Anger in me

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Spend a night

“Is the car okay?” I asked Daniella. “I’m okay, thanks for asking.” She reolled her eyes at me. “Is car okay?” I asked again seriously. “Yes.” She was annoyed. “Why do you even care about that car so much?” She asked me. “Cause is for you, for your birthday.” I was looking at her. “OMG! You are joking!” She was happy. “It’s yours.” I gave her little smile. “Lilla will be so jealous.” “She will. I would buy her one but she would crash it the second she would get in it.” Both of us smiled.

“Come on!” I smiled at Andrea. We grabbed some ice cream from freezer. “Which flavor?” I asked her. “Umm...” She was thinking. “What about one scoop of each one?” I smiled as she gave me the biggest smile. “Okay but don’t tell mom and dad.” I putted a finger on her month and she knew that means that she can’t tell them. She locked her month with an imaginary key and she throw it away. When she does that she never tells anybody about it. “hahhaha” both of us started to laugh.

We came in my room as I putted a Tangled on the TV. When movie ended I saw my little sister asleep on my lap. I potted her of my lap on the bed as I covered her with a blanket.

“GIA!” I heard my brother screaming. I left my room to strangle my brother. “If you don’t shut up right now, I’m gonna pulled your vocal cords out of your throat” I threatened my brother. “Jesus!” He rolled his eyes. “Andrea is asleep and if you wake her up-” I wanted to say something more but my dad came in. “Are you guys ready?” He asked us. “What’s going one?” I was confused. “You didn’t told her?” My dad asked my brother. “I didn’t cause she didn’t let my say I word.” Liam told my dad. “CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON?” I was angry. “Who’s going to wake up Andrea now?” My brother was acting smart. “Shut up you two, we don’t have a time, today is the day we are gonna defeated Angelo mafia.” My dad smiled. “WHAT?!” I was confused. “Who said that? I’m the one who accepts decisions!” I got angry. “When you were missing for a day, I made a plan.” “AND WHEN YOU WANTED TO TELL ME ABOUT IT!” I was angry. “It was last time decision. Today many people are not gonna be there so they are gonna be week.” “Lio (her father), this isn’t your mafia anymore, so you can’t make decisions anymore before asking me.” I only called him by his first name when I was angry. “You really don’t want revenge? Aren’t you angry cause of what they did to him?” “That’s the first and last time I let you made a decision, Lio.” I was calm as he nodded. “What about Andrea?” Liam asked. “I called a nanny already.” “What-how? You were all that time here and you didn’t touch your phone.” “I knew something is happening when you yelled my name, so I called our nanny.” I explained. “aaaaa, okay.”

We want outside as we saw my mom and our mafia. “Where is Lilla and James?” I was confused. “She is staying at her friends house. I think is better that way and James needed to do something in our mafia house.” My dad explained. “Okay but even that she’s a girl doesn’t mean she can’t do the same things Liam is doing.” “I didn’t mean it in that way.” “I know what you meant, Lio.” I looked him straight in the eyes. “Stop arguing, we have work to do!” My mom said before all of us went in our cars.

Angelo villa

Mich’s POV:

Today is going to be a special day. Me and our mafia decided that is time to have a little talk with Angie’s friends, so I said that she can spend a night at ours. You know teens and their sleepovers.

Me, Beck, Roman, Cassie, Dylan and Max needed to get through some things. “Is Lilla already here?” I asked Beck. “Yes” she answered shortly. “I still think this is a bad idea” Max wasn’t sure. “We are gonna just talk with her, nothing more” Cassie told him. “If she’s not going to try anything.” Roman smirked. “Stop scaring him” Dylan punched Roman is shoulder. “It’s just weird how he’s the oldest and still baby” Roman started to make fun of Max. Max cleared his throat, “Okay, we are going to do this or?” Max acted like he wasn’t scared a second before.

We heard a knock on our door. Diana came in, “Dinner is ready” she told us. “Are you guys ready?” I asked as all of them nodded.

