Anger in me

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Gia’s POV:

I don’t know why but I was jealous seeing her kissing this girl. But one thing I don’t get it why? And why was she always looking at me? “What was emergency? Cause I hope I didn’t came here for nothing. I was talking to this amazing girl.” “Angelo mafia was there.” I said as I drank my whiskey. “Who?” “Michaela fucking Angelo!” I was getting angry. “Why were they here? Maybe business?” “No...I think they were there only for fun.” “So they didn’t have any weapons?” “I think not, I’m not sure.” “We could fight!” “Are you really so dumb? They were a lot of people there, we would only cost a scene.” I was angry. How can somebody be so dumb. I’m drunk and I can think clearer then him. He left the room leaved the living room as I was now alone.

I don’t know why this came to me. I don’t even know this girl real and we are fucking enemies. I had many drink before I started to feel dizzy. “Aaaa, turn off lights!” I screamed as I couldn’t even see anymore cause I was so drunk. One pair of hands grabbed me and pulled me up. I was trying to see who it was but I couldn’t, everything was foggy and a second later I passed out.


I woke up with a big headache. I don’t remember anything from last night, only that I saw Angelo in the club and when I came home a had a fight with James so I got myself a drink but after that everything is blank.

“Good morning” familiar voice said. I opened my eyes to see Liam sitting on the corner of my bed. “Don’t worry, I will not tell mom and dad you were drunk...again.” He said as I gave him a warm smile. “Thank you.” He gave me a cup as I looked into it. “It’s just a tea and here is something for your headache.” He gave me a small pill. I took it and drank the tea. “I can say mom and dad you don’t feel good and you can’t work.” “It’s okay, I’m good now. Thank you.” I smiled as he gave me the nod when he left the room for me to change.

I didn’t even need 5 minutes to change. When you’re in the mafia you need to be fast in everything and not be late.

I came in my office to do some papers and to look what is happening with Angelo mafia but my headache was getting worse. I took another pill hoping that my headache will stop. I heard a knock on my door. “Come in!” I said. “I need you to-” my father wanted to say but he stopped as he saw me. “Are you okay? You don’t look good.” “I’m fine, don’t worry, I just didn’t sleep well. “If you say so...” “So what did you wanted me to do?” “Today is coming ship of weapons and we need someone to take care of it but if you don’t feel-” “I’m feeling just fine and yes, I will take care of it.” “Okay.” He nodded before he left my office.

I don’t feel well but I don’t trust anyone with this. There will be a lot, I mean a LOT, a whole ship of weapons. This could be dangerous.

I did some papers and before I came out of my office it was already late. “I need to get ready.” I said to myself. I putted on a black leather pants, a black T-shirt and black, leather jacket. I called some people to go with me but not to much so we wouldn’t be suspicious.

When we came there I saw a big container with a sign. It was a red circle with a death head in it. It was a sign of our mafia. “That’s it!” I said loudly to my people but then I heard something. I putted a finger on my mouth to show they need to be silent. We hid for another container to this person wouldn’t see us.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I heard familiar voice saying. “They said it’s coming today!” This person was getting mad. “I know! I don’t know why it isn’t here.” Different and manly voice was saying. “I will kill this person who was responsible for this!” Was last thing this person said and everything went silent. I think they heard us. I showed my team a sign for attack. But when they were ready to attack nobody was there. All of us were confused.

A second later we heard gun shoots as I saw my team drooping dead on the floor. When I looked around I saw Angelo mafia. There weren’t many of them but they were fast.

My shoulder started to hurt. I looked at it and saw a bullet in it. My headache was getting bigger and everything started to spin and all went blank. I fell unconscious on the floor.

Mich’s POV:

I was angry because of what happened yesterday, so I putted my anger out on my boxing bag...and maybe on other people. My head hurted because of many drinks I had last night but in sometime and from many pills I had it did go away. And my dumbass still did go working.

When I came in my office I saw new papers on my desk. It was about shipment. Full ship of weapons. I got Dylan and my side team go with me if there would be any problems.

I got ready and I was armed with knives and pistols. But when we came there we started looking for container with black wings covered in blood on it. This is sign of Angelo mafia. But there wasn’t any container with this sign. I was starting to complain to Dylan as I saw a container with a red circle and death head on it. It was Rodrigez mafias. That means they are here. I showed Dylan and our team to be silent as all of us hided behind a container.

