Anger in me

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“Mich,Mich...” I heard Max whispering to me. “Mich!” Beck yelled. “Can you shut up, we don’t know what they are going to do to us.” Max spoke quieter. “Do you think I care?” Beck was still annoying. I wanted to say something but my body didn’t work and everything was still blank. “Finally” Beck was annoyed. “Let him have some space.” Max talked to Beck. “What do you mean ‘space’, we are literally , he has a ton of space.” What did Beck mean by ‘tied up and hanging down the ceiling’. And a second passed before I was aware that I don’t touch the ground and my hands are tied up. I opened my eyes seeing Max, Beck and Roman tied up looking at me. “You finally woke up.” Beck spoke to me. “Can you stop being annoying, I needed to listen to you all the time when you complained.” “You heard everything?” “Yes.” “And why didn’t you say anything?!” “I couldn’t even open my eyes.” “None of us had that problem.” All of them said. “You think-” Max wanted to say something more as Lio and Gia came in. “Yes, we did drugged her with different drug than all of you.” Lio explained. “Ahahha!” I started to laugh evilly. “You were really that scared of me hurting you that you needed to drug me?” I was laughing harder. “You are our priority.” Lio was serious. “ are scared of me, right? Maybe you think they aren’t as dangerous as me, but you’re wrong, trust me.” I smiled as Gia was only looking at me. “Princess, did cat stole your tongue?” I smiled at Gia as both of them gave me an angry look. “Still no words princess?” I was making fun of her. “You weren’t that silent last night.” I smirked as I looked at Lio and before I could say anything more I got punched in the face. “Oh so she is your little girl? Do you want me to tell you everything about last night?” Everything was lie of course but I really wanted to make him mad. “Sunshine, do you really think that I would go down so low that I would sleep with you?” “I don’t know, would you? I think you really don’t need to answer to that cause all of us know the answer already.” I looked at my friends as I earned another punch in the face from Lio.

My face was all covered in blood. “I don’t care what do you think cause answer is no.” “You really think that daddy’s little girl? Even your daddy doesn’t believe you cause if he would my face wouldn’t be covered in blood.” “You are going to get yourself killed if you don’t shut up.” Roman whispered to me as I looked down my leg to see a knife in it. “Can’t you be more gentle?” I rolled my eyes at Lio. “But I don’t blame you, your daughter wasn’t either.” I bitted my lip. a second later I heard a gun shoot. It was Lio’s gun and he’s bullet landed in my shoulder. “HA!” I smiled. “Next time when you drug me look what drug you’re using, cause this one is only my pain going away.” “WHAT!” He was angry. “FIRE A PERSON WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!” He was angry as I gave Gia a small smile.

Lio left the room as Gia was the only one in the room. “Talk” she was calm. “What about, love?” I smirked. “About how did you know about Lilla. And don’t call me love.” “Of course, love but I want something at first.” I said as she looked at me. “Say your brother to leave.” I gave her a smile as she, Max, Back and Romen gave me weird looks. “But nobody is there.” Beck spoke. I gave Gia a dirty look. “Leave” she ordered a boy behind a glass. “Better” I said. “Now start talking.” “Girl, we are Angelo mafia, we know everything.” I spoke. “HOW, DID, YOU, KNOW, ABOUT, LILLA!?” “We saw your parents at teacher-parent meeting.” She sighed. “Is that it?” Max was annoyed. “Yes but that was only question I needed to ask about us but now I need to know about you more.” She smirked. “If you want to get to knew me better we can get on a date, princess.” I smirked as she rolled her eyes at me. “I’m going to ask you a question and you are going to answer or I’m going to shoot, punch or cut with a knife your friend here, deal?” She pointed a knife at me, “Why always me? Don’t I get a say in this?” I rolled my eyes. “Ummm, I need to think about” She answered.

“We can start with you...your name is Max, right?” She looked at Max. “Maybe...” “Okay, so we know that you’re 27 years old and you work at school and that you came there when you were pretty little but we don’t why you came there, so tell me more about it.” “That is not a question.” I looked at her as she putted a knife on my throat. “You wouldn’t dare.” I smirked at her. “You think?” She smirked as she made a big scar on my neck. “If you dare to touch her one more-” Roman wanted to say. “What are you going to do about it? Stop me?” She smiled. “You don’t need to say it, I can handle the pain.” “I know that you can but I don’t want you to.” He looked at me as she rolled her eyes.

Flash back

“Guys, we been friends for more then a year and I’m finally ready to tell you guys everything.” He started to speak and all of us listened. “I was only 11 when I killed the first person and it was my own father. My mom and dad were married but he cheated on her every day with different girls but she stayed loyal. But my dad find out she cheated on him one time and he became so angry, he wanted to make it like it was an accident, he drugged her and made her like she was taking drugs but she didn’t. After that he paid someone to drive over her with his car. He got all her money and it looked like he was the heart broken one. After a year I had enough of him coming home drunk every night and bringing girls over and having se* with them at my moms room, so I did the same thing he did to my mom but I didn’t pay anyone for doing my dirty job but after some time police find out about everything.” He explained. All of us hugged him and showed him that doesn’t change anything.

End of flash back

He told everything the same like when he told us this day. I though Gia was going to laugh or something but she was just quite. “I will not ask you anything cause I already know everything.” She looked at Beck. “But what about you...Roman?” She looked at the piece of paper. “I see that you are very close to Angelo but how close?” “So you want to ask me if I’m dating Mich?” Roman said seriously. “Princess I didn’t know you were the jealous type.” I smirked. “She is gay as hell and you’re asking me if I’m dating her, shouldn’t you know that, aren’t you one by yourself?” “How-?” She was confused as all of us started to laugh. “I was just guessing but we can see it’s true now.” Roman smirked. “I will come back to you later.” She was in a bad mood. “Now tell me Angelo, why?” I could see how she was hurt in her eyes. “Why?” I was confused. “Why did you kill Romeo?” Her voice was broken. “I-I-” I couldn’t say anything more, all that pain came bac and I wanted to cry. “You don’t need to tell her anything.” Roman was calm. “He was my best friend, my right hand, he was the person who was there for me when nobody was until you killed him.” She had tears in her eyes. “He earned it, he earned his dead!” Roman started to scream. “Tell me or I’m going to kill your best friend. Like they say in mafia ‘eye for an eye’.” She putted a knife on Romans throat. “OKAY!” I screamed. “Just please, don’t hurt him, please...” I started to cry. “NO! YOU DON’T NEED TO!” Roman screamed back crying.

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