We came in the dinning room as Angie, Lilla, AJ, Ellie and Thomas already sat at the table. “Hi!” All of them said as they saw us. “Lilla, this is Max, you two haven’t met yet.” I said as Lilla got up to shake Max hand. “Are you guys going somewhere?” Thomas asked when he saw all of us being in suits. “No, we had a meeting that’s why we’re dressed like that.” I explained. “Aaa, okay” he gave me a smile. “Thank you again for letting me spend the night here.” Lilla smiled. “No problem.” I smiled back. “Son Lilla, you didn’t tell us anything about your family.” Beck said to her as she started to cough. “Are you alright?” Beck asked her. “Do you mind telling us about them?” She added. “No, of course not.” She said as I could see how nervous this question made her but we only waited. “Umm so, I have 2 older siblings and I twin brother. My brother is 6 years older than me and my sister is only 1 year older.” “And what’s your sister’s name?” I asked her. “Gigi” she answered after a second. “I asked her real name not a nickname.” I was serious. “That is her real name.” “We both know it isn’t, Lilla.” I wanted to stood up but Angie did before me. “Can you stop! She is obviously uncomfortable.” Angi was angry. “Angie, don’t talk to Mich like that!” Beck stood up angrily. “It’s okay, I just want to ask Lilla one more question.” I calmly set on my chair while I had an evil smile on my face. “What’s your last name?” She looked shocked. “What?” her voice was shaking. “You heard me.” I was dead serious. “Okay stop!” Angi wanted to hit the table. “Angie-” Both Thomas and Beck stood up. “You are not going to act like that.” Thomas had a dead stare on his face. “But-” Angie wanted to say something more. “If Mich is asking her that questions she has a good reason.” Thomas was calm. “Do you want me to take her somewhere?” Beck asked me. “No, she can stay here.” Angie was calm now. “Do you know what is your friends last name?” I asked Angie. “Yes” “And what it is?” “Rodrige-” She was aware. “You don’t mean-?” She wanted to cry. “You will not hurt her?” “Of course not but we need to have a talk with her. Do you mind if we can talk in private?” I said looking at all kids. All of them stood up and left the table. “You can choose if we talk here or you want somewhere else.” “Here is okay” she was shaking. “You don’t need to be scared.” I told her. “Only if you are going to try to do something.” Beck smiled.

“What are you doing here?” I asked the first question. “You invited me:” “You know what I meant.” “I’m here cause I’m Angie’s friend.” “So you aren’t here because of your sister?” “Oh you mean, if I’m here cause all of us want a revenge because of what you did to him?” When se said that all memories came back, all the pain came back. I grabbed a knife on the table and I throw it in the wall behind her as she flinched. “Are you okay?” Roman whispered in my ear as he came closer to me softly grabbing my hand as I nodded. “What does she mean?” Beck, Cassie, Dylan and Max were confused. “So they don’t know?” She asked as we heard a glass breaking. “Go get kids and you get them out of here!” I ordered to Dylan and Cassie. “Max stay here with Lilla!” I gave him a gun as he nodded.

Me, Beck and Roman took our guns and started to look around the villa. I really hope that anything didn’t happened cause our mafia isn’t here because of our plan so I ordered them not to be here.

I heard footsteps coming towards us. We split as all of us went different way. A minute later I heard 2 gun shoots. “Shit” I said to myself. 2 people were behind me and 2 people infront of me. I shoot all of them in the head as I heard screaming. It was Lilla. “Shit!” I started to run to the Lilla while shooting all people I saw. I really don’t like this girl but I can’t get her hurt. People who broke in can be one of many mafias, like Russian mafia, Spain mafia, Italian mafia but then you have smaller mafias too and we can say they don’t really like me.

I came to the dinning room seeing Max on the floor. There wasn’t any blood. I think they only drugged him. “You son of a bitch!” I was angry as I saw Gia and Lio behind Lilla. “Happy to see me?” Both of them said. “No” I said calmly. “Ooo cause we are.” Lio smiled evilly. “Are you okay?” Both Beck and Roman came running. “So cute how all of you care about my daughter.” “We don’t, we just don’t want all mafias coming here cause we got her head before them.” Roman smirked. “You piece of shit!” Gia got angry. “Ah, so you’re close with your sister, nice to know.” Beck started to laugh and I joined her.

I saw Gia’s arm still wrapped. “Does it still hurt?” I asked her looking at her shoulder. “What is she talking about?” I knew telling Lio about me hurting his daughter can get me dead but I didn’t care. “So your daughter didn’t tell you?” I smiled at Gia as Lio looked at her. “We had a lot of fun last night.” I bitted my lip. I lied. Lio was angry as hell. He didn’t even care about us being here anymore. I looked at Roman and Beck.

Roman shoot Lio in the leg as I shoot Gia in the samespot I did last time and Beck throwed a knife in the Lilla but it didn’t hither. No cause she missed but cause she didn’t want to hit her and I understandcause I would do the same thing. Knife landed in her shirt pining her againstthe wall. We wanted to run but a women blow a white powder on us and everythingwent black.

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