Anger in me

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Rodrigez villa

Gia’s POV:

My arm hurted but because of Angelo didn’t hurt that bad. I came in a villa all of people arguing. “WHAT IS GOING ON!?” I yelled. “Omg you’re here.” My mom came to hug me. She squeezed me a little bit and I signed in pain. “Are you okay?” She looked at my shoulder. “Yeah.” “Are you sure? And this aren’t your clothes, what happened?” “MOM! I’m okay, when we came to pick up the weapons somebody attacked us and nobody survived expect me. And weapons are alright. “Okay.” My dad said seriously.

I heard someone crying. I could recognized this type of crying miles away. “Gigi-” Andrea cried. “Baby-” I came to her and picked her up. “Where was Gigi?” “Gigi needed to do something for work.” “Does this hurt?” She asked putting her finger on my shoulder. “Just a little bit.” I smiled. “Is Gigi gonna be okay?” “Yes, I will be, it’s just little auchi.” I gave her a kiss on a hand. “Do you want to play later?” I asked her as she nodded and gave me a little kiss on my hand. I love when she does that.

I cam in my room as I saw James siting on my bed. “What do you want?” I was annoyed. “Where were you?” “Why do you think I’m gonna tell you?” “Cause I already know where were you but if you don’t tell me what were you doing there I’m gonna tell mom and dad you’re dating our enemy.” He smirked. And before he could movie I already had a knife next to his neck. “If you’re gonna say a word to anyone I’m gonna make your dead really painful.” I threatened my brother. “So it is true.” He gave me a smirk. “You son of a b*tch!” “No, no, don’t call our mother a b*tch.” “I’m gonna tell you but if you tell anyone I’m gonna pull out your heart.” I threatened him as he nodded. “Yesterday dad told me that he needs someone to go check on shipment-” “But weren’t you feeling well and weren’t you still drunk?” “Yes, I didn’t feel well but I wasn’t drunk but I still did go cause, this is a whole container of weapons. And if something would happened this container could blow up a whole place. When we came there I found our container when we heard people talking. We hided behind the container as talking stopped. We though they heard us, so we started to shoot but there wasn’t anyone. We looked around and before we could do anything they started shooting. Our men dropped dead on the floor, one after another. I was left only one standing as someone shoot me in the shoulder. Everything started to spin and after a second I fell unconscious on the floor. When I woke up I saw Angelo cleaning my wound. I was confused but she told me that I fell together because of alcohol in my blood and cause I was too tired and on top of that cause I lost a lot of blood. I spent a whole day at her house but we didn’t talk much. She came to look on some time if I was okay and all. But on that night I needed something from her.” “What?” “Something you don’t need to worry about.” “I need to know if-” “GIRLS PRODUCTS!” “Ovv-okay.” “I asked her for it and she gave it to me and changed my sheets and gave me fresh clothes. She made us something for it too.” “Weren’t you scared that she would poison or something?” “She isn’t that type of a person.” “She is our enemy, she could do anything any second” “If she wanted to kill me she wouldn’t help me.” My brother rolled his eyes. “What happened next?” He asked. “We were eating as we started to argue. She mentioned him..." My brother became looked pissed. “Why?” He wanted to calm himself down. “I don’t know, we were talking and I wanted to know why she helped me and that every person wouldn’t let their enemy in their house. And her only answer was, that she’s different, so I said that I know and she got mad so I said; “I didn’t mean in a bad way” she looked pissed about it, she pined me against the wall and she snaped, “So you’re saying that you don’t hate me, that you don’t want to kill me, that you aren’t angry cause I killed him“.” I told him exactly what she said to me.

He looked pissed. “I need to go.” He said angrily before leaving my room.

I heard a little knock on my door. “Come in.” I said softly as doors opened. I saw little Andrea at my doors. “Gigi...” she said with tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong baby?” I picked her up. “Did you forgot?” I was confused- “That we’re gonna play?” “I’m sorry baby, I needed to do something but we can go play now.” I wiped tears of her face and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“What do you want to play?” I asked. “Umm” she was thinking, “I don’t know...” “Ummm” I was thinking, “What about if we go in park and after that we can get some ice cream?” She gave me a big smile.

When we came in the park all moms and dads were looking weird at me, maybe cause I was in a suit and looked like I’m gonna kill someone if they only look at my eyes. Andrea played on playgrounds with some other kids as I started to look around but not letting Andrea out of my sight.

I saw an middle age guy looking at Andrea. I was looking at him as me and him made an eye contact. After a second he looked away and started walking to the playground where Andrea and other kids were playing but now was only Andrea there and no other. That was hell a weird. I started running to Andrea before the guy could come to her. When the man saw me running, he increased his speed to get to her but I was faster. I grabbed Andrea and she didn’t do anything but letting me carry her to the car.

When we came to the car the guy was still following us. I set on the driver sit putting Andrea between my legs. I started to drive away. “Gigi, what’s going on? Can you slow down, please.” “I’m sorry baby but we need to hurry.” I said putting helmet on her head. I always have something for her safety in the back sit of the car for situations like this. “What about an ice cream?” She said with her sweet voice. “We have some home.” “Okay...”

I saw two cars driving behind me with the same speed as me. I saw their registration table and both of them were rom Russia, “Russian mafia” I sighted angrily. “What?” Andrea was confused. “Nothing baby” I gave her a smile.

I did everything that I could to get rid of them but they still followed me. If I would be by myself I could jump from the car or dive in the river and then get from the car before explode but I couldn’t do any of it cause Andrea was with me and I can’t call my mom, dad, Lilla or Liam cause they are on a mission together and my brother isn’t in a good mood right now. Only one option is left.

“Daniella” I said in the phone. “Boss” she said back. “I need your help” “What can I do for you?” “I’m in troubles.” I said before I told her everything that happened. “What do you need me to do?” “You have driving license, right?” “Yes” “I need you to go in our garage and at the door of garage are like 50 keys but only one is purple, take this one. It’s tesla and it got a drawer under the driver sit, there are weapons and grenades. I’m gonna give you an address, I’m gonna be there in 10 minutes, be there. And when you’re gonna see me and two cars driving by go after them and after 2 minutes throw a grenade at each car, small grenades not the big ones, got it?” I explained what does she need to do. “Got it but from when do we have tesla, didn’t you say you don’t trust them and stuff?” “I did but this one is different, trust me.” “Okay” she said before we hung up.

I ridded through that address as I saw red tesla. Thatwas Daniella. I slowed down as I saw Daniella following me and the both cars. Theywere close to me and she was close to them and in a second my speed went up andall of them were far behind me as I heard two big explosions. “What’s that?” Andreaasked me scared. “Nothing baby, we are safe now” I smiled giving her a kiss onher helmet.

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