Rodrigez mafia jumped out of their hiding place as they started to shoot but we weren’t there. They were confused. And a second later we started shooting Rodrigez mafia. All of them drooped dead on the floor as Gia was only one standing up. I showed my team to stop shooting as I pulled the trigger of my gun to shoot Gia in the shoulder. I didn’t wanted to kill her but something was wrong with her, she looked sick. When bullet hit her shoulder she felt on the floor unconscious.

I was really worried. I don’t even know why. I startec to run to her to check her heart beat. She was alive. I was relieved. I picked her up by myself, not letting anyone to touch her. She wasn’t even heavy.

I ordered my man to clean up the mess we made as I putted Gia in my car to drove her to one of my houses.

As we came to my house, I opened the doors of my car to pick her up. Her blood was all over my sits but I didn’t care about sits now. I brought her to a room I was staying at when I came here. I cleaned her wound and pulled a bullet out of her shoulder. She was still unconscious but she was still moving from the pain.

She was so cold. I grabbed some hot towels and putted them on her head. I covered her with blankets to make her warm. I was sitting on the chair beside her bed. Every so often I came to hold her hand and look if she was waking up. When I looked at her wound I saw blood all over her shoulder even that I wrapped it. I started to clean it again and change the bandage when she started to wake up. She looked confused and in pain. When she saw me she wanted to get up and pulled her arm out of my grip. “Stay still.” I said calmly and she did as I said. “Do you remember what happened?” I asked. She was confused. “We came to pick up our weapons as we saw your mafia. You started shooting at us but we were faster. My guys killed yours and only you stayed alive but when I shoot you in the shoulder you fainted, so I helped you.” I explained. “I hope the guys we killed weren’t any people close to you.” I added as she shocked her head. “I cleaned your wound but you need to watch it not to get worst.” I explained as she nodded. “How are you feeling?” I asked her hoping that she will answer. “Good...” She answered. “Good, you need to get some sleep. You fainted cause you didn’t have enough energy and you were exhausted. You don’t need to worry, we are only people here and nothing wll happen to you.” I told her as I wanted to left the room. “Why are you doing that? I’m weak, you could killed me right now and right here but why didn’t you?” She was confused. “You don’t know me Gia, I’m not like that, it wouldn’t be fair to kill you cause you wouldn’t be at your best and you wouldn’t got a change a fair fight and...who said I wanted to kill you? I know we are enemies but still.” She was shocked by the last thing I said. I gave her a small smile before leaving her room. I didn’t lock the doors.


It was 4am as I woke up by someone tapping my shoulder. I think I fall asleep on the couch watching a movie. I looked behind me who was tapping my shoulder, it was Gia. “Hey...are you okay?” I asked her still half asleep. “Yeah but...” She sounded embarrassed. “I got my period...” She said as I was all woken up. “Do you need-” And before I could finish she nodded. I don’t kow if she was embarrassed of telling me that she got her period cause she forgot I was girl too or cause I’m her enemy. “Did you got something on the bed?” “Yeah, I’m sorry...” It was kinda cute seeing her all soft and embarrassed. “It’s okay, you stay here and I’m gonna get you something and I will change sheets.” “Thank you.” She thanked me and I gave her a smile.

I grabbed some pads and tampons from my bathroom and I changed sheets in her bedroom. “I didn’t know which one you use so I grabbed both.” I smiled. “Thank you.” “No problem.” She wanted to go back in her room as I stoped her. “Are you hungry? I can make us some food.” “You really don’t need to...” “No really it’s not a problem.” “Sure then...” She gave me little smile. “Ohh and I putted fresh clothes on your bed to change.” She nodded.

I got into the kitchen to make something to eat. When I finished she came back in the living room wearing my T-shirt and shorts. “Hey, I made mac and cheese but if you want something else, I can make it for you?” “No it’s perfect.” I gave her a plate as we sat down on the opposite of each other at the table. We started to eat in a silent. “I still don’t know why you helped me.” She started to talk. “I told you my reasons.” I said still eating. “Yeah but that isn’t it. You think every person would let their enemy came in their house?” “I’m not like everyone else.” “Ohh you think I don’t know that?” “What would that suppose to mean?” I looked her straight in the eyes. “I don’t’re just different.” I was annoyed. I stand up to wash my plate. “I didn’t say in a bad way.” She said when I got up. “So you’re saying that you don’t hate me, that you don’t want to kill me, that you aren’t angry cause I killed him.” I turned around pining her against the wall while my eyes didn’t left hers. I was close to close. As I mention his name, her eyes became black. “As I though...” I said letting her go.

After that she leaved the kitchen as I cleaned our plates. We didn’t talked after that. I knew what I was doing mentioning him but I knew the truth and she didn’t.

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