re going!” Both of us said to each other as we turned around. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was Gia, owner of the Rodrigez mafia. Ours eyes turned black. “Angelo.” She was calm but angry. “Rodrigez.” I was calm. “We don’t want to do a scene her.” She said. “Of course not.” I gave her a smirk. “Then what are you still doing here?” “I’m dancing, don’t you see?” I said as I grabbed the closest girl to dance with me. Our hips started moving together with music. I pulled the girl closer, we almost kissed. I looked back at Gia, was she jealous? She headed away. She grabbed a girl like I did and she started dancing with her like I did. I started to kiss a girl while I looked back at Gia. She was doing the same thing. Now I was using my tongue. Me and girl started to make out. She wasn’t a bad kisser, not at all but it didn’t feel right. I looked back at Gia as we made an eye contact while still kissing girls. I pulled girl even closer and started kissing her deeply. My hands were around her hips as they lowered down her butt. She lowered her hands from my neck to my hips. We were like one. I don’t know why but it didn’t feel right but I still didn’t stop cause I knew Gia was still watching us. I pulled girl in the group of the people so Gia wouldn’t saw us anymore. “Sorry baby.” I whispered in her ear as a little laugh came from her mouth. I gave her a little kiss on the check as I left between people that she wouldn’t see me. I kinda felt bad for this girl and that I used her to make Gia jealous. I don’t even know why I did that.

“What a show, boss.” Beck came behind me. “What do you mean?” “You and this girl. Everyone saw it and it looked like she was really enjoying it.” She winked at me and I rolled my eyes at her. “I saw Rodrigez mafia.” I was serious as I drank my whiskey. “What? Who?” “Gia...” “Was she the one you were looking at the whole time?” “Kinda...Forget about it. Who was this guy you were talking to?” I asked her. “Ovv, that was James. He isn’t in to guys, he was here with his sister. She likes to drink little to much.” “And what happened?” “He had an emergency so he needed to go but he gave me his number.” “Cool.” I said not interesting as I kept drink my whiskey.

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