Anger in me

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“Tell me the reason!” Gia was angry. “He-He-” I couldn’t say it. “Mich, don’t do that, I can die but please don’t tell her-” Tears were coming from Roman’s eyes. “HE RAP*D ME!” I screamed with tears. “What-?” Gia was confused. “He kidnaped me and se*ually assaulted me everyday for a whole month.” I cried.

I looked at Max and Beck as they didn’t want to cry but tears came from their eyes. “You-You must be lying...” Gia dropped a knife on the floor. “He wouldn’t do that.” She was shaking. “You really think I would lie about that? You think a whole mafia would show their weaknesses to their enemy and cry infront of them? You I would cry right now if it wasn’t true?” I asked her looking her straight in the eyes. “I-I-” She leaved the room.

“Mich-” Beck wanted to talk to me. “Not right now, Beck.” I was looking at the floor.

Gia’s POV:

“Do you believe her?” My dad asked me as I came out of the basement. “I don’t know...” I said with my head between my legs. “She can be lying, you don’t know what they are capable to do.” “I don’t think she’s lying, dad. You really think her whole inner circle would cry and her friend would wanted to die for her?” “I-” My dad wanted to say something but I interrupted him. “She was crying, dad. Mich Angelo was crying infront of her enemies. You really think she would do that?” My heart hurted thinking she was hurt and the person who hurted her was my best friend, hurted me even more. “No, I think she wouldn’t.” He was kinda sad.

All of us wanted a revenge cause she killed him but I think she had a good reason to.

Romeo was my best friend since we were little. My parents loved him, they loved him like their own son. When I told him about the mafia he became a part of it and a year being in our mafia when I became the owner of it he became my right hand. But 7 months ago he was killed by Angelo mafia, he was killed by Mich. We though he was killed cause they wanted to show us what is coming towards us. But now this is whole another reason why he was killed.

I can’t believe Romeo, my best friend would do that but why would he even do it?

I came back in the basement and everything was quite. I opened the door seeing everyone looking at the floor. “HEY!” I screamed as all three heads looked up. I grabbed a wooden chair as I set on it. “What happened? Why did he do it?” I asked looking at Mich. “Like you care, you will only say she is laying.” Roman was angry. “It doesn’t really matter.” She said as she started to explain. It was 8 months ago, I was fighting with some guys at the boxing street club. I won as a guy came up to me, he wanted to fight and we made a deal. If he win he can buy me a drink but if I do he is going to go and don’t bother me. Fight was close but I still won. He looked sad so I said he can still buy me a drink. We did go to the bar and had some drinks. After a few drinks everything started to spin. He drugged me. I wanted to go away from him but he started to touch me and asking if I’m okay as everything went blank. I woke up at the dark room seeing nothing. I was tied up the same as here. I started to scream as door opened, he came in. He knew everything about me, my mafia and my past. He tortured me physically and mentally on the different ways and I couldn’t do nothing about it, that was the first time I cried in more them 14 years. But one day he didn’t came to look if I was okay and I didn’t saw him 2 days more and then I escaped.” She explained shortly. “Is that enough?” She was tired. “Yes but I’m sorry what I’m going to do next.” I said as everyone were confused. I opened my hand as I blow a white powder at all of them. “Take them back!” I ordered a guy at the doors.


“They are waking up.” I heard familiar voice saying. “Mich, Roman, Max, Beck?” Someone called us as I opened my eyes. I was laying next to Roman and Beck on the floor. “Finally” Lorenzo said as he helped me sit. Beck, Max and Roman were still unconscious on the floor. “Are you okay?” Lorenzo started to touch me and looking around for any wounds. “I’m going to kill this son of a b*tch!” He yelled as he saw my bruises and wounds all over me. “Uh, just shut up” I sighed annoyed, “I’m all good” I added. “You aren’t really good at this father thing, you know” Dylan said to him. “Shut up, boy. I’m good in everything I do.” Lorenzo said proudly. “Yeah, yeah, if you say so.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m going to go change and take a shower, tell me when Beck, Roman and Max are going to wake up.” I said before going up the stairs.

I got out of the shower as I heard screaming downstairs. I wrapped a towel around me as I want to look what’s going on.
“WHAT THE F*CK! I’M GOING TO MURDER HIM!” I heard Lorenzo yelling. “He is dead already!” Roman told them. “HE DIDN’T DESSERV THE PEACE! HE SHOULD DIE PANEFULLY!” He was screaming even more. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” I came downstairs as Lorenzo, Roman, Cassie, Beck, Max, Dylan and Doran all looked at me. “I’m sorry-” Roman wanted to cry. “You didn’t-” I had tears in my eyes. “Rosa-” Lorenzo called me as I runned to my room.

I came in my room slamming the door. “Rosa-” My dad called from the other side of the door. “Rosa, please open the door.” He said softly. “He needed to tell us. He did it for your own good.” He spoke to me.

I got up and opened the door for him. He was shock when he saw tears coming from my eyes. He came in and close the door after him.

“Come here” he said pulling me in the hug. I didn’t think we were so close but I started crying in his hug.

He hold me for sometime as he let me go. “Can you tell me what happened.” He said with a soft ton as I nodded.

I told him the exactly the same thing I told Gia few hours ago.

I didn’t expected that but I saw few tears coming down his face and it was the time I gave him the hug. “I’m sorry honey...” he said with broken voice. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you needed me the most, I’m sorry you didn’t have the father you deserved.” He hugged me. “But I’m here now and I will not leave.” He pulled out of the hug to look at my eyes. “Thank you, dad...” I smiled.

One tear escaped his eyes as he smiled at me. But that wasn’t sad tear, that was a happy tear. “We should wait a little bit, so people don’t see we were crying.” I spoke to him as I whipped my tears of my face. “Of course” he said doing the same thing.

Everything went quite as they saw us coming downstairs. Roman stood up wanting to talk to me. “Can we just act like that didn’t happen.” I said. All of them started to yell and argue. “How can we act like this didn’t happen?!” “We can’t do that!” They yelled at me. “THAT WASN’T THE QUESTIUON, THAT WAS AN ORDER!” I yelled as everything went quite. “I’m ordering you this not like a boss but like a friend.”

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